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Curly Nikki

Hollywood Hair Show & Tell + Recovery Process

By January 27th, 202137 Comments

Hola Chicas,

I’m back in the depressing, dreary, cold depths of Happy Valley, Pennsylvania. But it’s good, it’s Friday and I ain’t phased!

Boog is running around calling shots and the alluring aroma of bacon, my favorite meat candy, is wafting through the air. I’ve got Drake’s Over My Dead Body on repeat and I think the sun is even trying to poke through.

Below, by popular demand, you’ll find my LA hair routine. Click on each subtitle to learn more about what I wore–

Hollywood Hair Show & Tell + Recovery Process
On Tuesday afternoon, I did a 4 hour henna gloss treatment, followed up with a Davines MoMo deep condition. I then rinsed and applied Davines Shelter Leave-in. I lightly blowdried using the tension method (think, loose, frizzy wash and go, no where near straight) and twisted using Original Moxie Lux Locks. I rolled some of the ends with flexis and went to bed. My flight was the next morning at 10am, so I removed the rollers, but rocked the twists under a hat. During my delay in Phoenix, I decided to take the twists down only to reveal the wimpiest, most straggliest looking twist-out to date. Hated it! But 2 hours later, after a bunch of fluffing, Gia’s grubby fingers snatching and combing through it, and a quick shower, I was totally red carpet ready… it had grown three sizes and I was happier than a bird with a french fry.

Hollywood Hair Show & Tell + Recovery ProcessAfter the Essence event, I managed to stay up long enough to re-twist my hair. I created 10 or so two strand twists using Lux Locks, but skipped rolling the ends. The next morning, I took them down and was met with shiny, big hair.

Hollywood Hair Show & Tell + Recovery ProcessI again re-twisted the night before using the Lux Locks, but as with any product, it had started to build up. When I removed the twists this time, my hair was limp, stiff and a little gunky. So, I sectioned out a bang and pinned it out of the way, and then created a simple high bun in the back using an elastic– pulled the hair through twice, but only halfway through the last time. I then fluffed the bang and pinned it with a bobby pin to make a pomp. I smoothed the edges with hubby’s soft boar bristle brush and I was out the door!

Hollywood Hair Show & Tell + Recovery ProcessShould’ve washed my hair the night before, but I was tired. I re-twisted using a little Davines Shelter Leave-in and again, my hair wasn’t nice enough to leave ‘out’. Plus, given the style of the dress, I knew I wanted to rock an updo of some sort. After some primping and hair play, I decided on the half up, half down look. I secured the top half with a goody clip, and again secured the pomp with a bobby pin before we frolicked off to kick it with Cee Lo.

Hollywood Hair Show & Tell + Recovery ProcessPartied too damn hard and fell asleep with my hair out… on the cotton pillowcase. So after some early morning blogging, I got up and washed and conditioned my hair as it was beyond repair. I spritzed with Davines Shelter leave-in and created 10 big twists, again using the Lux Locks. It air dried rather quickly, but I still ended up removing the twists before they were completely dry. That’s usually a no-no, but it yielded awesome results… on the right side of my head. The left side was frizzy and the definition was destroyed, so I swooped that ish to the other side, pinned it and partied like a rock star. All night I felt like I was channeling Prince’s Revolution…

This was my first experience with Original Moxie’s Lux Locks and I like it. I never do my hair this often, so I think under normal conditions (re-styling once or twice a week) it would KILL. I’m not keen on the fragrance or the price, but it does have a light hold and gives off awesome shine.

Welp, that’s all she wrote. I hope you have an amazing weekend… don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

Later Gators,

p.s. Send in your Fierce Friday pics! We’re running low!

Edited to Add-

The Recovery Process

So I never do my hair as often as I did while in LA. My strands are fine and ridiculously damage prone, so I do my best to keep manipulation to a minimum. About 10 minutes ago, I decided to do an extended pre-poo, so I’m all greased up with an argan/castor oil blend. But to keep the sexy, especially since it’s Friday and early yet, I threw it up in a high, messy, side bun for hubby’s viewing pleasure. 😉 Tomorrow or Sunday, I’ll wash it and keep it in a protective style for a week or so.
Hollywood Hair Show & Tell + Recovery ProcessHollywood Hair Show & Tell + Recovery Process

What are your hair plans for this weekend?


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