Mom made it in late last night so this morning was pretty chill. We had breakfast delivered and pretty much lounged around talking ish. The usual. I had a coffee date with Kim Wayans scheduled for 2pm, but other than that, we were free to play tourist. Around 11, we got up, got dressed and headed to the roof for a mini photoshoot–

shirt- Gap
jeggings- PacSun
boots- Madden Girl
sunglasses- Steve Madden

Out and about–

us, not shopping on Rodeo Drive

Next, we kicked it with Kim. This woman. I swear, just being in her presence was food for my soul. She has such a beautiful spirit… so genuine and I’m honored to have made her acquaintance. If you haven’t yet, take your ass to the nearest theater and see Pariah!

After leaving Starbucks we hopped in the car to make our way back to the condo. Listening to the incessant melody of Tupac, Ice Cube, Daz & Kurupt, we were heading down Olympic Blvd minding our business, when suddenly we heard the unmistakable roar of an American muscle car. We glanced to the left to see a black and red Dodge Viper jet across three lanes of traffic, just in time to cut us off. True to form, Hubby starts into a stream of insults and just before he could lay on the horn, we hear the beep of another horn behind us. It was obvious that this black and yellow Dodge Challenger had been trailing the Dodge Viper in front of us, and had the nerve to be mad that we cut him off! So we maneuvered alongside the Viper ’cause Mom needed to run into Riteaid. Despite his mild irritation with being cut off, Hubby was craning his neck to get a better look at the Viper (one of his favorite cars) when he says, ‘hey, that’s Chris Brown’.

Shut up!

I looked over my shoulder and it was him… looking like the Cheshire Cat, grinning from temple to temple with his hands squarely planted on 10 and 2.

In that moment I was completely paralyzed. I knew I had left my camera at home, Hubby’s was too difficult to operate and my Iphone charge was at 3% and lost in the diaper bag. After some anxious rummaging, I found it, rolled down the window and yelled, and I quote, ‘you know I gotta get a pic, pull up!’. He obliged, and I managed to snap one overexposed shot. Terrible. Our light turned green and as we made our left, he yelled, ‘aiight then’, laughed and threw up the deuces. Classic.

Had to call Syl to tell her the bizarre story and she was all, ‘he’s always on Necole Bitchie in that Viper!’ Got home, googled it and sure enough-

I’m about to head out to dinner but will check back in with you curly divas soon!

Later Gators,