by Angela of WiseCurls

With the world wide web inundated with natural hair blogs, video tutorials and ehow instructions on how to achieve a perfect style, going natural can be a tad bit overwhelming to say the least. What seems to be a movement for some and a revolution for others, going natural can be the one of the hardest things a woman can do. For most of us, the aforementioned may be the norm, since we’ve been in ‘this game’ for a minute. For others new to the journey, there still may be unanswered questions even with the plethora of information. Here are some things to consider when ‘going natural’:

4: Patience is a virtue! Especially when taking the plunge to go natural. Oh how I wish there was a magic pill formulated for faster hair growth. Whether you’re transitioning or you’ve just big chopped, patience will be your best friend.

3: Your hair is yours.
Embrace it! When going natural one must accept their strands for what they are. Just because Keisha can rock a fierce flat twist out, doesn’t mean you can’t either. Just accept that it may not look the same. There’s beauty in that.

2: Tell yourself you’re beautiful – everyday. I’m not going to lie, sugar coat or make it sound sweet. There will be times where you’ll ask yourself “what in the world am I doing?!”As much as we say “it’s just hair”, in all honesty it’s much more than that. How did you feel when a bad hair day reared its ugly head? Anticipate the days where you may want to hide under the covers or forego human contact for a day. These are the days where you look yourself in the mirror, cue Pharrell and sing “you’re beautiful! I just want you to know, you’re my favorite girl”.

1: If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! The first time you go natural may not be your last. Don’t beat yourself up if you change your mind and revisit the journey later in life. The important thing is that you’ll get there. Once you’re here – You. Have. Arrived!

For the ‘OG’ naturals, what are some tips you can share?