Natural Hair Mommy Woes
by Angela of WiseCurls
Natural Hair Mommy WoesWiseCurl Kid Little J

I’m not always the best natural hair mommy, I’ll admit. More times than I’d like, WiseCurlKid Little J rocks her hair in a puff. It comes down and is re-twisted each night of course, but for the most part, that puff is there either laid to the side or posted strong in the middle. She loves it and it’s an uber easy style to do for those hectic mornings getting ready for school. But when the puff has overstayed its welcome and it’s time to do actually do some hair, the natural hair mommy woes commence without a hitch:

Natural Hair Mommy Woes
WiseCurl Kid:

• “Mommy, how long is this going to take?”
• “How many more do you have?”
• “Are you almost done, mommy?”
• “My back hurts”
• “My neck hurts”
• “Mommy, how much lonnnnnnggger!?”
• “Are you done, mommy? Mommy? Moooooommmmmmyyyy?!”

And then she has THE nerve to do this:

Natural Hair Mommy Woes
Jesus take the wheel!

I don’t know what it is about a mom’s hands, but shortly after a good wash, condition, scalp massage, and not even three braids in, little J is knocked out! Help me somebody! Sure, the interrogation has stopped, but a whole new set of natural hair mommy woes has set in:

• “Oh shoot! Can she breathe!? Please don’t let me suffocate my baby!”
• “Am I hurting her ear?!”
• “Am I hurting her neck!?”
• “Is that….DROOL…on my leg!?”
• “My neck…my back…my neck and my back! I need a backetomy!”

Natural Hair Mommy WoesFinished Product

No matter how many times “keep your head still” is said or how many times I call her name, or even the drool she leaves after she’s had enough during our hair session, the natural hair mommy woes are all worth it.

What are some of the woes you and your daughter share?