As I sit here typing this post, a gazillion milestones, experiences, triumphs, defeats and victories are running through my head. 2011 was INSANE! I gotta tell ya though, I had a fantastic time and I learned ALOT this year. Below are just a few of my favorite lessons that I’d like to share with you.

A good cry, cleanses the mind and the spirit. I gotta tell ya, for me, bad days are few and far between. I honestly, don’t have the attention span to be screw faced for longer than 20 minutes. Besides, it causes wrinkles! However, when I do have bad days, they suck, and I typically dissolve into tears. I hate crying, because I don’t like losing control and somehow, it feels foreign to me. I’m so used to being goofy and laughing, that even when my heart is breaking, I’m determined to at least smile through it. But, like I said, there are those times when my eyes just want to sweat. After spending years trying to keep it together, cry into a pillow, or just plain suck it up, I think my body just refused to let me BS myself anymore. I have found that after a nice, good, snotty, ugly, shoulder sobbing cry, I feel much better! I can think clearer and I feel emotionally lighter. I become so resolute, and am determined to resolve whatever it was that put me into tears in the first place. All in all, crying isn’t such a bad thing!

I am not in control of the bigger picture, God is. Not gonna preach a sermon, heck, I’m not even qualified! But, I must say that I had to learn to not have such a tight death grip on everything and everyone around me. At the end of the day, whatever will be, will be. Whomever is meant to stay in you life will stay, and whomever is meant to go, will go. I work hard, and chase my dreams in stilettos, because I expect to catch them some day. But I have learned to include a “God’s Will” clause in my dream sheet. He’s put me here for a purpose and I want to follow whatever path he puts me on. God sees and knows what’s best for each and every one of us and loves us enough to not give us everything we desire.

In life, if you knock and nobody answers, kick the friggin’ door down! Nobody is gonna give you anything. If you’re busting your hump, and losing sleep, trying to accomplish something, nobody is going to appreciate your hard work more than YOU. Don’t be shy about your hard labor and don’t let people down play your accomplishments. If you want something be bold enough to claim it and fight for it if need be.

Value your silly side. It infuriates me when I see gorgeous women who are too pretty to laugh, smile, or be a little silly. I will NEVER be one of those chicks. Hell, I was never “pretty” enough to be one of those chicks anyway! lol! High cheek bones, booties, and boobs, fade and sag over the years. My effervescent personality and sense of humor will be stuck with me for as long as I have air in my lungs, and that’s worth something.

What did life teach you in 2011?