Protective Styling with Weave- Are We Hiding Our Hair?
Protective Styling with Weave- Are We Hiding Our Hair?
by Bennii Blast of the Culture Pine

In the next couple of days I will wave bye-bye to the Marley twists that have kept me company for the last month and a half, and welcome back my good friend Hairgina. As much as I enjoyed sending my hair on a well-deserved holiday, I can NOT wait to have her back again. Honestly, I don’t know how some of you patient ladies do it for 3 months at a time…kudos!

Recently, I have been tip toeing around the conversation of weave/extensions being just another way to hide our own hair, after hearing sentiments from either side of the fence, and of course my personal experience.

I often hear ladies expressing their concern that wearing a weave or extensions restrains you from getting to know your own hair – especially while transitioning- and developing a sound regime. To some extent I agree. I do feel that wearing a weave etc while transitioning prevents you from learning what products work if your hair does not see the light of day for nothing short of a month, during a 10 month transition.

Some feel that wearing extensions is just another way to hide what we were born with. Again, to some extent I agree. There is nothing natural about someone else’s hair on your head. However, in the past I was at a point where I believed that I NEEDED to wear a weave. Today, I see wearing my twists as nothing more than a way to protect my hair during the colder months and literally count down the days until I can remove them. I have been transitioning for almost 10 months, and have worn extensions twice, at a total of 3 months because I longed to touch my own hair.

Upon reflection, I realise that yes I was using weaves to hide my own hair prior to going natural but today –I can honestly say it’s a different story. We all have our own ways of doing things, and everyone’s hair has a different story. So at the end of the day, I guess that we can’t assume someone has an issue just because they decide to weave it up every now and again! Not to mention, isn’t it responsible to experiment with dying your hair every colour under the sun on a weave than your own natural hair?

Have you received any heat for wearing a weave? Do you think protective styling this way can do more harm than good?

I’m not trying to get the soup stirred but I am interested in your thoughts!