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Not Another Guide for Christmas Shopping

By January 27th, 20214 Comments

Not Another Guide for Christmas Shopping

by Sherrell Dorsey of OrganicBeautyVixen

It’s been done over and over again this month. What is it about the holiday season that makes companies feel like I need to be pressured into buying the top 10 things on everyone’s Christmas list? It’s almost overwhelming how many blogs, emails and LifeBooker announcements I have to skim through in order to come to the conclusion: We are a society based too much on consuming and not enough of giving a genuine gift of love and appreciation during this special time of year.

This post will not be about my top 10 favorite items you should buy for your loved ones during Christmas that they won’t remember by January. Instead, I’m challenging you (and myself) to come up with creative ways to make Christmas count, and not in dollars, cents or credit card bills.

With a tough economy, families strapping down to save money and millions of Americans facing credit card debt, I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to advocate spending money on things that mean absolutely nothing.

Instead, here are a few ways you can really get the most out of your holiday season with your loved ones.

1. Donate – Instead of purchasing gifts, each year for the past two years, I’ve decided to give the gift of dance to a child who want’s to take lessons but may not be able to because of financial reasons. In fact, you can help me send a child to Pamela Yasuatake’s Tap Dance Workshop by making a donation here.

Not Another Guide for Christmas Shopping

2. Cookie Baking – My best friend and her family get together every year to bake cookies together and deliver them to their close family and friends. Pull out the dough, the cookie cutters and have fun in the kitchen with your loved ones. Create great gifts by tossing your homemade goodies into nice tin bins and tying a bow around.

3. Pamper Parties – Instead of following a beauty gift guide, host a Christmas Eve pampering party with homemade facials, manicures and makeovers. Allow your guests to make their own brown sugar and olive oil scrubs, coconut oil cuticle rubs and foot hydrators and give each other makeup tips. Top off the evening with your own personal photo shoot, print the pictures and let everyone leave with a frame. Add in some cookies and bubbly and you’ve got yourself an awesome evening!

4. Letters of Love – How often do you tell the people in your life how much they mean to you? I’m guilty of ignoring my family in the pursuit of working towards my dreams and not taking the time to connect with them. Try sitting down and writing personal letters of love to everyone on your Christmas list.

What Christmas gift alternatives can you think of to get the most out of your holiday season without going over board with a million things to buy?

Sherrell Dorsey is a natural beauty expert, writer, speaker and advocate of health, wellness and sustainability in communities of color. In addition to creating, Sherrell writes beauty articles for Tyra Banks’s beauty and fashion site, Jones Magazine, and Posh Beauty. Follow Sherrell on twitter at and connect with her on facebook at


  • ShoeHOTLINE says:

    I used to bake each year with my family when I was younger as well. Baking can be so much fun and makes the holidays memorable

  • Tai says:

    I like giving experiences. Like, museum tickets, concert tickets, spa passes…. things that don't just sit around and collect dust.

  • Anonymous says:

    Everyone that is getting a gift from me is getting BOOKS! There's a great store in texas (and I think other states) called Half Price books and they have all sorts of books in great shape and that are 50-75% off the prices you'd find at Barnes & Nobles. I know their personal interests and chances are…they need to read more LOL…

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow I was just thinking about this same topic this morning. When my bf ask me what I was getting him for Christmas. The season has totally lost its meaning. Where are all the gifts with thought?

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