While standing in the mirror this morning at 4am, jet lagged, overwhelmed and feeling as if I’d been hit by a truck, I realized that not only did I not feel like doing my hair, I wanted to try something a lil’ different. I was thinking cut and color… or better yet, cut and flat iron, which sounded slightly less drastic. I’ve been cutting and shaping my own hair and hadn’t been to a stylist (or worn it straight) since Feb 14, 2007, so this was kind of a big deal. I got hubby on the phone to get his opinion and he was like, ‘either way… either way it’s getting pulled!’

I called Marie, Syl’s stylist, for a last minute favor (seeing as how it’s back to PA tomorrow) and she obliged. I told her I needed my twist-outs to fall between chin and shoulder length without having to curl the ends and beyond that, she had total creative control. Her work was masterful and I couldn’t be happier.

Super posh Shi Salon in St. Louis, MO

Poo, condition, and an aromatherapy scalp massage. Hot damn! It felt amazing having someone else do my hair… it’s been a long time.

I’m clearly talking ish here…

Detangled and 80% dry. You can see the henna glow!

Sectioning and prepping to blow dry… Boogie had to get in the mix!

all blown out…
Marie was surprised at how nearly even I’ve managed to keep my hair with my at home trimming sessions! I snip the ends of my twists (a little shorter in the back) once every two months to keep a chin length-ish bob, which gives my fine hair improved volume. Apparently it’s a pretty effective technique!

Boog was not having it…
by the way, that ain’t her bracelet and it ain’t mine either. Boss.

commence flat ironing…

She used Davines from start to finish. Totally blown away, I bought every. last. expensive. ass. product! I’ll report back soon!

Super straight, right? She used very little heat… it was cray.

all done!

Chop chop!
She recommended Hakari brand hair shears for my future DIY exploits

New shape!

even got some fringe… what?!


Curls, duh.

So it looks like I’ll be a pin curling sista for the next couple of weeks. If you’re ever in STL, you must pay Marie a visit… and tell her Nik sent ya!

Later Gators,

Got any new plans for your hair this year?