by Antoinette of A Curls BF

I’ve been working on perfecting my twist out for fine hair . I’ve experimented with some techniques (click here and here) but I finally think I’ve gotten it right. This method creates a nice fluffy look and also lasts all day and night. The other two methods would give me great initial definition but after a couple hours my hair would either fall or frizz up. This new method is simple and easy… just two flat twists and all I have to do is re-twist two flat-twists at night to preserve the look. BOOM. Ring the alarm, I’m no longer a slave to the wash and go. Peep the video below.

Also, keep in mind that if your hair is thicker, you can simply do more flat twists. Flat twists are great when doing twist outs because the really get the roots wavy and they make the waves more consistent all around.

Shanti Mayers and Antoinette Henry are best friends whose friendship took root in Philadelphia 10 years ago. Now as adults, Antoinette lives in Brooklyn New York pursuing her dreams in theater while Shanti still resides in Philadelphia raising her one- year old daughter. The creation of their blog “A Curl’s Best Friend” is representative of the creators and their love for natural hair, their appreciation of beauty and talent, their need for self -expression and their admiration for the many faces and voices of womanhood. Keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr!

Are you a fine curly? What techniques yield twist-out awesomeness for you?