By Andrea Dawn

Recently there’s been some discussion in the natural hair community about husbands and boyfriends who don’t support their partner’s decision to go natural. Some of the stories are heartbreaking. It can be devastating for a woman to realize that the man she loves can’t or won’t accept something as basic and organic as the hair growing out of her scalp.

It’s good to discuss this issue from time to time because it can help a woman gain perspective and clarity, and possibly help her decide how to manage the conflict.

For every man who doesn’t support his partner’s natural hair journey, I like to think there is another man who does. I believe it’s equally important to share stories about the support and encouragement we receive from our partners on our natural hair journey. Too many “my husband/boyfriend hates my natural hair” tales can discourage and even scare away women and girls who are contemplating going natural.

My hair was relaxed when I met my husband. I wore a weave on our wedding day. Five years into our marriage I decided to big chop and go natural. He fully supported and encouraged me before I big chopped. When I returned from the salon with ¼ inch of hair on my head, he told me I looked beautiful. One year later with me rocking a big, thick, kinky, coily afro, his support continues. He always tells me how beautiful my hair is. He touches it a lot because he loves the texture of it. And he shows just the right amount of interest when I share my tales of pre-pooing, plopping, product testing and pineapple-ing. His support has definitely made my journey more enjoyable.

I’m sure there are plenty more husbands, boyfriends and significant others who are equally as supportive and encouraging. Let’s share some positive experiences!

Does your husband, boyfriend or significant other support you on your natural hair journey? If he wasn’t initially supportive, did he become more supportive over time? What does he say or do to show his support?