by Noni of Three Naturals

I got caught in the rain today. I can’t tell you the last time that’s happened. Since I got my own vehicle 5 yrs ago I haven’t stepped foot onto any kind of public transportation nor have I gotten caught in the rain. Lucky me or lazy me?

Anyhow, I got caught in the rain. I was without an umbrella and I was a considerable distance away from my car. I was far enough away, to risk getting a reasonable dousing of precipitation. It just so happened that my hair was thrown up into a combination ponytail of twists and twisted out hair. And yes, it looked as crazy and confused as it sounds. Right?! Picture it…

Ok, back to the story. So, I’m in a store, the rain fall is kinda heavy and I’ve got to get to my car. I hate the feeling of wet clothing on my body so I didn’t leisurely stroll back but I also didn’t sprint, cause it would’ve been a cumbersome, awkward gait as there were many things in my hands. As I made the trek my stream of thought went a little something like this: “Why’d I park so far away again? Ah, well I’m glad I don’t have anywhere important to go later… Hey, I don’t have to worry about my hair getting jacked up…”

Cue themesong: “thank God I’m natural”

After a few moments musing on the freedom of afro kinky hair I took the thought a bit further. Freedom. Thank God I’m me and I’m cool with that. *Insert brow wiping bbm smiley*
You think carrying miscellaneous items in your hand while trying to dodge raindrops in a busy mall parking lot is uncomfortable try compromising yourself to fit in where you don’t belong.
Carrying the expectations and often miseducation of others is a heavy, constricting load. Carrying the misconceptions of your own self = crisis.

For many years I perceived myself as an ‘afterthought’. In my mind, I thought that I would always be the last person to be acknowledged in a crowded room of people if I was even noticed at all. It was a delusion. It was an oppression. I remember writing – a shrinking violet has no presence – on my chalkboard painted, bedroom wall as my motivation each day to not shrink but blossom, and shine brilliantly. It took a while. It took deliberate action. But one day I looked at my wall and read the words and knew that I could erase them. I was comfortable in my own skin. I had the liberty to shave off all my hair and be beautiful, let my eyebrows grow in thick for weeks and be confident, not shave my legs and be cool, embrace an insecurity and be strong, make a mistake and survive, say no and be respected, part company and be loved.
The more I am me, is the more I am me and that is the freedom of freedom.

Taking an example from the greatest teacher ever, Jesus knew who He was and it still resonates with us centuries later.

So bringing it back to hair, once you know your hair you can let your hair be.
And ending it off with humans, once you know yourself, you can let yourself be.

Your turn to muse on the freedoms of natural hair… GO!