To kick off the holidays, I invited friends and family out to Your Pots Desire— one of those trendy pottery painting studios. Random? Yes, totally. But my sister put me on and sold it when she said that we (1) get our very own space to fraternize, (2) get to bring our own wine and snacks, and (3) get to be creative and paint ish. Please and thank you. Per our usual, we shut it down… literally. We were the last to arrive and last to leave and in the meantime, smashed hot wings and talked ish while Boogie went gorillas. Can’t take ’em no where!

Here’s the view–

Hubby said, ‘give me sexy’
… really booboo?!
now watch me work!
‘creative juices’ on deck, lol…
someone caught the back view of my bun…


granny in the house…
The hubs and Harold!
Aunty Tracey!
Jon’s interpretation of Robert Frost’s ‘Fire and Ice’


Yep, that’s fried chicken.

Adorable shirt, right? Thanks to Gaye, aka Sweetdrk1 and Ben! Want one too?
Click HERE!

Unfortunately, Your Pots Desire is going out of business, but there are several similar venues in St. Louis. If you’re interested, check out Baked Goods Pottery and Painted Zebra.

shirt- PacSun
sweater- Forever 21
jeggings- PacSun (they’re buy one get one free this weekend!)