“That’s beautiful. What is that, velvet?”Coming to America
So I convinced my dad to dress as Santa in order to avoid the ridiculous lines and overpriced but somehow average pics with an anorexic, or worse, mullet wearing mall Santa.

Remember him? Absolutely ridic. Almost made me cuss.

Plus, I thought ‘Grandpa Santa’ would make for one of them ‘kodak moments’ that somehow eluded me at the Pumpkin Patch.

Although an excellent plan in theory, my child- who has somewhat outgrown her earlier and hilariously random phobias- was absolutely petrified. Despite my best attempts at a proper introduction, Boog went krraaaayyyy!

While Gia and I were in the other room, my mother paraded my velvet and faux fur wearing dad into the living room. I then walked in real casual like and eased onto his lap trying to keep Gia from knowing the goings on.

who dat?

Hell naw! Nope, not even.

Syl tried to distract her with a Yo Gaba Gaba episode…

She recognized his voice but was so terribly confused… ‘did you eat my paw-paw?!’

that one solitary tear, while Santa’s smizing 🙂

As good as it gets…

My turn! Fluff, fluff, fluff!

I asked for a babysitter…

Mr. and Mrs. Claus

MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick… per YOUR suggestion! What ya think?

Merry Christmas Curlfriends!