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Curly Nikki

What Would You Do…

By January 27th, 202137 Comments
What Would You Do...

While scanning the aisles of my local grocery store, looking for marshmallows, I saw a magnet that posed this exact question. It got me thinking, what kind of risks WOULD I take if I were sure that I’d come out on top? I’d probably audition to be a backup dancer for Beyonce, go zip lining or white river rafting (even though I can’t swim), maybe I’d have my own night time talk show on Youtube with special guests Taye Diggs, Jason Statham, and Reggie Bush! I’d call it, ‘Tonight with Taneica!” YEEEEEES! Lol.

But deep down, I know I’ve shied away from everything aforementioned (except for the last one, I will never give up on any dream that involves me interviewing sexy men), because I am pretty sure I’m too short, too klutzy, may break my neck or may drown.

I’d bet that I am not the only one who has thought of some wild and crazy things to try, but thought against it because insurance premiums are to high.

What would YOU attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?


  • Dawn says:

    I really wonder why we're all so afraid to take the leap. I'm the same way. We worry so much about failing until it paralyzes us. What's the worst that could happen? Someone says "No" or we fail…at least we'll know that we tried. And heck, we just may triumph!!

  • julia @ thebackloop says:

    Start a small shop that would carry local artists' handmade goods; start a community garden in our back yard (we have 1/3 acre); be a choreographer.

  • Lauren says:

    Oh wow. Be a trophy wife! LOL I'm kidding.

    If I knew I couldn't fail. Become an actress. I could never be a good trophy wife, I'd want to actually work and earn my own money.

  • Tiffany says:

    I took a picture of this same quote at barnes and noble. I'd open a boutique for affordable cute goodies for women and the home.

  • Keisha says:

    I'd perform a brain transplant of a monkey's brain into a human being and vice versa. After the transplant both the monkey and the human will be able to function normally, ha ha. FYI, I am not a doctor and my hands are very shaky to the point where I occasionally have to use a ruler when I write due to the unsteadiness of my hands.

  • Nique xoxo says:

    Marry Dwayne Johnson {if he were single} & finish college…:(

  • Eboni says:

    Like anonymous 4:32pm, I'd open a photography studio and maybe pursue modeling. But I'd also start an art/fashion/design magazine…ooo AND I want to start an art agency too!

  • Brittany says:

    I'd actually talk to the guys I am interested in and get my license fear of rejection and failure makes these really hard for me to do. I would also pursue a career in either music production or being a record exec, and for the fun of it I would get a degree in Law. These are all things that I really wanted to do with my life but just too scared to do them.

  • Sophie says:

    I would audition for an a capella group, ask the most charming man I can find out on a date, and travel around the world and be bold making friends.

    Maybe I will do these things one day :)

  • Anonymous says:

    Play the lotto

  • Anonymous says:

    Part 2: What's stopping you?

  • Laxmi says:

    Acting and Singing, live a nomadic life with my kids like the Jolie Pitts- experiencing different cultures.

  • Anonymous says:

    Make it as a singer and be as big or bigger than beyonce. That would be a dream :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I would open my own photography studio, pursue a career in modeling, become a homeowner, write children's books, and become zumba instructor certified.

  • MrsCrystal says:

    Be a healthy, simple Southern chef; a Dr. Oz (female version); and a fashion stylist that provides tips on how to dress for certain atmospheres (specifically work and church)

    Oooo, and invent these 2 things that I have been telling my husband that we need to get patent.

  • BreatheFashion3c says:

    I would get my fashion designing company started, propose to Ray Lewis, home-school my daughter, and invent something!

  • new1013 says:

    Get my PhD…

  • Erica S says:

    I would apply for my dream job, do yoga on the highest cliff at the grand canyon, have dinner with Kanye West and dance battle Beyonce.

  • shea_nicole says:

    Eliminate all poverty in the U.S. and provide homes and jobs for everyone without further putting the country in debt.

  • AnaDion says:

    Lose 90lbs. Apply to more colleges AND scholarships. Start my own fashion line.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ask Derrick Rose to marry me & direct music videos.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would sing and play the piano for audience all around the world. I would also figure skate.

  • Anonymous says:

    Good question. I really can't think of anything, because I try to face my fears head on, do the darn thing then move on.

  • Hxyzyn says:

    Take over the world and implement martial law.

  • Jada07 says:

    I would be on broadway for sure!

  • Anonymous says:

    Be like Oprah, win some awards for humanitarian work and be a powerhouse at everythang

  • Miche'al says:

    I would sky dive for sure!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Do a solo for the choir that I'm in

  • Anonymous says:

    become a stylist or fashion designer.

  • Anonymous says:

    ps. Girl, you are sooooooooo wrong with those pjs and curlformers! Too funny!

  • Anonymous says:

    Run a marathon or get a job doing voiceovers/commercials.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would be make a movie in hopes of becoming the next Steven S. or Tyler P. Heck I would even tape a late night talk show in hopes that it would be noticed by a major tv network. Maybe even try out for American Idol.


  • Pecancurls says:

    I think I would travel to different locations as a travel writer.

  • DrChuck24 says:

    and that picture up there is hilarious.

  • FemmeFox says:

    I think I would continue to pursue my career in makeup artistry (which I am doing now) and dance professionally (Alvin Ailey/Dance Theater of Harlem anyone?)

  • DrChuck24 says:

    I love this! The list is long. I would be a songwriter, producer, major Hollywood actress/comedian, sports broadcaster for ESPN and ESPN ONLY lol, and Youtube comedian. I could actually do these things but nah…I'm shook.

  • Berthia D. says:

    I would audition for every major acting role or consider a career in the music industry as a singer :)

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