Fitness Check-In- How's It Going?!

Fitness Check-In- How's It Going?!

by Bennii Blast of The Culture Pine

So it’s been almost a month and a half since I decided to step my fitness game up, and guess what? I’ve lost just under 20 pounds (19.6 to be exact) already and I am happy happy happy!

I didn’t expect to lose that much so soon as I LOVE food. The smaller changes I have gradually made, food wise, over the last few weeks have helped keep me on track. I have cut back on the fast food but have not completely cut it out. This is so that I am less likely to slip up and binge a week’s worth of junk food in a matter of hours, after experiencing that ‘missing out’ feeling. Trust me – it can happen.

The gym is now my best friend. I go around three times a week and usually do 35-45 mins of cardio, then finish up with the strength training machines and hand held weights.On either Saturday or Sunday I’ll do a home fitness DVD while my deep conditioner gets to work! I also invested in a bike which I ride to Uni four times a week, which is a 20 minute journey. There and back works out as a little less than 300 calories, which made me a very happy shopper! I drink protein shakes before I work out occasionally, but I haven’t really committed myself to that part and probably have only one a week at times. Poor I know, but I’m working on it.

Besides shifting the few extra pounds, I FEEL better. My fitness levels have improved and I physically feel that I am in better shape. I also realised after looking at my calorie intake that I haven’t actually been over eating like I initially thought. The problem was that I was eating but not burning anything off, which of course was not going to get any results!

The main thing is that I’m still going. I would have bet money myself on the guarantee that I would have caved in by now, but once you start to see results, it makes it just that little bit harder to fall of the wagon.

So after thinking of a way to reward myself, Mr Moore is on his way to pick us up a pizza as I type….

What? I earned it!

How are your healthy habits coming along?