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Curly Nikki

I Promise, Last Time… Forreals…

By January 27th, 202130 Comments
…Okay, after this, I’m done, so get your 7 chuckles in…

ish people say to naturals…

ish nobody says…

hahahahah! @ ‘yay buffering!’

okay… last one…

ish nobody Black says

want more, check out–

Ish Relaxed Girls Say to Naturals


Ish White Girls Say… to Black Girls


  • The Kinky Apothecary says:

    "This whole natural movement just seems like a cult". LMAO!

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with anon 5:58, Josh Groban is one bad mofo!

  • A. L. Venable says:

    This is my favorite "ish natural girls say" video:

    I've said more than a few of the lines.

    And I agree with anon 5:39PM, pumpkin pie is delicious!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey, Josh Groban is very talented. CAN U SING LIKE THAT?! didn't think so.

    i love josh groban.

  • Erica S says:

    "I think she has too much ass for me" lmfao! I haven't seen the one about ish nobody black says. TOO FUNNY!

  • AnaDion says:

    HAHAHA! These were some of the best ive seen!

  • hairscapades says:

    I was really with "ish nobody says," until he got to, "I could really go for a fish filet right now." What?!?!?! People don't like fish filets?!?! I love that joker … when they are having the 2 for $3 sale?!?! It's a problem!! *lol*


  • k.lynn says:

    lmao @ naps on naps on naps!! i just can't…

  • Anonymous says:

    Um… I really do like pumpkin pie better than sweet potato pie….

  • Beze says:


  • Anonymous says:

    That was hilarious "Martin Luther King blvd is the nicest street.." lol!!

  • Anonymous says:

    hahaha…you have to check out this one by Denimpixie "Sh*t Subscribers Say" LOL!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love Barry Manilow, Bruce Springsteen, Josh Groban, extra mayo, and I will take Friends over Martin any day. THAT is why some people call me the whitest black person they know. LOL!

  • Anonymous says:

    you gotta see "ish nobody black says" part one and two- you will be hollering!!

    thanks for the posts.

  • janubie says:

    Ok I thought I was over these videos but these two were funny lol

  • Anonymous says:

    Both videos were hilarious! @Joy…I cracked right up at the "naps on naps on naps" bit too!! Loved "please continue smacking your gum" (that has got to be my biggest pet peeve!) and "I'm dying to hear your new ring tone". Thanks Nikki!

  • Yeah... says:

    I died 15 times during the natural vid. LMAO. I am subscribing to her channel from that vid alone.

    The thing about the 2nd one is that
    1.) I really want captain d's back
    2.) I like filet o fish and crave it on occasion.
    3.) I know a girl who actually wanted to move to Oakland… yeah.
    4.) The Beetles do kinda suck

    But yeah everything else…
    *tip toes away*

  • Joy says:

    "naps on naps on naps" Funny:)
    She and her hair is gawgus!

  • Unknown says:

    oh lawd…my stomach hurts! No she did not go there with the gary coleman little casket! LOL
    Too many funny things…. ok thanks again for the laugh!

  • Unknown says:

    LMAO!!! mmmm…fart! Ok, I think I just woke up everybody in the house laughing…phew!

  • Unknown says:

    Don't know if you've seen this, but in case you didn't you missed ish that Drake says; HEE-larious!

  • Anonymous says:

    im soo glad i ate 6 chalupas lmao!

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    LOL @ "These CSI shows are all so different", "We should move to Oakland", and "Never seen this IKEA furniture in anyone else's apartment"….boy! That last one cracked me up. I stepped foot into an IKEA store one time and everything looked the same to me…glad it's not just me LOL.

  • Angelina says:

    She killed it with the "coke sniffle" at the end!!

  • Wendy15 says:

    Nik Nik…..Forreals Forreals…post as many of those as you like….that stuff is super funny….. …don't underestimate the power of the "ish people say"!!!! I actually needed that right about now!

  • Anonymous says:

    wow.. uhm, lmao @ "we should move to Oakland"

  • Sophie says:

    haha "WOO mold!" I got my seven chuckles in for sure!

  • Anonymous says:

    LMAO @ sh*t nobody says!!!

    "i just have too much money"

    "fart" then sniffs air and gives yummy look!!!

    "i'm just hoping he'll ask me to help him move"


  • Anonymous says:

    Best line…even mister didnt like ceilys braids!

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