by Tammy Goodson of CurlyChics

Once you’ve found a product you and your hair love love love, do you stick with it? Or do you continue your search for the “perfect product”? There is no such thing by the way, but don’t let me be your dream crusher. For me, I have a really good regimen down complete with an awesome arsenal of products that seem to get the job done. I sorta kinda have a shampoo I’m digging, my conditioner game is on point, especially my leave in and deep conditioner, me and my oils have a good relationship, I even have a favorite hair butter and gel. Game over right? At this point I should be able to drop the mic on stage and walk away – nuff said. So what is that keeps me walking down the hair aisle of Target or Whole Foods? Why do I continue to peak my curiosity by checking You Tube and blogs for what my fellow naturals are using? Does it matter since I have my staples? When is enough enough?

What about you ladies? Are you still on the prowl for more and more products even though you’ve found your soul mate equivalent product?

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