At 16 months, it’s been quite entertaining watching Boogie’s little personality develop. On one hand, she’s a cute little curly topped sponge, a typical toddler with perpetually sticky hands that understands everything that comes out of my mouth yet picks and chooses what to act on. It’s like, she knows that I know that she knows what I’m talking about, but Honey Badger Gia doesn’t care, Gia doesn’t give a s**t. On the other hand, I know my baby is not even two yet y’all, but she’s already made it clear that she’s ready to narrow down her career path.

First up – Gia ‘The Boog’ Houdini has been honing her skills as a master magician… the girl can make anything you love and cherish disappear. The child has flushed EVERYTHING we own down the toilet and thoroughly enjoys hiding my keys, debit card, socks and lip gloss in the most random places. She made one of her pacifiers magically appear in the bathroom. In a drawer. Inside my shea butter tub. ‘Splain that Lucy.

Next up, fortune teller Boogie has demonstrated an uncanny ability to predict when something will go wrong, specifically, when she’s about to do something she know ain’t right. Prior to ‘the mistake’, she blurts out, ‘uh oh’, then proceeds to shove paper balls down the hole of the sub-woofer, knock over a glass, throw a toy down the stairs, throw her poor baby doll off the bed, or give her food to Lady. Imagine Miss Cleo meets Dennis the menace.

Finally we have little Vincent Van Boogie, with an upside down bottle or juice box, she takes to her canvas (which happens to be my micro fiber couch) to create masterpieces in milk and apple juice, her mediums of choice. There’s probably around 8oz of milk in the cushion…all in swirlies, puddles and scribbles… my little artist.

*loud sigh* It’s been a rough few days. Actually, it’s been hell. Gia is cutting more teeth which means she’s grumpy, sleeping less and whines all day. I was at my wits end yesterday as I laid her down to change her diaper. Do you know she had the nerve to look up at me, smile and say, ‘mama’ for the first! Time! Ever! And she said it again and again and then started screaming it! All is forgiven.

oooh, that’s my jam…

What’s that? Wondering what’s in my hair?
Oh, that’s just a lil’ Moxie Bling… cop that.

Gifted last week, it doesn’t provide much more hold than say, Oyin’s Sugar Berries Pomade, but the fragrance is dope and the shine is sick. Still on the lookout for that magical holding, shining non-greasy pomade…