Last week, you selected two qualified curlies to receive the CurlyNikki Curly Caregiver Book Scholarship. Let’s meet the winners–

Kiére E. is a full-time student from San Diego, CA pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology – Health Track at Alliant International University. She has earned a MA in Psychology and is a bilingual (English/Spanish) intern and behavioral health consultant. Her future goals include directing an integrative/holistic wellness center and becoming the best well-rounded healer she can be.

Alaina W. was born in the the Netherlands and now calls Montgomery, AL home. She received a full scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh in 2009. Alaina is the co-founder of an African-American Bible study group, an assistant in a research lab, and is a member of Pitt Pathfinders, Some of God’s Children Gospel Choir, and the Black Action Society. She’s been rocking her natural hair since November 27, 2010.

*Again, I want to thank everyone that submitted videos and the CN community for voting! This will be the first of many!*