I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a Curly Service Announcement:

The world needs to see us.

We’ve been in Greece for nearly two weeks and while most of our experiences with the locals have been perfectly pleasant, we’ve been reminded on several occasions that… *whispers loudly* …we’re Black. We know. But it can be disheartening when something as innocuous as the color of your skin elicits stares and eye rolls. We’ve been ignored, jumped in line, and left at the tram station. Yes y’all, the tram rolled up, stopped, the director reached for the button and took the hell off. We smiled, shrugged and waited for the next one. Next stop, the pharmacy. You know that ‘record scratch, everybody stop moving’ feeling you get when you walk into a place unwelcome? Yeah, that. So we walk in, I smile at the attendant, she scowls at me and finally makes her way over to ask if we need help. After answering a question or two she says, ‘you finished now.’ She was not asking a question. Hubby simply responded, ‘you putting us out?’ We don’t like to presume and Lawd knows stuff gets lost in translation, but damn.

All of that said, there aren’t many Black people in Greece, and many of the few that we’ve come across are impoverished. Just like in the States, there are people who ignore us and people that will look at us like they caught the stomach virus… all screw face. *shrugs* Whatever. I’ve decided that whether at home or abroad, small minded people are going to have to realize we’re going to shop where we want, educate our kids where we want, and oh…we have passports too boo.

Yeah, we’re present! We’ve got melanin! Get used to it! It is our duty to travel, ’cause we have growing to do, and we have an obligation to let them see our faces because they have growing to do. So where we going next?!

Back to the script–

With just a couple of days left in Greece, I thought I’d share one last set of pics. In all, I think we snapped like 3000. Crazy, right?! But at the end of the day, all you really have is your memories and the things that jog them.

Um… Santa, it’s the fifth of January… when are you due back at the North Pole?
It’s the rock, the mountain… not a particular structure. Knowledge is power.

We finally decided to conquer it…

To the top!

The view…
One of the ancient theaters…

That’s Lycabettus Hill, the mountain we conquered last week.

What’s left of the Parthenon after being destroyed and looted many times over. Dang shame.

The Parthenon, up close.

The Erechtheion

I wanna be THIS strong- Leandra

big ass rocks.

We finally made it inside the New Acropolis Museum. The one *coughs arrogantly* my brilliant cousin helped design. It’s built atop 4th century BC ruins.

It has a transparent floor so you can see straight down to the bottom. Vertigo.

This pic is taken from
HERE to give you some perspective.

Time to eat! Squid, octopus, swordfish, sardines and things of that nature…

…or better yet, Kokoretsi. We had to do it. It’s made of
intestines of suckling lamb as well as the heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and lungs. Every damn time we inquired about the dish, they looked as if we’d asked, ‘do you server chitterlings?’ It doesn’t smell half as bad but definitely leaves a ‘rank’ aftertaste. #IllTryItOnce

Curlies, when and where is your next vacay?

What have your experiences been abroad?

Where should we go next?! I’m taking suggestions!