by Bennii Blast of The Culture Pine
Over the last few months I have noticed that while I have been transitioning, someone else has been transitioning with me. When my S.O and I are out somewhere, he’ll point out anyone that appears to have natural hair and make sure I have seen their luscious kinks and curls. There are also times when he points out a really bad weave and does not even attempt to hide how he feels about it.
Effectively, he is trying to remind me of my goal and the past I do not wish to revisit, of which I am grateful for. He asks many questions regarding my hair and the benefits of natural products, such as coconut oil, and genuinely seems interested in learning the ins and outs of natural hair. There was also a point where he suggested growing his hair with me and big chopping at the same time, but after I decided I wanted to wait it out a little while longer, he plans to cut sooner. The point is – he’s trying.
It has benefited me greatly having someone to unleash my hair rants to, or bore with information about how great a product is and not judge me in any way for it. As great as all the blogs and YouTube channels are, it is always a bonus to have someone who knows you personally jumping through the hoops with you, whether it is a relative or a close friend.
Do you have a transitioning buddy?