Day 8.

Still over here going H.A.M.

Today, we had to be up and out at a disrespectful 5:30 am. From what I’ve been told, you can’t make it all the way to Greece and not hit up an island or two, and we decided to explore three… in one day. So typical. We were feeling ambitious to say the least, until that alarm went off.

There hasn’t been a single night this week that we’ve actually made it to bed at a decent hour. Still operating 8 hours ahead, I Skype the fam every evening around 8pm Boogie time, 4am Athens time, to get my fix. But until today, we could sleep until noon without much consequence.

This morning was all kinds of terrible- – we were dragging, it was still dark, hubby hadn’t been to sleep for real and my stomach was churning from the pork… all the damn pork! I thought Greeks ate lamb… I’ve had lamb once this entire trip but enough pork to stroke out.

We boarded the ship around 7am, the sun coming up all glistening on the water… I almost forgot I was tired. That is, until we were headed back to Athens later in the evening. I was startled awake, head back, mouth wide open, hair wet from drool and stuck to the side of my face. A bit embarrassed, I looked around and noticed that many of my fellow passengers were in the same compromising position. It was a very full day. We ate some squid, drank some wine, saw the sights and made new friends.

The view–

Channeling Gilligan today!

We visited Poros, Hydra and Aegina

now watch me work…

ummm… cats. Millions of them. Hydra is actually called the island of cats and for good reason. We were there for several hours and I promise I saw hundreds.

oh yeah, donkeys too. They don’t have any cars on the island of Hydra… just donkeys. And I often found myself down wind. Ugh, the essence of donk. Phaedra and Sheree need to rethink that donkey booty mess… ain’t nothing sexy about donkey booty.


heads. on. I can’t.

a sweet, Russian curly we met while touring… she was salting the hell out of her bread. Still don’t know why.

Sunrise to sunset.
Hubby pining after his boat, ‘The Teacher’s Pet II’

Hair- Dry Twist-Out with Dax
Shirt- H&M
Sweater- Forever 21
Jeggings- PacSun
Boots- Steve Madden
Trench- H&M
Hat- H&M