I’ve tried several night-time routines (namely the the pineapple and the multipineapple), which leave me with horribly awkward stretched strands in a weird mushroom explosion shape. See for yourself:

Lately I’ve come across several videos of other curlies’ nighttime routines…and many of them take so long and are so intricate that they resemble my actual styling sessions.

Here’s what I do to maintain my hair at night:
-Spritz my entire head with water
-Loosely twist my hair using big sections of hair (about 10)
-(Bantu knot my twists if I want a curlier look)
-Don a satin bonnet

It takes me abouut 10 minutes total. On some nights, I’ll gently detangle my hair using a wide-tooth comb, which adds about 5 minutes to my prepping time.

How long does it take you to prep your hair at night?