Hola Chicas!

So you’ll be pleased to know that not only did my tardy ass start my Christmas shopping today, I also completed it. What?! I rolled up in Target- my favoritest destination- on a serious mission and knocked it out. I was in and out in under an hour, which is great because the longer I peruse, the more Santa’s little invisible elves throw stuff into my shopping cart that isn’t on my list (a list that hasn’t exactly been checked twice.) Case in point-

How frickin’ cute is that?! It’s a gray headband made of light-weight sweater material with a flexible bendy straw thingy on the inside to help you shape it however you want–

I encourage you to go pick one up! It was only 8 bucks and it’s so adorable in person. Tarjay was also busting at the seams with chic scarves… on sale too! I snatched one up of which I’m sure you’ll see in holiday pictures to come.

In other news I chauffeured my mother, grandmother and Boogie down to Carbondale, IL and Cape Girardeau, MO to visit my sister, Syl and other family last weekend.

The pic below pretty much sums up the shenanigans that went down. At one point, I was laughing so hard we had to pull over at a gas station so I could keep from (1) crashing the car into a tree because I couldn’t see past the tears, and (2) from pee’ing my pants. They were off the chain. Apparently Grandma was a land pilot back in the day. She’d be flying low down I-64, with the CB radio tuned in to pick up potential fuzz or ‘smokeys’, who may be trying to slow her down to issue a speeding ticket. She went by the name Pink Panther!

While Grandma was reminiscing, Momma was fussing about my led foot and Boogie was squealing and squirming out of the car seat, like a mini Houdini. What should’ve been a quick 2 hour trip turned into 4 with several, several stops and lots of laughs. Imagine “The Hangover” meets “National Lampoons Family Vacation,” and you’re there.

That next morning, look what I did-

Boog with her cousins in Cape-


Gia’s 2 year old Missouri corn-fed cousin… homeboy came in at a healthy 41 pounds at his last appointment. We got the entire weight chart covered… GG’s in the bottom 5% and he’s in the 99th percentile. Wow.

Boogy… boogying.

I swear on Zeus’ Beard that Gia has never not ever seen a microphone in all of her 15 months. So we were most certainly surprised when she picked it up and promptly sang into it. I swear she’s been here before.