by Dawn Michelle of MinimalistBeauty

Since doing the Curly Girl Method/Tightly Curly Method I have been washing or rinsing my hair three times a week. This frequent washing has definitely improved the amount of moisture in my once dry hair which is a big plus. The flip side of things is having wet volume-less curls three days a week, and fewer days with full big curly hair that I love.

Curly girls are always told not to touch our hair while it dries to avoid frizz. It can sometimes take up to four hours for my hair to completely dry. During this time my curls are super shrunken and tightly coiled. I’ve worked out a simple method to elongate my curls on my wash/rinse day that does not manipulate my fine strands too much, nor involves heat to stretch my curls out.

For starters I’ve been applying a lighter herbal conditioner that allows my hair to dry almost completely in 1.5-2 hours. This is much better than my usual four hours when I was applying a heavier conditioner. I am still smoothing each individual curl as advised with the Tightly Curly Method to avoid the usual wash and go tangles, and give movement to my hair overall. Once the majority of my curls are set and dry (approximately 85-90%), I use a satin scrunchy to “pineapple” my hair. I used to only “pineapple” my hair at night, but this has also become a helpful trick for styling my hair.

Only the roots of my hair are still a bit damp at this point, and the high ponytail stretches out the roots as they finish drying without disturbing my curl pattern. I then allow the rest of my hair to dry in the high ponytail. I’d honestly rather run errands with my hair up with “Curls Gone Wild” than have it out with no volume.

A few hours later my hair is completely dry and I can remove the satin scrunchy and add a natural oil to the ends of my hair. The roots of my hair have been lifted for body as well as been stretched for maximum length without heat. Now I no longer have to wait until 2nd day hair for the volume and length that I adore.

What tips and tricks have you discovered with your hair care? No matter what your hair type or texture, we all want to know!


Dawn Michelle is a writer, professional dancer, choreographer, jewelry designer, and pure lover of life and the planet. She has been a part of the entertainment industry for years, and worked in one of the largest beauty retailers as a consultant. Dawn Michelle writes a lifestyle blog called Minimalist Beauty that incorporates organic beauty and cosmetics, eco-friendly fashion and extremely chic style, simple living, and pursuing creativity. She also has an Etsy shop called Azuha which has handmade fiber jewelry, earrings, natural cosmetics and more.