by Tammy Goodson of CurlyChics

Even the flyest of the fly have those days where they don’t feel so pretty or the mane is not quite up to par. Maybe the kinks aren’t quite kinky enough and those coils aren’t so coily in your eyes. These feelings of temporary inadequacies are completely normal and will inevitably surface from time to time but that doesn’t always make them any easier to deal with. Watching You Tube videos of your favorite natural hair vloggers and reruns of Girlfriends (Joan “naturalhairidol” Clayton) can make your curl confidence go “womp womp” just like that *snaps fingers*.

Negative thinking can rule your world if you let it. What I’ve found is that repetition and practice of all things positive make a huge difference. Sometimes the phrase “fake it til’ you make it” is exactly what you need to boost your hair confidence. If you practice positivity it will eventually come to fruition. Good moods and thoughts are infectious and affect your inner beauty which is what is really important anyway, despite the physicalities we idolize. Perception becomes your reality and once you start to believe great things and live by those thoughts, you will feel better about you and your fro.

You can start with something as simple as the following:

List 4 things you like about your hair. I’ll go first:

1. Curl pattern

2. Versatility

3. Adaptable – it adapts to whatever change I put it through.

4. Color – of course it’s not my natural color but it enhances my tresses and I love it

Keep these few things in mind when it comes to elevating your hair confidence:

• Don’t put so much weight on other’s opinions of your tresses

• Remember that what curls are meant for you are meant for you and no one else

• Take hair risks – don’t place limitations on your mane

• Stop sabotaging yourself and remember you are your own worst critic

Sometimes we don’t realize something good until we are forced to reexamine things and take note of its value. This sense of self awareness will enable you to “work it” so to speak. You will begin to live up to the expectations that you now have of yourself. Your inner beauty will exude and you will carry yourself as such, thus ultimately manifesting itself on the outside.

What do you do when you have the hair blues and need a confidence boost?

“How can I control my life when I can’t control my hair? ~Author Unknown

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