CN: The people are demanding Skinny-Kenny. Where you at?

Kenny: I guess it is high time I come back. *enters stage right* I’m ready like Spongebob.


by Kenny of

If you could tell the women in that picture anything, what would it be?

“Y’all doin’ too much!”

“Y’all needs ta siddown somewhere”

“This is a hot mess!”

You probably wouldn’t tell them anything positive… I see this scene play out over and over again. A girl walks into a room dressed as if she has just come back from an expedition to Mars, and other women in the room give her the dagger eyes.
Why is that? Has this woman’s form of self expression truly ruined your night? Has her neon pink and yellow weave caused you to cancel all of your plans for the evening and go back home? Probably not. I think it’s a feeling of jealous insecurity.
It’s safe to say that you probably aren’t jealous of her dress or her weave. But you may be jealous of her confidence. Her self-confidence makes you subconsciously insecure, and insecurity leads to outright jealousy and judgement.

And it’s not just women, men are equally as guilty. I’ve been on the receiving end of disdain from men and women alike, based purely on how I am dressed. A very good friend of mine recently told me ‘If I didn’t know you personally I would hate you, because of how you dress’ …Wow.
If I decide I want to dress like a Pirate everyday in 2012 then I should be able to do so without facing backlash. I am an adult… I can express myself however I choose! So next time you see someone wearing something “crazy” just let it go. Sometimes, you got to wear your craziness on your sleeve…

CN Says-

*stares dramatically into the distance*

In college, before natural hair became what it is today, I remember them dagger eyes all too well. The snarky and often underhanded compliments from my straight hair counterparts could have come from a place of jealousy… maybe not of my swirls & curls (despite the luxuriousness), but of the confidence it took to rock them.