by Winnie of Three Naturals

I didn’t realize I had (past tense) a receding hairline until now. Just the other day I noticed some re-growth of baby hair along my hairline, something I didn’t see when I was relaxing my hair.

The hair along our hairline, as I like to call it baby hair, is typically finer than the rest of our hair. It’s more delicate so naturally I thought it made sense that it would be more susceptible to damage from the relaxer than the rest of my hair. This got me thinking… the relaxer presented an unhealthy environment, so why would I expect to see growth? Things don’t typically grow in unhealthy environments. Which had me thinking some more… I didn’t notice the receding hairline because it was subtle and because the unhealthy environment (relaxer) I created for my hair became the norm, so I didn’t see it as unhealthy… it was just what I became used to and comfortable with.

Sometimes, we put ourselves in unhealthy environments or relationships and we’re not going anywhere, or worse, we go backwards, much like the receding hairline. We continue to go back, to the point where we’ve gone so far that we don’t know what to do and start to look for cover ups to hide what’s really going on. So I ask, what kind of environment or relationship are you in? And is it conducive to your growth? The good news is, it’s not too late. If you know it’s unhealthy, do something about it. It took me coming out of the unhealthy environment into a healthy environment to see my new growth blossom, and I’m not just talking about my hair.

Stay true to you cuz your beautiful just the way you are.