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Deliliah Nonar

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A little more than a week later and I’m still straight… going strong with little reversion and even less effort as far as upkeep. At night, I tie a scarf on to hold down my edges and then stuff the rest of my hair into my trusty satin cap. That’s it, which is great ’cause I haven’t had time to unpack my suitcase, much less worry about my hair. One things for sure though… I totally remember why I had zero desire to straighten for the past 5 years. My hair is fine. Damn fine. And there ain’t enough fluffing or pincurling in the world to help me escape that reality.

My stylist reminded me that short of torturous backcombing, fine hair will appear fine. But after some intense Googling, I came up with at least one new potential experiment to thicken up my situation… oat flour. At my next wash, I’m gonna add some to my conditioner and put this old wives tale to the test. Also, my gray roots are telling me it’s time to henna… it’s been at least 2 months I think, and henna is my only tried and true method for bulking up anorexic strands. As an aside, on my resolution game, I’ve been drinking half my body weight in water (ounces) every day and taking my vitamins.

I also plan to revisit my ‘less is more’ mantra for fuller hair that I often preach, but don’t always follow. Which means I also need to revisit my new grease infatuation. My foray into grease started because I wanted a product to give my blown out (or stretched via twists or rollers) hair, texture and definition without having to apply water. The results are spectacular, but after 2 weeks, my big and fluffy ‘Diana Ross’ turns into that James Brown mug shot-

It is at this time that I should probably wash it, but with Hurricane Boog blowing through, I have no choice but to bun or retro french twist it. I plan to continue using Dax, as I’ve found it to be the best sealant…ever, but use it more sparingly and focus it on my ends.

In Greece I had success with Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine… a product very similar in consistency to shea butter. It gave some definition– the waves weren’t as deeply set and didn’t hold for the entire day. But it did succeed at stirring up my inner PJ. So for the past week, thanks to LHCF and CN Forums, I’ve been collecting natural grease alternatives for the ultimate head to head competition. The contenders–

My guinea pig Boogie and her gorgeous, fine, virgin curlies will be test subject #1, and of course, once I wash my hair, I’ll be test subject #2. I’m looking for the product that will (1) provide natural hold and definition, and (2) feel lightweight. Obviously, it’s a grease replacement, so some greasiness will be expected, but I don’t want to be leaving marks on the furniture.

I’ll report back soon, after I wash, of course πŸ™‚

Two days ago, I added a little Davines Absolute Beautifying Potion to the length and ends.
I’ve used a ton of serums in the past 6 months, and this is definitely among the best.

What’s your favorite natural grease or pomade? How do you use it?

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