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When is Enough Enough? Are We Ever Satisfied?

By January 27th, 202153 Comments
When is Enough Enough? Are We Ever Satisfied?

by Tammy Goodson of CurlyChics

Once you’ve found a product you and your hair love love love, do you stick with it? Or do you continue your search for the “perfect product”? There is no such thing by the way, but don’t let me be your dream crusher. For me, I have a really good regimen down complete with an awesome arsenal of products that seem to get the job done. I sorta kinda have a shampoo I’m digging, my conditioner game is on point, especially my leave in and deep conditioner, me and my oils have a good relationship, I even have a favorite hair butter and gel. Game over right? At this point I should be able to drop the mic on stage and walk away – nuff said. So what is that keeps me walking down the hair aisle of Target or Whole Foods? Why do I continue to peak my curiosity by checking You Tube and blogs for what my fellow naturals are using? Does it matter since I have my staples? When is enough enough?

What about you ladies? Are you still on the prowl for more and more products even though you’ve found your soul mate equivalent product?

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  • hunnybun says:

    For me I'm always changing it up to avoid boredom. even when I master a particular style, seasons change my hair gets longer and no longer looks the same etc so you always have to switch it up. Plus I just can't be the natural that has the same routine and uses the same products for years

  • Coach Nea says:

    I bought every product that was recommended when I first did the big chop, but now (6 months later) I've settled on 2 leave-ins (CJ Smoothing Lotion for summer and As I Am in Winter), a twisting cream (Bask Palm Tapioca), Jamila henna, almond oil or Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade for sealing, castor oil mixed with tea tree oil for my scalp.

    I co-wash with Aussie Moist, but I'm open to a product replacement in that slot. I'm also still in the market for a fave shampoo, deep conditioner and maybe a moisturizer. Once the slots are filled, they are filled. I'm sticking with what works until the formula changes or it stops working.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am still in search of the right styling products to use on my daughter's 3A hair. I am in love with the Hello Hydration for her cowashes & as a leave in for detangling…but as for styling, I can't seem to find the right products that give her good 2nd and 3rd day hair. The first day of her style is great (low maintenance, low manipulation), but the 2nd & 3rd day hair is not so great. I hate to have to do her hair everyday due to the stress on her hair.

  • Curly Chic says:

    Love these comments! Thanks everyone!

  • K.A.S. says:

    In the first 2 years of being natural, I was a product junkie. I would search the internet for recommended products, spending way too much money on whatever I thought would be good for my hair. I've come to realize that what you put inside your body also affects what happens on the outside. Eating right, exercise, and drinking lots of water have done wonders for my skin, hair and nails. Prenatal vitamins also played a role in my inside out health so take your vitamins ladies!

    If I had a dollar for everytime someone in a subway, supermarket, or restaurant asked me what products I use in my hair I would be rich woman. They are shocked when I tell them I buy whatever conditioner is on sale, they don't even believe me! I don't fall for the hypes anymore. I stick to my usual conditioners, Shea Moisture Leave In, Garnier Fructis, Hello Hydrations, and Pantene (even the white people kind). When it comes to deep conditioning, I'm not picky with what I use either. My hair is healhty and long. It's been four years since my last perm and my hair is shoulder length when rocking my usual twist out. When you're healthy on the inside, it doesn't take much to maintain health on the outside…at least that's my opinion.

  • Fitz_nikki says:

    I love shea moisture as of right now and Aubrey organics honey suckle rose conditioner. But i would really llike to try Miss Jessie's.

  • Rae A. says:

    I recently realized that I don't mind being a product junkie. It's fun. I'm not great at styles, so using different products is the only way to switch it up. Also, sometimes my hair gets "bored" of a product; it's strange, and it might be totally psychological, but I dunno…

  • Anonymous says:

    I feel ya, I can be having stuff delivered to my door and still be walking down the ailes of a beauty supply store or Walmart. Now my sister exposed me to the Indian supermarkets where you can get henna, Ayurvedic oils and powders real cheap. I think I'll try that next. What can I say? I have to have my pj fix:D I'm hopeless. LOL

  • DanielleG says:

    This is so true, I work at a drug store which makes it uber worse. I have a steam truck full of products, i have my staples but i cant seem to help looking and buying and trying more products. I some how always convince myself that this could be the one!

  • Denise Taylor says:

    I used to buy every product I heard might work for my hair and skin. If I saw someone with hair that I liked and found out what they were using, I would buy it. I'm happy to say that I've gotten over this in the past year since I found the regiment that works for me and have confirmation from other people that my hair and skin look better than ever. It's easier for me to buy the more expensive products now because I'm only buying what I know works and not filling my cabinets with every fad that I hear about.

  • Lana says:

    Sigh…I definitely don't believe I've found that perfect product. My issue is something may work great the first few times, then I'll start to dislike the results. I have this problem with facial products too. I've been getting better though and sticking with a product a lot longer instead of just giving up on it. But it's definitely easier said than done…

  • MesaIsaGoddess says:

    I can't help but to feel as though there is something better. Even with having a simple and stable regimen I always have the urge to want to order something new as if I know I'll have a great additive. I never feel guilty about it due to all of the articles I read about "trial and error" but I do become a little annoyed if the product is a dud.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm still not done trying out products looking for something that works perfect for me, but I think sometimes therevwill be that want and desire for somehing new. Its advertising, how they get us, and what we hear from other people that makes is go out and buy the newest product not just with hair products, but a lot others things.

  • Anonymous says:

    You're always going to be side eyeing and looking for more products to use even when you've found your soulmate. It may be the fact that you're not entirely happy with your soulmate, you believe there is someting better or maybe just for the curitosity. You'll always be curious to see what other products do what and thats okay, its part of being human. Its not even just titled to hair in fact but to nearly every other aspect in life. Point remains that once we've found our soulmate product stick to it, but you can still try out 1 or 2 other products (perhaps samples) just make sure you don't become too crazy about trying new things and wasting your poor money on products that may not give you any better than your soulmate can.

  • Anonymous says:

    i stopped looking for products long time ago, but if something sounds yummy i'll make a mental note and buy a sample or wait until i'm completely finished with whatever the new product would have replaced.

    but there are some people who LIKE buying stuff. smell good stuff, body stuff, hair stuff, face stuff. so there's no such thing as enough. it's all in good fun. me personally…having to rummage through a drawer to find lotion/perfume/a leave in is just too much. i have only one of everything. lol

  • Amber says:

    I think it's part of the experience of being natural to want to try new products often (even after finding your staples). There are some products you just "have" to try, to find out what all the fuss is about!

    But like some of the previous readers wrote, I won't try anything new unless I'm done or almost done with whatever I'm currently using. No wasting money over here!

    And I also have my limits when it comes to price. The Miss Jessie's line is tempting, but that price tag is my way of escape! LOL The frugalista in me won't allow me to even *think* of paying $20-$40 for a hair product, no matter how much hype it comes with.

    Great post!

  • Addy says:

    Story of my life. I have found products that work for me yet I am still looking around for other products. I know this is def. fueled by stalking other blogs and youtube videos. I love reading about the latest products and strolling through the hair aisles in stores. I haven't gotten better though. I haven't brought a new product in a few months. The ones I have bought just didn't agree with my hair so I returned them (thank goodness Ulta has a generous return policy). I think its a sign that I have to stop. lol. I also scrutinize the ingredients of products I want to try and that helps me put a halt to buying it. I am trying to focus more on technique.

  • Anonymous says:

    Truthfully, I am a product junkie, so I guess I am never satisfied. But, I am trying to finish up the products that I currently have. I hate to waste money. Once I clean out my cabinets, I will stick to the products I love.


  • Joie says:

    I haven't found my perfect products but I don't think I can ever stop even though I know that there is no one perfect product.

  • Dana says:

    This story hit home for me. I've finally found products that I liked in winter and summer rotation but I still seem to peruse the isles of certain stores, websites, and other sources for what other products ladies are raving about. It's like I don't want to miss out on some great product even though my hair and routine are just right. I can't seem to get enough. The problem persists because I'm not willing to give up visiting the best natrual hair care websites and blogs out there to include Curlynikki and Naturallycurly!

  • Anonymous says:

    For me moisture products i keep and stick to but for anything that can support growth I sometimes jump around to see what works best. I am sticking with JBCO but recently heard good things about pine tar so trying that out for growing out thinning areas. But i stick to my shea moisture and sometimes switch around conditioners and shampoo but I am pretty satisfied with my lush cosmetic shampoos and deep treatments along with Aubrey Organics.

  • African Violet says:

    I think I've found my staples (*fingers crossed*). I started transitioning this year, and in March I tried the Shea Moisture products. I think I have a winner! They've done my hair well.

    In the summer, I started with the clear Eco Styler gel (after not having used any gel for my hair in close to 10 years) (bad salon experience with that crusty brown, hair-hardening gel :/) to combat the humidity that always happens on the East Coast during the summer months. I also started using olive oil in my wash routine, but I switched it up last month and bought a product that has argan oil, which I like a lot better than the olive oil (since it's not as heavy).

    So, my staples are: Shea Moisture (shampoo and conditioner; curling smoothie); One 'n Only Argan Oil Treatment; and Eco Styler clear gel (sometimes; mainly in summer or if I'm wearing my hair back in a bun).

    BUT!… I won't lie. I've been looking at the One 'n Only Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner at Ulta, thinking if I should give it a try since I like their other product so much. I may purchase them. I have exactly one wash and condition left before my Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner bottles are empty… 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    A good idea myself and a coworker came up with is "swapping" used products that don't work for our hair. This way we get to try various products without wasting the product or money. If it works for the user's hair, they keep it. Haven't really started yet, but thought it was a good idea.

  • honeybrown1976 says:

    I have my staples; however, I'm trying sulfate-free shampoos now because my hair hates those with sulfates (I'm realizing this now and not ignoring it anymore). I want the best for my hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Product jUnkie in the house. Lol, i couldnt find something that satisfied my needs.For the longest time i had no stapel product. so for the past year, ive bought everything from miss jessies, to kinky curly, then gave up and made my own. Its funny to see this post up here today because i actually did find the "perfect product line" today while searching for almond oil in the health food store. giovanni 🙂 I'm actually throwing out all my other stuff right now. MY HAIR LOOKS GREAT SO THE MADNESS CAN FINALLY END, LOL!!!
    Nicole 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    I go through phases, the basic conditioner and gel can last for years and then (pj relapse syndrome?) I have a batch of new products.
    The rule for myself is no more then 3 at a time and no price higher then $10 each.
    I'm in my mid-sixties now and I went natural 40 years ago.
    Basically the TWA but every decade or so I grow it out before I chop again.
    No surprise that this cycle coincides with a new product binge.

  • LMarie says:

    In the beginning of my hair journey, I would try products looking for my holy grail. Fortunately, I've found my staple products and have seen major growth and moisture retention with my regime. I still sometimes have the urge to try something new and my hair usually retaliates something serious. Anytime I try a new product, I'm reminded of why I stick to my holy grail and have now come to a point where "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Furthermore my pockets can't handle it anymore. My quest for the perfect product only leads me to overspending and a head full of dry knotted hair.

  • sammiegotsoul says:

    You are a HAIR MIND KNOWING SNIFFER OUTTER CHICA !!!!! I was just thinking this to myself because ( although I am looking for a great DC <—[ learned from ] for my hair ) I have got some great products that maintain optimal moisture in my hair. I stay on natural haircare forums , youtube , and curlmart just staring at products , descriptions , and ingredients , and reviews over and over and OVER again . They talk about white creamy crack , try " the nap trap coc " ???

  • Erica S says:

    This is 100% ME! I found all of my "staple" products and I even have a good regimen that I'm satisfied with. But the recovering pj in me always makes random target and whole food trips JUST to see what new products I can try. Idk what it is. I think my mind believes I can go from awesome to awesome-r if I buy "popular" products. Most of the time I just try out things once or twice, just to review it, then I go back to my other favs and never touch the experimental products again.

  • ChicaRizada94 says:

    I've tried several different brands of hair products, but for the most part, I know what my hair loves and does well with: LeKair/EVOO mix as a DC/pre-poo, Bioluxe Hydrating Shampoo, Alberto VO5 as my rinse conditioner, and TRESemme Vitamin H & Silk Proteins Smooth & Silky Conditioner as a leave in. Still, I like trying new products, if only to help others who may want to try them but are afraid to do so. I love the idea of only using 1-2 products for shampoos, etc. but I just can't do it. I get bored so quickly with using the same brand over and over again. So jumping around and haunting the haircare aisles of every store will just have to suffice. I am somewhat cautious though. My skin is very sensitive, and it can't handle many fragrances or dyes – thus limiting the variety of products I can safely test.

  • CurlsDivine says:

    I must be the odd ball in this group, but my first year ( almost 1 year natural) I tried all kinds of products. Mixed this product line with that product line. Until September. Aubrey Organics because the only product I wanted invest my money into. I have found in the 3 months of using their line my hair has sky rocketed from average to phenominal. So I won't dare more away from them. If I've shown that kinda of growth, moisture rentention, and shine in 3 months, I can't imagaine what a full year would do for me. I moved all the other products off my ( home shelf) and replaced them with AO. I'm just scared my hair won't look as healthy if I use anyone else!

  • IKinkUp says:

    I have been natural for a little over a year and I have yet to find a good set of products that work for me all of the time. Just when I think something is 'holy grail' material my hair says oh hells naw! So I am constantly on to the next one.

    Natasha M.

  • Born2BeMe64 says:

    If anybody want to see my regimen go to…user name:Blessed64…I'm so glad that I have kicked the habit of being a product junkie. I couldn't believe how much prodcuts I accumulated over the years. OMG! I could have open a freaking beauty supply store. I was so shame. Lol! I'm into using nothing but natural products. At least 90% of my products are natural. My product usage is under 7 items. My natural hair loves oils and my leave-in conditioner (courtesy of Kimmaytube)…..can't leave out those fabulous CO-WASHES!!!!
    What's the ole saying: IF ITS NOT BROKE DON'T FIX IT!?

  • NaturalG says:

    I agree with Anonymous @ 1:36 (1/30/11). I can't afford to be a product junkie, and I honestly am too picky to be a product junkie, because I really do research the heck out of a product that I'm considering buying.

    Ever since I first found out about silicones and sulfates and all of these crazy ingredients that I realize were the reason that my hair was always so dry pre-relaxer era, I've been super, mega particular on what I even put near my hair. So being really picky already doesnt leave me with much room for PJism, and on top of that there are very few products that are within my budget and still satisfy my likes and dislikes. I'm not trying to spend more money than the amount of ounces I'm receiving on ANY product (e.g. Miss Jessie's has 2 oz products for $9, that's insane to me).

    So I really don't have much reason to be a PJ even if I wanted to be.

    I'm still looking for the right product in certain areas, like shampoo, only because I have yet to find the one that fits all of the characteristics I'm looking for. Otherwise, I stick to brands like Shea Moisture and Suave Naturals Conditioners, because they're in my price range and the ingredients are exactly what I want.

    Even if I had more money though, I wouldn't be a product junkie if I already knew there were more affordable versions of the really pricey, "organic" products that are just alike if not better for my hair. I'd spend that money on other things, that might be more important than my hair (and my hair is VERY important to me). And there's always homemade recipes I can use also.

  • Enigma says:

    I have my hair routine down and I like how it works for me so no I don't just continue to buy. I use Qhemet for twisting and moisturizing. Giovanni for leave in conditioner and Hello Hydration for co-washing. I have a bottle of Deva Curl no poo for when I want to do a little bit more cleaning. My hair is growing like crazy and I gotta figure out what else to do with it beyond putting my hands in it. LOL.

  • NaturalG says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Unknown says:

    I just opened my bottom drawer and began to throw out all of the products that I don't use. I find myself going back to my oldies but goodies like: lottabody, QP elasta products and ORS replenishing paks for deep conditioning. I plan on sticking by my staple products in the new year. I will try new products ever so often but this coming year I need to save some money!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thats a good question— for me, currently, the answer is… I continue to look… But why do I continue to look is what I wonder. I guess I am always on search for the next best thing.

    About a year ago in November 2010, I went au naturale. I took my weave out and I stumbled on Curly Nikki (thank God). From there, I set out on my journey. Realizing how easy it was for me to become a product junkie, my first true task was to figure out what my hair truly needed and not get caught up in all the hype. Regular henna and DC, co-washing, leave-in's with slip and moisture and a healthy dose of my hair steamer—I'm actually steaming as we speak, btw. Once, I finally figured it out what I needed, (took me almost the year), I still feel the urge to search… My hair is strong and healthy… No more shedding or breakage… Its growing and not horribly dry (still have some dryness from the henna)… But I feel like I can do better, and so my search continues onward.

    While I love my current leave-ins, Kinky Kurly Knot Today and Cantu's shea butter leave in, I just added Locio Locio to my arsenal 3 days ago. I know I really should be happy for the gains that I've made over the year, but a small apart of me still thinks, I can be better… More shine, better moisture retention and overall healthier hair…

  • Pecancurls says:

    I still like to dabble and try new things. I will do a fairly good amount of research before a purchase. It is my one guilty pleasure. :)Plus, as I travel my natural journey that started in 9/10, my hair has changed and responds differently.

  • Anonymous says:

    Truthfully, I'm too broke to be a product junky. I'm a college student. I think being broke is good for me while in the first year or two in the natural journey. It forces me to get to know my hair and what it needs to flourish with as few products as possible.

    I research the crap out of the products that I do buy, and I stick with them until I run out, or come close to it.

    I also know that I won't spend more than 10$, maybe 15$ on a hair product, but if I spend more than 10$, please believe I'm doing the research on ingredients and have read every last review on it that there is on the internet. lol

    Being so cheap limits my options for products available to buy and try, as well as makes me fairly loyal to the products that do work.

    Maybe when I have a bigger disposable income I'll be more of a junkie, but as for now, Ill stick with the Shea Moisture (my splurge product) and brands that are in the 2-7$ range. lol

  • LoriLoveXoXo says:

    It's just a good clean hobby. I think the same things to myself all the time…but at the end of the day, I just enjoy taking care of my hair and trying new things. There is no messing up if you stick to a routine, your hair just might not feel how you like it to feel. That's not the end of the world when trying new stuff. It's better to keep hitting hair isles than it is to be taking hits of drugs or some other harmful addiction. Live strong product junkies!!!

  • Darcia says:

    I am tried of trying products that someone else had great success with. Usually I am disappointment. That has cured my PJ. I recently tried 6 products from the As I Am Natural line. I love them and that has cured me as well. I have enough products to last me throughout 2012. I will watch vid etc more for technique and not for product suggestions. I am so thankful that is sooooo freeing. The year of buying, taking back, giving away, and stashing in the back of my closet IS OVER!!!! I am truly doing a praise dance.

  • Alice says:

    Nope! Once I find something I like I stick with it. That's why I haven't been posting product reviews on my blog. I like doing research and seeing what's out there though so I find myself wandering up and down aisles but never buying.

    Alice in Nappyland

  • Trice (BreatheFashion3c) says:

    Being totally honest, I just like to try new things and see what the big "hoop-la" is about, especially when I keep hearing about it/seeing it all over the place! I have a few items that I will never stray from, but I guess we always think there is something better, and we must begin our quest to find it. Just like the old saying, "We always want what we don't have"…hair is no stranger to it.

  • Jo Somebody says:

    I like variety. If I find the seemingly perfect job, I can't/won't go around changing jobs willy-nilly, same with the seemingly perfect home, boyfriend, even recipes, make-up and sometimes restaurants. I mix up bodycare things and haircare things. Give me SOMETHING! Lol! Most of the things in our lives are 'the same' for months and years at a time, a little change up will not harm you any.

  • Shelly says:

    I think we live in a world were there is always something better…thus that same attitude is in our constant search to improve and progress in our hair products. I think thats good if its kept under control. I keep a wishlist and only purchase from that list after what i have is done!

  • Tiffany B. says:

    I believe I've found the perfect line of products for my 4b hair…Oyin. But I still want to try Giovanni and Shea Moisture at least. I'm mainly looking for something more economical. I am a proponent of initially trying an entire product line, then once I've tried everything I will know what products would make a perfect mix for my hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think it's a female phenomenon – aren't we like that about a lot of things–clothes, shoes, hair. But – you are so right – I don't get myself — I'll brag to myself that I finally got it together, then I change up the next week. SMH at me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm tired of the chase also. I have all of Miss Jessies puddings and creams, Shea Moisture's cream, Qhemet's AOHC and CTDG, Aubrey's GPB. shea butter, coconut oil, and KCKT.

    And my 4c hair is still dry and crispy as hell…

  • naturallyappealing says:

    Guilty!!! SMH…I don't want to be a product junkie but every now and again I may go outside of my holy grail products and experiment. But I try to look at it like this I have 7 other people in my household so depending on what it is someone in my home maybe able to use it if I can't.

  • Anonymous says:

    I usually try something new after my other product has run out. That's when I would buy something new along with the tried and trusted.

  • Quiana223 says:

    That is my life as well. Everytime someone mentions a product, I give the product a side eye. I'm hoping that I can find my staples and stick to them, but when there are so many great products to try, it's hard!

  • MsChina627 says:

    unfortunately thats me all the way! I thought it was just me but I see there are other folks that go through this too. I think in my case I have arsenals of products that I use for certain looks….everything that I would use for a wash n go wouldn't necessarily be what I would use for a braid out or a twist out. I guess with that being said I'm looking for something that will work for every look but I don't think there is a such thing :-/.

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