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Naturally Fashionable- Zbornak Ztyle

By January 27th, 202125 Comments

via The Style Sample

I don’t remember the first time I saw an episode of Golden Girls, but I clearly remember sitting on my parents’ bed, trying not to laugh at a raunchy joke the sharp-tongued Dorothy Zbornak made at the expense of one Ms. Blanche Devereaux. I stifled the laugh because I knew I wasn’t supposed to “get” the joke, but I did. I always got Dorothy’s jokes, ’cause she was a smart-ass like me.

Naturally Fashionable- Zbornak ZtyleSince Golden Girls was an ’80s show about a group of retirement-aged women, the wardrobe was always…interesting. Lots of sequins and chiffon, of course. And while I appreciated Blanche’s predilection for form-fitting spangles, Dorothy’s oversized cowlneck tunics and slouchy Hammer pants seemed like the senior citizen version of downtown cool. Count me in:

Naturally Fashionable- Zbornak Ztyle
Naturally Fashionable- Zbornak Ztyle

Naturally Fashionable- Zbornak Ztyle
Plastic Island dress; ASOS trousers; Allen B. top; DKNY heels, earrings from High Street

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