Reposting because I’ve seen this question in the comment section quite a bit lately–


JossBella (not pictured above) writes:

After ten months of transition, I big chopped at the end of January 2011. I went to a stylist for the cut, but since then, I’ve been experimenting with my hair at home and I have discovered the following things:
  • My hair is different lengths and is NOT a TWA. It’s about 4-5 inches in most places.
  • The front middle part of my hair is extremely loose curls and some straight pieces, probably due to the ONE time I flat ironed during my transition.
  • The sides have no curl definition
  • The middle can’t hold a curl
  • The back tends to not stretch out as much as the sides, top, and front, thus giving me a mullet look with the back being flat when I try to go for a ‘fro. This is NOT pretty. I don’t like picking it out because it hurts my scalp and causes breakage. It really doesn’t do much help anyway.
Even with all of that, I have found ways to keep my hair moisturized and soft! And I can DEFINITELY tell my hair is growing. 🙂

I have done twist-outs and with my sides having no curl definition, it kinda looks crazy so I’ve been doing the whole fro hawk thing with them, which looks awesome. But that’s all that seems to work.

Any other naturals going through the same thing during this in between stage?

What did you do or what are you doing?

What other styling suggestions do you have?

I feel so limited. Thanks in advance!