by Bennii Blast of The Culture Pine

Before deciding to start my transition, I remember hearing several times the testimonies of others before me who noted that ‘natural hair brings out the creative in you’. Well ladies, I’m not even all the way there yet, but I have to agree with you!

When I was still relaxing, I guess I was kind of stuck in a rut. I would wake up and do my hair, and it was done before I even stopped to think ‘what shall we do today?’ I wasn’t completely happy with my hair, and I guess it showed.

Now that I don’t even have any heat tools in the house besides a hair dryer, I have had to rustle up new ideas to replace the ‘comfort’ of before. Instead of seeing this as something to constantly moan about, I have instead opted to indulge in this opportunity to experiment! Every day I’m in the mirror, wondering what will happen if I tweak this or pin that…the styles seem to be endless. Not to mention, trying to protect your ends and still look good with more than one hairstyle is the perfect challenge for those wanting to put on their creative cap! Add the hundreds of different lengths I have in my hair and the two transitioning textures, and I have a party on my hands. With each style I stumble upon, I further confirm just how versatile natural hair can be.

As much as I am enjoying myself, I have to remind myself to keep those hands out of my hair every now and again if I want to have any hair left by the time I’m done transitioning. I can’t wait until I’m completely natural to see what other styles are waiting around the corner….

Has natural hair captured the creative in you?