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Curly Nikki Fashion Giveaway!

By January 27th, 2021225 Comments

Thank you all for your wonderful and thoughtful suggestions. I’ll see what I can implement!

And the winners are…


Congrats divas!
send me your contact info to Fashion Giveaway!

So, good news!
I’ve got a new clothing sponsor, which means you do too!

My girl Folake turned me onto Romwe– an affordable, high-street fashion and vintage specialty boutique- and I haven’t looked back. Thanks boo!

To celebrate the partnership, we’re hosting a giveaway.

My resolution, as it has been since 2008, is to make the site the best it can be… to provide the best service, well organized, thorough and easily navigated material and laughs… lots and lots of laughs.

Help me do that by leaving comments and suggestions below.

What do you want to see more of? What do you want see less of?

On January 14th at 5pm EST, I’ll pick 3 winners to receive 2 pairs of tights and $20 Romwe bucks. International curlies are encouraged to participate! What?!

Good luck!


  • Berthia D. says:

    Everyone here has great ideas. Id love to see some easy to replicate makeup tutorials, hair tutorials are awesome and looks of the week would be a good idea too :O) Love the site.

  • AfroChique Honey says:

    More hairstyles!! More debate. More of you Niki! Less articles maybe? Xxx

  • Nikita Beautiful says:

    I do love your articles from male's perspective, but I think having more articles from women with kinky-hair (4b/4c, hair without a curl pattern) and their products/routines would be sooooooo beneficial. I love your site, but it's hard not seeing more from people whose wash n' go is another name for an uncombed afro (like mine would be if I just washed n' went—LOL!)

  • Joie says:

    I would love to see more of your readers featured doing their own short story on styles they tried from the website. I think this could enhance the sense of community. This could be in collaboration with the pictures on Friday. I would also like to see more hair styles.

    I pretty much love the site as it is so if my suggestions aren't feasible thats okay too! Keep it up Nikki

  • Jessica says:

    I actually love that you mix the blog with snippets of your personal life. It really helps readers to connect with you. I really love the way the blog mixes health tips, styles, personal pieces and daily encouragement.

    I'd love to see more recipes for healthier eating. I have really been on a health craze lately and would love to make it last. I would also like to hear more about the great things other naturals are doing (i.e. school, businesses, etc.)

  • Keziah says:

    I am one of your many fans, and I check out your site several times a day. My hubby is like, "is that Nikki again? curlyNikki?" We live in East Africa and I big chopped 7 months ago. I try to follow as many of the tips as possible unfortunately a lot of the manufactured products mentioned on this site are not available here in the motherland. Please would you feature more "home-made concoctions" that we can be able to replicate using simple ingredients and oils? Also more braided styles and information about braided extensions and how to care for them as a protective style or one for transitioning. And lastly how to protect our hair from the searing heat of the sun. Other than that I LOVE YOUR SITE and I am truly an addict!:-) OH and one final thing – clever comebacks for negative comments about natural hair. Sadly those are all too common over here. Keep up the wonderful work and thank you again!

  • --Dajonay says:

    I would like to see more hair tutorials for college students on the go. I'm always rushing to run way on the other side of campus (I think they build the campus like this on purpose!). Cheaper products would be great, mostly the ones that are already made because I'm takin 18 hours so school usually prevents me from mixing up shea butter or other ingredients.

    Also I'd like to see more posts about fashion, what's in for the season, or even more interviews with normal/everyday girl guests.

    College advice would be very helpful! Like sessions about loans, life, even greek life would be great!

  • naturalista says:

    I completely fell in LOVE with this site. I am newly natural (5/6 months in) and I et so much information on how to care for, how to style and how to feel about my "natural essence". One thing that I would love to see as most others i guess is a guys perspective on womens natural hair. I think sometimes women misjudge men when it comes to what they think a guys opinion would be about a womens natural state. I had been witness to many who actually have an opinion about and are willingly learning about natural hair and all that goes with it. So i do think that it would be nice maybe to have a forum for guys so that they can express themselves about the natural movement that has taken place around them, you never know they may surprise. I would also like to see more tutorials of different styles and fashion know how. But of course as I said before your site is THE BOMB!!!!

  • purplgirl48 says:

    More styling tutorials for medium size TWAs. More recipes for hair creams, etc.
    I'd like to see a feature of before and after, and the person would comment on what they have been doing to their hair, and what they havelearned the most since becoming natural.

    I even like the idea of something called "One year later" and the person posting would comment on what they've learned this past year about their hair. I think it would be great because it would not be limited to new naturals, but all naturals. We are always learning something.

  • Didrah says:

    This site is great already, but I love to see more medium hair style tutorials or more info on affordable hair products because lord knows I can afford being a PJ lol.

  • T Carter says:

    Hi Nikki!

    I would love to see more how to's on different styling options for medium to longer hair. In addition, I would love to see more posts on naturals who have colored and/or cut their hair in a style, and how the hair color has affected the health of their hair(good or bad). Thanks and love the site! πŸ™‚

  • Kd says:

    I would love to see more posts on natural ways in life i.e health, fitness, remedies etc.

  • Erica S says:

    I would love to see more product reviews, videos, male perspective, interviews with "natural hair icons", guest bloggers, recipes, etc.

  • Erica S says:

    I love to see healthy recipes, so more of that would be great. Also the male perspective on natural hair is great too. Maybe more on health and fitness, fashion, new hair product reviews, videos, etc.

  • Joy says:

    More on different hairstyles and more of boogie! I would also like to hear more about the business side of the blog. What has been your journey and how do you continue to move the business forward?


  • Samantha says:

    I find your site highly informative, but there are a few things I would like to see:

    1) More reviews of products that work on 4a hair.

    2) More information regarding products that would work in tropical climates, as I live in the Caribbean and a lot of the tried and true products that curlies in cooler climates swear by fail miserably when they come in contact with our tropical moisture and humidity.

    3) More contests that international curlies can participate in.

    4) More original posts from Curly Nikki!

  • Kimberlaya says:

    I would love to see more styling tutorials for those of us at that awkward in between length.

  • Sanni says:

    how to moisturize on a daily/weekly basis step by steo with pictures. love ur site

  • Athene says:

    Love your site. Love it!

    I would like to see more:
    – fashion posts. You have amazing style!
    – Gia stories. She's adorable.
    – posts on bad hair days. Assuming you have any!
    – photos of your cool hubby. πŸ˜› . I kid…

    I would like to see less:
    – giveaways. It will make me feel better cos I never win. Lol. {tongue in cheek}

    Nudgez at gmail . Com

  • Anonymous says:

    I love the cite as is, sometimes more is too much but i guess when the hair starts growing you need more info. Rhonda

  • The Steel Magnolia says:

    Yay, CN! I'd love to see even more instruction on styles since I think I've got a handle now on taking care of my hair (thank you very much!) but I'm trying to figure out more range in terms of will look good on me.
    Also, my husband keeps telling me that I've managed to upgrade my style game since I've gone natural, so I'd love to see more about how to pair my newfound funkiness with a funkier, grown-up style in clothes and accessories.
    Thanks for all you do!

  • HairItIs says:

    I would love more posts about social and societal issues. For example, the post about encountering racism in Greece was both fascinating and very telling. It's wonderful to celebrate how far we've come, but it's also important to acknowledge how much farther we still need to go.

  • MsChina627 says:

    Hi Nikki!!
    To say that I am totally addicted to is an understatement! I am obsessed lol. I check it on average, about 4-5 times a day. I would love to see more stories from long-term transitioners as well as more product reviews. i would also like to see some tutorials from some new curlies…not that I totally don't enjoy the videos that are posted here but I've noticed that its some of the same faces and I think we could mix it up a bit ;-). Other than that I really can't think of anything else you could do to make this site greater than what it already is. BTW there is nothing on here that I want to see less of!

    Thanks Nikki!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, this site is awesome already, so I had to rack my brain trying to think on what would make it better than it already is. Then, I realized that I don't see many natural brides anymore. I would like to see more of them, and I agree with every one else who said more make up posts. πŸ™‚

    -Neesha Cherie

  • Sydney says:

    I would love it if somehow when we left a comment we could also include a picture. It's fun to share techniques and things but it would be awesome to see some of these amazing results some of the ladies have been reporting. I also like the idea of a show and tell where you could feature a picture from a reader and then have her tell what she did/used to create that look. Love the blog and keep up the good work!

  • Lillian says:

    I agree with everyone here. More posts from a man's perspective, fashion, makeup should be awesome. Also, different tutorials on different styles. This site is soo informative, not really sure how you can come up with more than you already have.

  • Athena says:

    I would love to see more fashion posts and also make-up posts.

    cereza25 at yahoo dot com

  • Unknown says:

    Hey, Nikki!

    I LOVE this site! Reading the comments and I don't know how you'll pick from all the great ideas that have been offered already but here's my 2 cents. I would like to see 1)more pieces from a male perspective on their hair and ours 2)More help for the fashionably challenged like myself 3)More pieces from our international brothers and sisters on how they maintain their natural hair 4)Confidence blogs, they are so encouraging!

    Please enter me in for the giveaway!

    Thank you for this site!

  • Ordered Steps Productions says:

    More product reviews & inspiration. πŸ™‚

  • Pretty Awesome Penguin says:

    I would like to see more positive/inspirational affirmations/confidence raiser posts.

    Also more post about color treated hair would be awesome. Like how to take care of it, recommended products; deep conditioners, shampoo, etc., and how often to get your roots touched up, how to do it yourself, etc.

  • Anonymous says:

    I enjoy this site and it has truly been informational for me in my journey after being under the helm of a relaxer since I was 12. Only a few things I would love to see more of:
    1. More tutorials, pictures of natural hair styles and the chemistry of the natural hair (density, porosity, stretching etc;).
    2. I would love to here more from our international curilies. The articles that were written concerrning Africa and Brazil were so so so insightful.
    3. Last but not least, more articles from our youthful curlies (13-19 years of age). I know this would help the confidence of the youth if they knew they had some support.

    Thanks for all you do Nikki!
    Many Blessings

  • Anonymous says:

    I would love to see a mobile app for the website, not just the forum. Otherwise, everything is great!

  • Tashana says:

    Hey Nikki!!

    I enjoy this site a lot first and foremost. I would like to see more hair styles (although you have a lot already!) and less articles. I just really need help with my hair and creating styles because it's too easy to look a hot mess when you have natural hair. I wore bland ponytails everyday! Now I have a collection of headbands (thanks to you) and I cut my hair short enough to where a ponytail does no good. I also really appreciate the giveaways too! They are great especially since I'm trying to get an idea of different products so even if I don't get the prize, I'm still getting exposed if you know what I mean.

    Take care!

  • Natasha Gillyard says:

    1 Feature more international curlies! (Hey ya'll!!! *waves excitedly)

    2. Love Gia

    3. Color treated natural hair (how to take care of it, different dye recommendations?)

  • Niqui36 says:

    Hi Nikki! I'd love to see more articles and style tips on children's hair (like the 5 – 9yr range).

  • mstiffrs says:

    I'll start off by saying I love your site. When I was transitioning last year it was my go-to source (current and archives) for all things natural. But I feel like as of late there's been a slight decrease in posts about your hairstyles/routine/product suggestions, which I would love to see more of (but completely understand that you now have an additional job called motherhood). I also love the posts on celebrity naturals because they're usually hair idols that many of us may have had for awhile.

    One thing that would be cool is if you could profile a different natural salon each week based on either based on what you know or from information sent from readers. I live in NY and it has been surprisingly hard to find a salon (besides the expensive well known ones) that specializes in natural hair.

  • A.S. says:

    I'd like to see more tyling tips for mid length hair (6-8 inches). I have hair A.D.D. And i need to change styles often!

  • Breezy117 says:

    Hey Nikki! I would love to see more product reviews, twa styles, and of course, more GIA!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Aloha from Honolulu! Nikki your site is amazing and a daily go to for myself and my natural friends/family. Although I think your site is well rounded, I would like to see more info about our African ancestry; women that were born natural and have been all of their lives & what styles and tips have been used since ancient times in Africa and throughout the Diaspora. A weekly tribute/photo/ or info about different tribes and their styles would be awesome! This could positively fuel the 'natural movement' by boosting morale and uplifting your readers via a little ancestral RE-education. Mahalo and kudos to you for such a great forum.


  • Notthecoolmom says:

    I would like to see more children's help and time saving tips for caring for our hait

  • Anonymous says:

    I would love to see more features and posts from older naturals. This site seems to be dominated by those in their 20s and 30s. But we in the 40 and up crowd are transitioning and navigating the waters too! Lets see more for and about us!


  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki, must say that I love your blog, I gained sooooo much information from you and your featured bloggers. Let's see… I'd like to see more information on heat styling and heat damage. I would also like to see more TWA styling. Oh and more on protective styles. OH and I absolutely love self-concept Thursday, so more info like that as well. Thanks for all that you do.

    Brandy S.

  • Anonymous says:

    With the extremely high rates of obesity in the black community (esp. among women), low self-esteem issues surrounding hair and body, it would be nice to see something which features naturals who lead a comprehensively healthy lifestyle. Instead of just talking fashion, 'hair idols' and haircare/products, I would love to see full images (and their corresponding stories) of naturals who are truly fit, rely on a healthy lifestyle (and aren't afraid of sweat) AND have gorgeous hair. . . including mature naturals.

    Perhaps a feature whioh allows for readers to 'elect' someone in this category and CN would then surprise and reward the natural by contacting her and asking her permission to be featured as a exemplary natural would be a fun way to approach it.

  • Jessica D. says:

    Hi Nikki (c: Would love to see more on protective styling options, twists, braids kinky twists, etc. I also would like see the blog as a mobile site, not just the forum on the app. Less? Probably less spam on the forums, but I know that's hard to control – I'll volunteer to be a spam deleter, lol!

  • Anonymous says:

    I think having the style tutorials featured is of great help. I would like to see some of those 'when good styles go BAD' profiles – we all have thing that don't work for us, but sometimes someone else may have a solution/remedy to that BAD turnout OR someone might actually see something in that that they can make beautiful… Love your site though Nikki… Has been a HUGE help to me and my circle of natural friends πŸ™‚

  • Mae'sMom says:

    I am a 2nd time transitioner and I stalk your site daily! My favorite thing to see are the transition tales and big chop stories…they encourage me! I would love to see a million more of those and I also would love to see different hairstyle options for transitioners (i.e. using weaves to grow hair, hairstyle tutorials for us half kinky half relaxed gals).


  • Anonymous says:

    Love the hair articles but not so much of the look of the week stuff featuring the girl with the way too long pants!

  • Afro Adie says:

    I love seeing pictures of styles, perhaps before and after pictures. Thanks!!!

  • Anonymous says:


    This site has helped me tremendously! I often find it hard to search for quick tips though. For instance, last week I was doing a ACV rinse for the first time but didn't know how much to mix well I came to the site and it took me a while to find the receipe because I had to go through all of the posts in the receipes sections. A better search function would be great!

  • Char says:


    I think you are doing a great job. Keep doing what you are doing and that is more enough!

    You can throw in some pics of Idris Elba here or there. LOL.

    CB in UK

  • Annabel says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Annabel says:

    First, I love this site thanks so much for all you and your contributors/guest bloggers do! Would not have survived my transition without it!

    1. More on the couch stories, celeb or divas next door! I think it gives the site a real sense of community.

    2. Interviews with the vloggers and bloggers out there in cyberspace. Would be interesting to hear more about their regimen and hair challenges.

    3. So happy international curlies can take part in this contest. More inclusion of curlies around the world would be wonderful! Like one user said products in Europe in particular are expensive. So reading positive/negative reviews on a products overseas could be helpful.

    4. I know you have a bizzilion projects in your career, but perhaps you could manage 1 more. Some sort of radio format or live platform that takes place once a week. You (or other guest bloggers) could discuss different hair topics and take calls/questions from the community.


    5. In terms of user-friendliness. I think the quicklinks on the bottom could possibly be eliminated, sometimes it makes the page seem really long.

    6. Perhaps Henna could go under styles or basics and contest giveaway could have it's own tab?

    7. Some posts draw in a lot of comments, perhaps there could be a next page link per 50 comments?

    Okay, way too long, sorry!

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree Love the site as well. I wouldn't mind seeing more guest bloggers. -flowerchild-

  • keysha says:

    I just found your site today…. and I love it! Thank you so much for all of the info. I am transitioning right now and it is sooooo hard! I cant bring myself to do the BC, so I am trying to figure out different styles that work for me…and as you probably know, it isnt easy! But, I love my natural hair!

  • PhenomenallyMe says:

    I'm late. I love your site. You do such a great job with having a balance of Gia (who is truly my favorite part of the blog hands down),life, health and hair. I think more product reviews on products that are popular in the natural hair community, and some that are a best kept secret. I know you have some but it is so hard to find reviews on products, especially since I used to be, still have relapses, a product junky.

  • Bryanna says:

    I would also like to see more post about colored treated natural hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki!

    I would like to see product reviews of ladies with different curl patterns. One review can give me an idea of how a product will work on my hair but I dont always have the same curls as other ladies. Thanks for allowing input!


  • Cassandra [C.] says:

    I would like to see more posts on coloring natural hair. Like natural ways to achieve overall color, highlights and how to lighten hair. I would also like to see professional opinions/advice on the best ways to safely color hair, how to maintain health while colored and how to choose the best dyeing option [permanent, demi-permanent, at home kits, professional]

  • Naturally Nita says:

    I would like to see more protective styling options for that in between stage (not twa, not baa – approximately jaw length hair stretched). I would like to see less articles that end up with negative bashing of the submitter. While I guess it brings in readers it creates a negative atmosphere. We have enough of that from the outside, why should be bash each other?

  • Jamie says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would love it, i fyou posted more videos on cute, office appropriate dos! I love a good bun and all but that gets a bit tired… I LOVE, LOVE your site keep up the amazing work!


  • Nicole says:

    I would love to see more natural styles and workings for children. My daughter loves her natural curls and I run out of ideas for age-appropriate styles; She's 12. Other than that, I LOVEEE the site!!!

  • Ashlee D says:

    I can't say anything I would say less of but. As others have said maybe more things for those in the awkward stage not quite twa not quite bun length. Also more q&a. Also maybe making the app kindle available. there are no curly apps for kindle and being on of those few with out an android phone it would be nice.

  • Anonymous says:

    i am a newly natural and have just started following "Curly Nikki"..i love the site..keep up the good work.

  • Ms. B says:

    I would love to see more about styles about naturals that have passed the TWA stage but not quite at shoulder length.

    Less of something??? NOOOOOO!!!! Love the content already.

  • Tab says:

    The site could be more mobile friendly. It takes a really long time to load. An app would take a lot of time and work to write the code to fit across the different smartphone and tablet specifications and OS's. I think just making a mobile version of the site would be a better way to go about.

  • Charisse H says:

    I go to your site everyday and I love everything that is posted. I would love to see more Natural Hair tutorials,Natural hair journey and celebrity interviews.

  • Andrea H. says:

    I'd love to see more hair style tutorials for protective styles.

  • LoveStruck says:

    Hey CN I love love love everything, and would love to see an area on stylists; where naturals can list stylists in there areas, or featured stylists from different areas. It might also be nice to see a little more on accessories.

  • Anonymous says:

    HI CN I think adding a segment for travel would be a good idea. As you can see your current trip has generated alot of discussion and has more than likely inspired people to consider traveling more even if locally. Of course you cant travel all the time since you have a family but us single women or professional travelers could send articles share great spots and things to look out for. Why not parter with Black Atlas ? an American Airlines site dedicated to the black traveler who knows perhaps you can score discounted flights etc.:)

    I can't think of anything else to add. You have offered up some great material from your trip to Greece thanks for sharing.


  • Amanda says:

    I would like to see more short hairstyle ideas that aren't twist outs or frohawks. My hair is at that awkward length and I'm having trouble thinking of new hairstyles.

  • Spokenheart says:

    I would love to see more hairstyles for kinky (4c) hair!! & more fashion and makeup tips for different body types and different skin colors! & continued advice and guidance for learning to love yourself as a natural in an unnatural world

  • Unknown says:

    I loved to see more tutorials for women with TWAs or in that transition process.

    I would also like to see more tutorias for women with tigther (4b or 4c) curls.

    I want to see more of what you're wearing! Amazing fashion sense and I want to see what's in closet.

    More of Gia! You're baby is beautiful!

    Happy New Year!


  • Anonymous says:

    My Wish list
    Dear Nikki,
    I'd like to see:
    1. more tutorials for longer 4a-b-c hair. international curlies.
    2. more info from other internationals what products are they using and sources(!) I live in Europe and a lot of the products mentioned here are either not available or super-duper expensive. So this would help curb my product-envy big time.
    3. more of what you're wearing. Luvved the Greece series!
    4. more of what you've been serving too.

  • Deanna H. says:

    I would like to see more pictures from the beginning of your journey to present day. I would also like to see more hairstyle tutorials. I truly enjoy your website. It is the top one I check, usually multiple times a day!!!!

  • bonni says:

    I would love to see more everyday professional natural hairstyles. No shade to the NYC/LA professionals, but more examples that work for those of us who live in more conservative places. I also love your personal posts!!

    KUTGW… I've been following since 08 and love how CN has grown!

  • NaturallyNatural says:

    I have been natural for 17 months but only started wearing it out for a month. I love your site but I would also love more recipes and more about choosing products such as what ingreadients are out there and what is there purpose. Oh and last but not least, hairstyles, hairstyles, hairstyles. I need pictures cause I have no ideas. Thanks

  • Asenath Na'Aman says:

    I have been natural for 2.5 years and I just decided I want to wear my hair out because of your website thanks:)!.I have no idea how to style my hair or how it works and I would love to see more styles ideas for medium length natural hair.

  • Latise says:

    Def. more DIY posts and also more style posts…curlynikki is becoming more and more of a one stop shop for me, I come, I browse, I get my fix!

  • WidnieIsHere says:

    Its not really what I want more of, but I think the show n tell Friday pictures should be a little bigger. Sometimes I cant was fabulous style the ladies are rocking if its a full body photo. Also I think there should be more male POVs on natural. There is nothing I want to see less of, I love this site. Thank you for making it the best it can be =)

  • Sofia AraΓΊjo says:

    GFC follower: Girlon Shop
    I'd love to see more about hair tutorials and new styles. And I'de like to know more about your style πŸ™‚

  • KweenBee says:

    Hey Nikki! First, let me say that this site has been SO helpful and informative throughout my 'Naturalness Journey'–especially right after my big chop which is when I discovered the site (September 2010). I love the variety of the site but would love to see a tween/teen section (or more articles geared towards this seemingly underrepresented group). My daughter transitioned and has been fully natural since September 2011 but she's 14 and one of less than five in her entire high school of ~1600!! She visits the site but it'd be good for that generation to see more people like them, hear what they have to say and be able to ask questions, comment, and get inspired!

    Also Nik, I would LOVE an app for my iPad/iPhone! I know there's the forum app but I'd like a app to continue fueling my ADDICTION! πŸ™‚

    And Nikki, we (GA/SC Naturals) would love to see you at a meetup!

    Keep up the GREAT WORK and thanks for being an inspiration!

  • Didi Marie says:

    Hey there! I'd love to see more "So easy even Nikki can do it" posts! Being style challenged myself, I found your now 'daily French roll' quite useful (inspired my New year's do).

    And keep bringin the laughs of course πŸ˜‰

  • oneswtl8y says:

    I Nikki! I would like to see more "Science of Hair" type articles. Like how certain chemicals in products effect hair and why. As a scientist myself, I find those very interesting. With this information, curlies can make more informed product decisions. Thanks!

  • Brittany DH says:

    I would Love to see more inspiration from the younger generation. lol catchy phrase right there.
    I'm sixteen and newly natural and you can bet there aren't many people my age and ethnicity that are natural, so it would be nice to kno I'm not the only one. πŸ™‚

  • jenny.griff says:

    Hi Nikki,

    Im new to your site and I love it already!! πŸ™‚

    I would like to see move videos for TWA's!! Help!! My hair is growing out! LOL


  • Nukta says:

    HUGE fan over here!
    As an international reader with a less than ideal internet connection, I'd really enjoy seeing mre hair tutorials accompanied by "how-to" type instructions. I've missed out on so many hairstyles because I give up waiting for the video to fully load.

  • Elisabeth says:

    I am loving how simple and easy to use your site is! More giveaways are always welcome. πŸ™‚

    vandango33 at gmail dot com

  • Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year! I would like to see more of the following:
    – Information about getting and maintaining locs.
    – Avenue where naturals can connect with each other in various states.

    I love the website!


  • Unknown says:

    Enter me please!

    GFC Follwer: PΓ©rolas Pingas
    I would love to see more hair tutorials!


  • Mishi B says:

    Id love to see more video tutorials and more DIY accessories! I love your site it has helped me through my journey! P.s. Boogie is so frickin cute…. Makes me almost wanna have a baby! Lol

  • Tasha25 says:

    Well I definitely love all of the personal/Boogie posts. They always crack me up. So keep those coming. However, I miss the kids being featured every other Friday. What happened to that? I would love to see that come back. Since your hair is so bomb I also wanna see more posts of you trying new styles with your hair.

    Also, keep the giveaways comings. As far as giveaways, I would love to see even more that just involve winning if you comment on the blog or forum. Since myself and a few others aren't involved with FB and Twitter mania, it can be disappointing to see giveaways that are only for those users. So more comment/forum giveaways.

    Love the celeb interviews! Since you love the Atl housewives, I would love to see Phaedra featured. I have been curious about her hair for a while. So, I would love to see her interviewed. Her hair just always looks so nice.

    Someone else mentioned this as well but where's kenny? He was funny. More Kenny!

  • JenniferC says:

    I personally love the tutorial videos. As a newly natural curly, it's inspiring to see different styles, tips and tricks for all lengths and textures. I admit that when I found your site it gave me the tools and strength to go natural (something I have been contemplating for sometime) and I haven't looked back since!

  • Afro Age says:

    Oh wow, i would love to see more international curlies – i really appreciate their inspirational tales, more mom features like the henna shortcut you once posted.

    i love the 'more'of your site, i couldnt ask for less. It is a platform for all things curly.

  • Keenya Kelly says:

    I'd like to see more DIY hairstyles…like oober basic styles

  • Mimi says:

    I'm just discovering the fabulousness of Curly Nikki and I'm liking it so far. I think my one suggestions would be similar to Naturally Beautiful's, more videos and tutorials for people with about 5 inches of hair.

  • .:Eden:. says:

    Possibly some DIY features: accessories, home, hair, health, etc.

  • ryanac32 says:

    I'd like to see more fashion tips and styling tips
    ryanac32 at yahoo dot com

  • naturally beautiful says:

    I would love to see more styles tutorials for people with short to medium length natural hair. My hair is too short to be meduim and to meduim to be short and it is had to find styles that I can do myself.

  • Stacy says:

    Ive been checking CurlyNikki EVERY DANG DAY. it's part of my little routine =)
    I would love to see more style tutorials, and other curly's regimens. Although, i don't know how much more you can fit.. you're already doing a great job.
    Thanks Nikki! All the info from your site is fabulous!

  • AysiahC says:

    I would love to see a curlynikki jr tab. It can be mainly for teens both female and male because it seems like more guys are growing their hair out now too. They need the info. The tab will have the same info as the original site just more in tune with the struggles of going natural from a teenage point of view. Also I would love to see a curly quote for encouragement for those of us who need that extra boost of confidence.

  • Nicole says:

    Every since i found CN I have been addicted. It has helped me so so much while i am making my
    transition to natural. I think I would enjoy seeing more articles for those without the support of family and friends, type 4 hair styles, great finds for accesories and products (sales). I honestly think i might have given up if i hadnt stumbled upon CN…(life changing)

  • Stephanie D. says:

    I would like to see teen stories and more features on teens who are natural.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would like to see a section expressly for naturally kinky/curly kids and babies. Pictures, suggestions for hair care, etc.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would like to see more topics on healthy eating and exercises. I would also like to see or read more topics on shorter hair. I never see most curlies with shorter hair and doing a challenge to grow out their hair. Less Girl please we need more not less. hahaha

    LLC = Love, Laughs, and Cupcakes


  • Anonymous says:

    I could werk that HAT! Especially on bad hair days, oops! LOL!


  • Steph...In Motion says:

    Well, since you asked…I'd like to see more product reviews from your readers and less interviews with celebrities who don't wear their natural hair (Nene??).

  • Unknown says:

    First, I would like to see less SPAM. omg it's so irritating how people just post crap and it takes up pages. But I do like that at least you can report it and it gets deleted promptly.

    I would love to also see more articles, etc on how to help our children love their natural hair more.

  • Rhonda C says:

    Nik, in light of your recent trip abroad, I thought the subject of "Traveling While Black" should be explored more fully. It certainly has generated alot of stimulating and informative discussion over the past several days.

    You've created an excellent platform with a loyal following (me included), why not extend the reach and the message as the subject is all encompassing? Doing so, just might encourage more to act locally but think globally – in short, arm yourselves with a passport, hair accessories bag, and travel!

    Post pics, give recommendations and referrals….What are your favorite vacation spots and why? What are the latest health, hair and beauty trends going on there? How do you maintain "travel hair"? What products have you scored during your travels? Reactions and observations from the locals? Endless possibilities.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

    I would love to hear from those who could share techniques on how they are able to healthily transition back and forth from twist outs to straight styles.

    I like the articles from the resident chemist, but I thought it would be great if you could incorporate a weekly Q&A from a dermatologist (eg. Dr Susan Taylor, MD out of Philly) to cover topics such as (eg. scalp issues, shedding, breakage, beauty products, simplifying health and beauty labels, etc.)

    To really add to the mix, it would be great if you could do some occasional live streams.

    I really believe you should incorporate something on the site for the ever-so important tween/teen demographic. Many are transitioning and lack the support and resources to sustain their natural curls.

    I love the site, Nik, and look forward to being a part of all that 2012 has in store for!

  • Spokenheart says:

    CurlyNikki has served as a great tool to teach me how to love, manage and take care of my natural hair.It also has been quite inspirational in being able to see other women that are also struggling with me to "keep it real"! i appreciate being provided this forum to help teach love of myself and all my other beautiful natural women!

  • Jada07 says:

    I have really come to love the Curly Nikki community as a whole and enjoy everything that is posted. I would like to see more posts about products. I also really enjoy the posts from curly men who love curly women and would like to see more of those as well.

  • Unknown says:

    I am a daily visitor as well and I enjoy the guest bloggers and hair style videos as well. I would like to see maybe a healthy hair challenge or something to that affect or maybe something that deals with thift shopping. I watch a few youtubbers that thift shop and find great things! I think that would be a great addition!

  • Cecily says:

    I love your site, I visit it first thing in the morning when I get to work. I would love to see more hairstyles. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Kay says:

    Your site has become a part of my daily routine. Every morning, I'm like "let me go see what CurlyNikki talking about"! I'm in the ending stages of transitioning so I love, love seeing naturals talking about their journeys, what the love/hate and showing off styles.

  • Angela says:

    I visit your site daily – I love it! I would like to see more product reviews and celebrity stories. Thanks for your hard work.

  • T.G says:

    Love the site! Would love to see a section on homemade hair products and a place where ayurvedic hair recipes can be posted all together!

  • EleanorF says:

    I love the site – it is my go to every day ! Keep up the good work Nikki! I would like to see a simple "search" box at the top so I can insert a key word and pull up all of the relevant posts.

  • qubilah shabazz says:

    Hey Nikki! I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your reading your blog. You provide a lot of information that many new and old naturals could use during their natural hair journey. I would like to see you post more stories about new products and possibly the reviews of these products as well. With the hair industry gradually changing to service natural hair women, I think it would be nice to have a blog that keeps natural women up to date with these products. I think it would also be nice to have stories about having natural hair in the professional world. Having more stories such as these might help many women remain confident in their hair decision.

  • mkeji says:

    I would like to see less of the girl who does the styling thing. She dresses up and then takes photos. Nah. Not too great πŸ™

  • mkeji says:


    I think sometimes the natural hair chat can become a bit "heavy". Psychologically, too much information, the history etc etc…..

    There is humuor in everything in life….My hair has brought about the most hilarious giggles and funny-as-hell awkward moments.

    I think it would be great if a couple of times a month we have CURLY NIKKI readers submit hilarious true-life stories regarding thier hair.

    Also….I'm Nigerian and i have seen so many amazing photographs of my Grandma and her friends back in the day rocking all kinds of fierceness on her hair whilst wearing the most amazing aso-oke.

    Wouldn't it be great if we on here could create an archive of how things were "pre-universally-straight-black-hair" from places all over the world?

    Woop woooop!!


  • tmc480 says:

    I'd like to see more mature naturals

  • Tai says:

    I would like to see more site wide challenges. Like hair growth or personal health or exercise and diet challenges. I like the feeling of community it builds and it's fun!

  • Anonymous says:

    I would like it if the site layout was different. Instead of posting articles vertically, maybe you could arrange them in 2 horizontal rows containing 2 to 4 articles each accompanied by a category tab. There's really good info. on this site that gets pushed to the 2nd page too quickly IMO. The articles should should remain visible on the first page for at least 3 days and be organized by category.

  • ElaineMicheline says:

    I love your blog- have been a fan since we found out you were baking Boogie in your oven. I'd like more info about scalp care- I LOL when you talked about using Dax…I still use Dax even though I know it's not good for the hair. But it helps keep my hair more manageable…and dare I say I love the scent ( reminds me of my childhood).

  • Terysa says:

    I'd love to see more of your makeup adventures – red lip love, lets try a pink lip or *gasp* an ombre lip. Who am i to talk, love everything you're doing NIK….oh more adventures of Boog's ponytails!!!

  • CocoDreamee says:

    LOVE this blog, some days it's the only thing that keeps me sane. LOL I would love to see more natural brides, I'm totally single, but I've been prayin on it LOL. I think I would like to see a little less of the chemistry of it all, a little splash of info is fine but when we go into wayyy too much, I start scrolling like a mad woman. LOVE the natural celeb interviews!!
    angelbaby8932001 using yahoo

  • Dalora; says: deserves to organized in a more functional, inviting way. I would love to see it become (even) more of a lifestyle blog and remain highly interactive and personal (We love you for it).

  • cassburt88 says:

    I would like to see more headings at the top of the page (or sub-headings) to make this site more organized. It would be a lot easier to find certain articles or topics if there were specific categories, i.e.- Wedding/Wedding Styles…Fashion…Nutrition/Wellnss…etc.

  • Nikki Y says:

    I love, love, LOVE your site. I've been getting so much helpful info from your site for so long. If you were to add/change anything, I would like to see more natural styles and more fashion. I loved the idea from hairscapades about the thrift store finds

  • Naijaprincess says:

    Hi namesake! I think you're doing a fabulous job with the website. Hope you're loving Greece because I am living vicariously through you until June when I plan on shutting it down in Europe as well! I love all the features on the website, but what I've enjoyed lately are your travel tips/styling options for your hair while traveling- especially if you would like to show off your hair. I view myself as a hair ambassador, so it was great to see your post on how you styled your hair for your vacay and the simple products you used to achieve your look. I would also be interested in more international hair stories as well- learning more about curlies all over the world.


  • Anonymous says:

    I'd love to see more international hair stories with a sociopolitical bent. I remember learning a lot about Brazil and the Dominican Republic from reading stories here about naturals either living or traveling there. I don't think the writers intended to bring an air of journalistic merit to their work, but for myself, it's a bit like the alternative news that I receive from channels like Current TV. It's refreshing to get outside of our (American) cultural bubble and I LOVE that aspect of your website.

    I could stand to see fewer culinary posts. I don't mind them per se, but I'm not as eager to read these posts as the ones that focus on hair maintenance, interviews, sociopolitical issues, or fashion.

    Cheri M. allthumbs26 at

  • Unknown says:

    I'd like to see more fashion posts
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  • janaymc553 says:

    I would love to see more added to your children natural hair section. I would also like to see more fashion. Maybe even a tab to organize all your fashion features with guest bloggers.

    curly Nikki had changed my life!!

  • Natural Sunshine says:

    OK so like everyone has mentioned I LOVE your blog which I frequent several times a day.
    To answer your question I would like to see more hair tutorials and info geared towards natural kiddies. I would like to see less of the recipes that comes out on Thursdays. Also I like that you include a little bit of the you outside of hair that's what gives your blog that personal touch where we all feel like family/sister friends.
    Keep up the awesome work and thank you for offering such a stellar site.

  • Vanessa aka Miss V says:

    love your blog! i'd love to see more articles geared toward transitioning from relaxed to natural as well as more fashion tips. keep up the good work, otherwise :).

  • 1FlyButtafly says:

    Hi Nikki,

    I absolutely love your blog the way that it is, but if I had to pick something that I would like to see more of would be more in the kitchen, homemade recipes for the hair. I have been transitioning for almost 2 years and been fully natural for a year!!! I love natural hair products that you can purchase, but there is something about those homemade recipes that makes my hair say THANK YOU or YOU NEEDED THAT GIRL!!!!! lol

  • Cheree says:

    Hi, Nikki. I love this site. One thing I would like to see is a feature on people who have had hair issues (breakeage, extreme shedding, dryness, etc) and what they did to overcome those issues.

  • Adrienne says:

    Hi Nikki,

    This is Adrienne, living in Sydney, Australia. I big chopped in March 2011 and for the past few months I've been trying to figure out how to style my mid-length curls. I really loved my hair when it was a super short TWA and I can't wait until it's long enough to put back in a puff, but I'm in an in between stage right now and every style I try is so time consuming and doesn't come out great anyway. I've resorted to a simple stretch headband on a daily basis. Also, I'm in the midst of trying every product I can get my hands on (not many specifically for black hair in Australia) and I'm about to try making my own hair products from raw ingredients. I'd love to see some tried and true hair recipes and products that are sold internationally and not just marketed for black hair.

    I love your blog. I love your hair. Thanks for all the info and tips!


  • Bitty Boss says:

    I would like to see more articles on scalp care (recipes, new techniques, etc.) as I have a sensitive scalp and I am always looking for extra help. Also, keep the Fine Hair articles coming! I have found out so much in the past year about my hair from these. Thanks!!!

  • vivaciousgold says:

    I would like to see more product giveaways. I have been burnt by so many products not performing the way they claim and I like videos also.

  • urbancupcake says:

    This site is a staple in my natural hair journey. I think the only thing missing is live web-isodes. A 15-30 min live video where you talk to us about anything that is on your mind that week. Of course it would have to be at the same time every week but I think it would be very useful. You could talk about book reviews, product reviews, being a naturalista mom or things that you see in your daily life.

  • Anjah Yonne says:

    I love your site (it made we want to create my own…still a work in progress). I would love to see more encouraging, uplifting words from readers that promote positivity to women (telling woman that they are beautiful regardless of what others may say and even if they are not the typical 'beauty'). The ones you have on the site are great but to see more would be amazing.

  • CurlyBridge says:

    I love the site. I would like to see more "I Big Chopped" interviews.. It's almost that time for me. I need the encouragement. Thanks Nikki!

  • MsTommieg says:

    WOW its been a few days since I been on the site but as I was typing in the web address I was thinking I would like to see more post by Nikki! I know that you are busy and all but the reason I loved your site so much is because you did a ton of product reviews(great reviews i must say) and great visuals (as in pictures), and lastly more post on your daily life in general. Your my friend in my head and your quite interesting and hilarious LOL!

  • Kanisha says:

    I would definitely just like to see more HAIR! The articles are great and everything, but the "Natural Hair Idols" is absolutely one of my *favorite* things you have on the site and I feel like we don't see enough of them!

    And maybe more product reviews as well! :]

  • Neesh says:

    In addition to more hair tutorials as suggested by many, I would also like to see more information for those natural ladies who choose to wear their hair straight (such as myself in the winter time). In the summer, I have been able to come and find all the greatest curly styles but I can't wear my hair curly in the winter (my hair REFUSES to completely dry w/o heat) so I wear it straight. Information on maintenance and moisturizing while straight would be the greatest thing since peanut butter and jelly for me! Thanks Nikki!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Tara J says:

    I would love to see more hair tutorials. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a hair rut and more hair tutorial videos would help.

  • Sharee W says:

    Hi Nikki! I would love to see more hair tutorials for different natural hairstyles, or links to hair sites with steps to perfect different natural looks.

    Something else, bc your style is fab, please add more to your fashion link. I Love, Love , Love your fashion sense, and you show us so many hawt styles. Gimme More ! lol

    Last thing, maybe a "Your Neighborhood" section , where you can chat or post with ppl in and around your area. Sometimes where u live, the climate and different things affect your choice of hair products and such. And this is so out the box, but as a fellow Mommy of Toddlers us curlfriends can link up and have playdates! lol (ok thats the mommy comming out)

    Your site is wonderful, I look at it everyday!

  • Alicia L says:

    Hey Nikki!

    I would love to see more hair style ideas for medium and thin haired naturals! As for what I would like to see less of- product reviews (since I'm in Australia it's hopeless to buy the same products at an affordable rate).

    I just had a look at and I gotta say I lOvE it! I would just like them to add a few jeggings, dresses with zippers, and bodycon dresses. But I really like the wide range of selection. I know because I just spent an hour looking through each page πŸ™‚

    Anyway, Happy New Year!

  • CJayQueen says:

    Hi Nikki

    I love your blog! I enjoy all of the advice and information provided. As a current transitioner, I would love to of course see more information of transitioning as well as more of the feature "a Transitioning story".

    I would also love to see information on Local natural hair salons and natural shops where natural hair care products can be obtained. So maybe some sort of "Local Spotlight" in which local's can provide information on their natural business!

    Once again I love your site and thanks for constantly providing the opportunity for feedback.

  • I Am Your People says:

    1) Obviously, I love Boogie tales!
    2) Celebrity interviews. Personal requests: Sage Steele, The Roots, Maxwell, Lenny Kravitz, Shingai Shoniwa, Estelle, Julia Sarr-Jamois
    3) More 'formal hair' posts

  • Anonymous says:

    Wonderful site! I know you're looking for possible suggestions but I think the site is awesome as it has been in the past and how it continues to grow and change just as you do. Thank you. Monica S.

  • Monique says:

    happy New Year,

    I would love for you to keep doing what you are doing plus bring on new and exciting sellers. this year I am doing up my look with designers that are not main stream and that are made in the USA. Also, I would love to see more tutorials and articles for us gals that want to start a business but do not know how.

    God Bless

  • Unknown says:

    I love the Boogie posts!

    I think it'll be helpful to have a beginner's section. A place where someone absolutely new to natural hair can go to get completely up to speed. It can all be a little overwhelming to the uninitiated.

  • YoursTrulyRE says:

    I would like to see more product reviews from you and other curlies…to get a range of advice from different hair textures. For example, a review of Garnier Blow out cream from you, a 4a curlie, a 4b curlie, a 3c curlie, etc.

    I would also like to get more information from curlies that have long hair that do not do protective styles. Protective styling doesn't work for everyone.

    Oh and more Boog updates. She is so cute!!! *smile*

  • Resee19 says:

    I would love to see more Hairstyling tutorials and Protective Styles. Also more advice on keeping healthy edges!!!! Please, Thank You!!! Signed, Newly Natural on the verge of going back to the CREAMY CRACK!!!!

  • Anonymous says:


    My first concern: the search box is hard to find sometimes because it's far down. Putting it up there would definitely make browsing easier and quicker πŸ™‚

    i would love to see

    – a huge gallery of all the naturals featured on your site (with a link which allows us to enlarge individual pictures and another which allows us to go to their personal feature page). It's really time consuming to go through all of them one by one in search of styling ideas :S

    – More professional tutorials. How do you wear your hair to work? i've always been curious about that πŸ™‚

    -More style icon updates! i wonder what some of the earliest style icons have done with their hair…just to see where they are in their journeys now. Are they still natural?

    Your website is already amazing. I check it out on a daily basis


  • sInGLe iN tHE CitY says:

    I would like to see more articles about the science of curly hair and why/how certain products work. I would like to see more seasonal posts. Switching up products and regimens for the different seasons.

  • kiminprogress says:

    I want to see more tutorials from you as well as tips on getting fuller natural hair. I mistakenly thought my hair was thin (always long though) because I was a permie…who know, I get I just have thinner hair but I digress lol…I also would love info on how hair natural or otherwise affects self esteem and mental health (Maybe a Thursday inspriational kinda thing-its the social worker in me). Take care, have a safe trip home and I <3 your site. Your black and white profile pick of your natural hair that was on your home page was one of the main reasons I came to the realization almost 2 years ago that I didn't NEED a relaxer. Your site got me throught transitioning and now I'm grazing BSL (Bra Strap Lenghth) as a natural.

  • Unknown says:

    I would like to see more hair advice and tutorials for young boys. I am the mother of three boys ages 7,5, and3 who have more than enough hair. They insist for it not to be cut. I cannot cornrow (I take them to a professional) therefore I would like to see more overnight maintenance and hairstyles for young boys.

  • M says:

    Def want to see more tutorials from you! My fav on the site are of your posts. I also really like Shelli's (Hairscapades) posts, your posts of Boogie and I am always interested in what Folake is wearing! πŸ™‚ LOVE your site!

  • Queenesquire says:

    I love this site. God Bless You Girl! I would like to see more naturals 40+ (like myself lol) and how they are navigating natural hair with the oncoming hormonal changes. I would also like to see how more naturals are styling their hair for work. I'm a litigator and I tend to wear updos and buns to work (I look like Sideshow Bob by midday if I even think about a twistout). Any suggestions on hairstyles for work would be great!

  • Nichole says:

    Your site it great as is. I really couldn't think of anything major. I think you strike a good balance of variety with You Tube hair tutorials, celebrity interviews, personal updates etc. If you are going to include fashion, I would also say to vary the stylists' profiled. There's a food/health segment and I find I don't read that one. I might be more interested with recipe ideas to try out and less background info about the item (just a short intro about what vitamins it has, how it helps hair/skin would be plenty for me)
    Going "natural" with your hair, I sense that women are more conscious of how other products/chemicals impact them and may become more health conscious. I first discovered a "raw food" lifestyle from a natural, but I have yet to embark on it as I have not found any recipes that entice me. I just thought of this… more international perspective/scene on natural hair… I have seen a few features with Hispanics, but would love features with Caribbean, Africans, Black Europeans etc. It would also be interesting to hear if natural hair is different even through the US.

  • Kenya V says:

    Happy New Year! Thank you for this amazing blog, as I'm a new Curly! I'd love to see more product & style information as it relates the 4B/4C hair texture. Thank you again, for all that you've done thus far!

  • Danielle V. says:

    I would love to see a lot of product reviews! I love bloggers who give honest reviews!


  • CurlyChellez says:

    I would like to see more hair styles

    Happy New Year!

  • Chocolate Mom aka Blupoetres says:

    I'd love to see more hair styles, advice for newly transitioned, and product reviews…and maybe more interviews with fellow bloggers (hint hint).


  • Adia H. says:

    I would love to see more hair styles for short hair. I'm 8 months post big chop after no transitioning, and I have a little growth but not much. Also I love threw celebrity interviews. I really don't like the you tube videos because my hair is too short for any if those styles. But I do really love your site!!!!

  • libby says:

    I love this site and of course, you are doing an awesome job! To respond to your request for what we would like to see—I would love to see more mature naturals, 40+, 4B and also professional/women leaders and their daily hair care regimens; more natural hair salons from state to state; simple hair care regimens for children.

    Again, I love your site and am a daily reader!

    Many blessings to you and your family in the coming year!

  • dvaaunaturel says:

    Okay, so I've suggested this before and I'm going to throw it out there again. I love the site. Thanks for all you do!

    I would love to see, as someone else has suggested too, more mature naturals (35-40+) and professionals/women leaders (i.e. Ursula Burns (CEO, Xerox Corp.), Charlayne Hunter-Gault (Journalist), Constance White (Editor-in-Chief, Essence Magazine). Let me know if there is anything I can do to help or facilitate to bring this feature.

    Keep up the great work! You can an amazing job.

  • Maya Ange'le says:

    Hey Nikki,

    I absolutely love this site, to begin with. It's always one of the first places I send friends who are transitioning or are already natural but looking for more info. That being said, I would love to see more about men with natural hair, because I'm trying to coax my best friend through the process of growing his hair out but I don't know what to tell him when he goes to the barbershop to get it maintained, etc. I would also love to see more styling tutorials (I'm personally a mix of 3c/4a, but all hair types could benefit) and where to find awesome hair accessories/fashion.
    I'm not really one for the celeb interviews, but I know I'm weird like that, so while it's the only thing I'd personally like to see less of, I'm not really going to advocate for getting rid of them, haha.

  • Cherie says:

    I'd like to see more posts from you and Dr. Phoenyx Austin!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki. Please start a poll containing the suggestions people have made. It's easier to click on a poll option than it is to write something. Since more people would participate in a poll, you'd get a better idea of what people want. I listed some poll options based on the comments. The options with the fewest votes would tell you what people want to see less of. People should be able to vote for more than one option.

    What would you like to see MORE of on

    -styling ideas, tips and product recs for loc wearers
    -hair product reviews
    -natural celebrity interviews
    -fashion tips/fashion trendsetters/fashion on a budget
    -natural hair style icons featuring regular people
    -styling tutorials for short natural hair
    -styling tutorials for medium length natural hair
    -styling tutorials for long natural hair
    -styling ideas, tips and product recs for childrens hair care
    -styling ideas, tips and product recs for teens
    -style ideas and tips for naturals over 40
    -styling tutorials for 4's
    -styling tutorials for 3's
    -posts from/by natural men
    -posts about Nikki and her hair care regimen
    -posts about baby Gia
    -styling ideas, tips and product recs for naturals who straighten
    -healthy food recipes
    -wellness and personal growth
    -posts about hair and scalp disorders

  • Tia says:

    I would love to see more hair styling videos, I have alot of trouble styling my hair. I would also like to see more meet-up information so I can meet other curlies.

  • Anonymous says:

    I meant to write "UnBEweavable" by Katrina Spencer

  • Anonymous says:

    More natural celebrity interviews. And more 40 plus ladies featured–especially those who are recent naturals.
    Book reviews/recommendations for good novels/fiction (or movies/tv shows) that feature natural lead characters. The hair issue would be a big part of the storyline, plot or characterization. Ex. "Nappily Ever After" By Trisha Thomas and "Natural Woman" by Lori Johnson and "Unweaveable" by Katrina Spencer etc.

  • DrChuck24 says:

    I love the site. Would love to see more of you as well. For example I wouldn't mind hearing, rather reading, about some of your favorites of the month. Now this could hair stuff, youtubers, clothes, other blogs…you name it I'll read it πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki, I love your website. I visit it every day. What I like to see more of are the mature curlies (40 and over). Especially type 4s. What are their hair regimens and what products work for them.


  • Anonymous says:

    I vote for more personal posts and Boogie updates!

  • Anonymous says:

    Love the site! 18 months post big chop and I would be lost without you! I think the only additions I would like to see would be:
    1. Some fashion tips – Oftentimes when I read a post, I check in the comments to see where to buy some of the outfits, especially hats. Hats don't fit my fro anymore. Always looking for new ones.
    2. Maybe a text tutorial of some of the longer videos that are posted?
    Keep up the great work!

  • Anonymous says:

    Yay for including the international folks!!

    I think you have a good balance of helping the newbies, and reinvigorating the veterans.

    I like that you can read posts in google reader.

    I hope this doesn't offend, but I think as CN becomes a resource for many to go to, that the personal/family posts should be decreased. CN probably started as labor of love and a personal blog, but you are part of a growing and important movement now!

    Look forward to seeing the growth on the site.

  • Terra D says:

    I'm trying to help my sister with my niece's hair. So, I think a bit more baby hair care and your adventures with Baby Gia's hair!

    Also, I love the posts from curly men and men who love curly women!

  • JackieC says:

    Love, love, love the site! I would love to see more posts from a male's perspective, posts that show women's natural journeys and follow-ups of women who have previously been featured, and product reviews of a product tried by different women with different textures. I could use less of the life inspirational posts. They have there place, but I enjoy the hair and fashion posts much more. I'm looking forward to the Curly Nikki 2012!!

  • sarah says:

    although I lurve your site, I would love to see more of you. I would like to see less celebrity interviews.

  • Ashley S. says:

    I want to see more style tutorials! But I mean not the usual twistouts fro hawks etc. You should run a contests for unique and fierce styles cuz my arsenal is running low. πŸ™‚

  • Nashira says:

    A "then and now" version of Fierce Friday could be cool. Maybe 3 pics max per person in some variation of: baby or kid pic, teenage years, present day, relaxer days, transitioning, big chop

  • Tres says:

    I'd love to see more of Boogie tales, more of you and your family and a lot more of your fashion. I like StylePantry, but I love the way you put pieces together.

  • hairscapades says:

    kwnatural, I am a 3a-c, pushing 40 (March 20th, it'll be official) and have a few style tutorials on YouTube. I wear simple and quick protective styles most often and think that most of my styles can work on shoulder to WL hair (and even longer). A couple of my videos have been featured here. I don't have a lot of videos, but there are a few style ideas:). There are also a couple of picture tutorials on my website for my version of the TnC, a pin-curled twist style and a few others.

    My user name on YouTube SkillsGill and here is a link to my channel:

    Thank you!


  • Anonymous says:

    More of YOU! Not so much the hair posts but your life and that gorgeous doll baby!

  • Anonymous says:

    I would like to see less of those fashion posts featuring your friend. It doesn't fit on the site to me and the posts are always lackluster.
    I'd like more celebrity interviews where they actually talk about their hair. I also enjoy the hair style posts and would like to see more from women with 6 to 8 inches hair.

  • kwnatural says:

    I would like to see more styles for type 3's and women over 40… I love the videos and product reviews, but most of the styles I see haven't worked on my hair type – – I keep trying though!

  • Melinda says:

    This site is fantastic! Stalker since June 2010 lol…I would like to see more easy to do hairstyles for medium length hair! My hair is not the longest (almost to my bra strap), but I'd like to try different styles besides the regular twist-outs. I would also like to see more celebrity interviews and product reviews! More in "Adventures with Gia" and Fierce Friday (Kids and Adults alike) would be greatly appreciated. πŸ™‚

  • Trice (BreatheFashion3c) says:

    Disclaimer….I have already won a giveaway so please don't enter me….its someone else's chance!

    But, I think, you should add a video section where you do reviews on products, clothing, and life!

  • misst2da2ndthomas says:

    I LOVE THE SITE!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to see more maitenance tutorials and more fashion segments

  • Sequitta says:

    Well I already love this site and I check it frequently for cute style and hair care advice. I like the tutorials but I would love to get instructions on how to maintain those styles included with the tutorials. Also, a "ballin' on a budget" type of segment would be nice!

    Oh and keep the pics of the little one coming! πŸ˜‰

  • octobersfinest says:

    I would love to see more hair idols and more tutorials!!

  • Alice says:

    I would love to see more celebrity interviews! I love hearing/reading about their regimes and how they care for their hair on the job. πŸ™‚

  • octobersfinest says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • JessLuv says:

    I adore this site! I am a newbie natural of 9 months (big chop) and I have used your site for everything from concerns to style ideas! I always go to the archives if I am searching for something that is not a current blog! Thank you curlynikki this site rocks (don't change a thing)!!! Happy New Year!

  • ExpatCentral says:

    I love this site, especially as a fairly new transitioner. But since moving to the UK, it's been really hard to find even a fraction of the products I'm used to using…so any new posts on international products would be most welcome!

  • T'Keyah says:

    I would like to see more about college naturals…I know there have been things about "College Cuties on a Budget," but I would like to see things like hairstyles for college students that don't really have time to do their hair.

    I would also like to see a little more information on natural hair salons or stylists that cater to natural hair from each state…For example, curlies could just post info about where they're from (City & State) and the stylists/salon they go to. And say why they like them (products/tools used, etc.)

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  • ...Shalaya... says:

    I love hair videos, they allow me to find new hair divas to subscribe to on youtube. I also love the giveaways even though I haven't won anything yet lol. I also love reading people's hair journeys!

  • Leslie says:

    I would love to win… however, it seems like they have plus sizes πŸ™

  • Ings says:

    I love to see the daily routines of different everyday natural women. Love the celebs, but let's be honest, their and my schedules are very different.

    I would also love to see more naturals who work out regularly ( 4B hair here ) and how they "maintain their sexy" hairstyles throughout the week. I had this on lock when I was relaxed but am struggling with this now especially because I love out (and 1/2 up 1/2 down) styles =

    I think I might like to see less of the Wednesday Fashion feature, I'm personally just not getting much from it – shrugs. But maybe some cool thrift store finds or just different fashion people to appeal to a few more styles.

  • Callie Lawson Freeman says:

    Hi! I'm 13 and I'm only 3 months in to my transition. I think it would be SO amazing and helpful, if Curlynikki started featuring more stories that are directed toward teen transitioners and teen naturals. Or maybe even written by us?

    I've been reading Curlynikki for a really long time, but since I am a teenager I cant go out and spend the kind of money that adults do. My mom is not having that. Plus, I also cant take as many of the risks.

    All that said, I also really miss skinny Kenny.


    This is my first time commenting on a Curlynikki article, so I hope I did this right!

  • Trace says:

    I love it as is!

  • Carrien says:

    Hey Nikki! I would really love to see more Hair Idol pieces on regular people. The celebrity interviews are always a treat, but I like reading the everyday woman's daily routine for hair care, it's easier for me to relate/find the products.

    Also, the youtube instructional videos are good, but if you could find ones that are informative AND under 5mins, that would be a super plus!

    I love the site and the contributors sites are awesome too πŸ™‚

  • ChysCurlz says:

    I love everyrthing you do as is already but the two things after my own heart is a feature on those who are still struggling with their hair care. I also like the idea on affordable shopping options.

  • donna dorrane says:

    oh…1 more before I go.

    What happened to Skinny Kenny's segment?????

  • My3BoyZ says:

    *Definitely more tutorials/pictorials on different styles.
    *More information/style icons on locs (especially for those of us considering locing in the distant future)
    *Continue the male point of view; in particular, continue to show info on guys growing out their hair (some may be more interested now cuz of us)!!

    Keep up the great work!

  • prettyprecious says:

    I would like to have more information about natural hair for teenagers and styles for teenagers. Precious

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    These are amazing suggestions! Keep 'em coming! THANK YOU!!!!

  • jungfrau1010 says:

    I am really loving the site presently. However I would love to see more affordable fashion ideas and make up tips to keep us all fashionably natural. I love your fashion sense so a peek into your own style from time to time would be refreshing. Product reviews would be great too but I would prefer that nicely balanced with some simply DIY hair treatments from our cupboards especially useful for us naturals who live overseas and who cannot always afford the exorbitant prices charges for the more popular natural brands (that you ladies are all raving about) when it is being sold locally.

  • Tiki_Green says:

    I would love to see some of your fashion ideas. Your outfit of the day etc.

  • Miche'al says:

    I love the site the way it is!!! But like others I would love to see more of your fashion side. I love the way you dress and I have no clue about fashion, so seeing more of that would be a big help.

  • mmharp says:

    Hey Nik-

    Well, of course I would love to see more scholarship opportunities (being that I missed the deadline-sad). Love the videos, by the way!

    I would also like to see more information on scalp conditions like dermatitis, ezema, dry scalp the list goes on!

    More information on haircare for naturals who like to go straight. I know you know a tab for this information, but more articles vids would be great!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • donna dorrane says:

    I would love to see more fashion posts *from you*, and less hair stuff, because I have more scalp than hair, so I just breeze by *skip over* the hair posts.


    this is a hair site, isn't it???

    oh well…keep doin' u…it's all good. πŸ™‚

  • hairscapades says:

    Hey Nik, you know I love the site and I think you have a great mix of so much information. The thing that I'd like to see a little more of, I suggested the other day and it isn't hair related … SHOCKER!!! LOL!! Okay, so I LOVVVVEEE thrift store finds and I think a good addition to the site would be a fashion thrifter:).

    Also, I agree with Gina and Denita that some loc related posts would be a good addition to your site as there don't seem to be a lot of blogs that offer care, maintenance, starting info, etc. There is a Youtuber that I recently discovered who has locs and does a lot of styles with them (I found her in my quest for style ideas for my Afro puffy twists). Her YouTube name is, BronzeGoddess01 maybe you can tap her as a resource?

    Happy New Year!!


  • JMartinez516 says:

    I'd like to see more information on (I guess what would be considered) type 3's. It would've been SUPER helpful to me during my year of transition and then my first year of being fully natural and I would STILL be happy to see it because as my hair grows, I'm still learning!

    Honestly, I think I'd like to see less celeb information from celebs who aren't natural and have no desire to be natural. Is that bad?

  • Denita says:

    want to see more articles on locs! I'm a loose natural but I think our loc'd sista's need more love!

  • Gina says:

    I would love to see ore info on locs, i.e. guest bloggers, interviews, etc. I just got sister locks and there's not much infer out there.

  • Laura Dittrich (Fashion Landscape) says:

    I would love to participate, and happy new year!

  • Imani says:

    I'm sure this is already in the works since Boogie's hair is sprouting but more about baby hair care!

    Also, more 4b/4a hair tutorial videos or features would be phenomenal πŸ™‚

  • Kinky-curly chica says:

    I am fairly new to the site, So far so good to me I get the information that I need plus the entertainment of lil boogie! lol. Keep up the good work!
    SN: I love the self-concept on thursdays, they really help me! πŸ™‚

  • DiJah says:

    I would love to see more product reviews as i am still trying to find my holy grails so i can FINALLY curb my pj-ism

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