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Curly Nikki

#NaturalMoment Mondays!

By January 27th, 202114 Comments
It’s Mondays!

Tweet me and tell me about those moments when you can’t deny that you’re a curly queen! Top tweets will be featured every Monday morning, right here on & entered into the Conditioning Cocktail (participation) giveaway for the month! Be sure to use hashtag!/CurlyNikki/favorites!/CurlyNikki/favorites!/CurlyNikki/favorites


  • Andrea D says:

    how cool i got faved =)

  • cygnet says:

    @ShoeHOTLINE, Hahahahahaha :-)! You're a persistent one, are you :-)?! I totally feel you on that; so am I. Follow-up to yesterday: Later on, before going to bed, I did get my hands back up there and mess with it some more. I re-pinned the twists to make them more secure and flat-twisted the top in three sections to induce some semblance of obedience. This morning I undid the flat twists with extreme caution, carefully unravelling and placing each bit of hair exactly as I thought it should go. I got it to look considerably better than it did yesterday, and I even got a compliment on it from the receptionist at my orthopedist's office. To be fair, the beauty on whom I saw this style has a looser curl pattern and several more inches of hair than I do, but persistence does pay off, sometimes. So don't give up on the styles; I for sure don't plan to :-). Even if we don't quite get them to work the way they look when we see them, there's a variation somewhere that we could stumble across that will make them perfect for us.

  • ShoeHOTLINE says:

    @cygnet I have had this happen to me 3 times already. You would think I would take the hint and stop trying…Nope not me 🙂

  • Laxmi from says:

    love the tweets, too funny- 'whylordwhy' that's what I thought when I caught my 2 yr old, pouring out my bottle of argan oil.

  • Quaneasha says:

    Ooooh! I am loving's hair in that avi!

    @Tawanda, I haven't done that (YET) but I could imagine the pain. Oils are expensive as heck!

  • cygnet says:

    @ShoeAcidal, YEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! This morning! It was an updo where the sides and back were twisted, and the top was curly! It was so pretty on the person who rocked it, and although I knew my curls wouldn't look like hers, I thought it would still work. EPIC FAIL! I spent the whole bus trip from home to my destination untwisting twists that were twisted too much, fighting with big, clunky barrettes that I thought I could substitute for pins, and pulling, fluffing, tucking, patting, and generally torturing the "curly" part up top into a mass of frizz. I finally got it to look a quarter-way decent after I got home, removed the barrettes, and stuck in about a dozen pins. I'm not doing anything else to it right now, not because it doesn't need it, but because I'm too disgusted! The good news is that everyone who's gonna see it today already has.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thought I was the only one that thought updo look better with some outfits. especially if you want to show off your earrngs

  • Anonymous says:

    @Jza jza, so true; been there done that several times, and close to an hour. Lol! Now I smile and keep it moving.

    @ monniej, normally I don't rejoice when sales drop, but what you tweeted…:)

  • Anonymous says:

    @Tahlove, you ain't neva lied. A sista is trying to bring something positive out of our moments and somebody always has to get in their feelings.

  • purplgirl48 says:

    Nik can you do a feature on T. Espi on her protective style that isn't cornrowing and flat twisting. I'm intrigued.

  • Tahlove says:

    The ability that some people have to create negativity from the simplest things is astonishing…
    Anyway, I lol'd at Tawanda and her "#whyLordwhy". Hilarious and true

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Sorry chica! I can't feature everyone, I wish I could! It's supposed to only be 10 each week, and you see how many I ended up with :-p Y'all are too good!

  • lieinbk says:

    Omg!!!! Not the Argan oil!!! I feel you on that. I get upset when mine leaks on the bottle. I rub the bottle on my hair. That's money! Lol

  • Anonymous says:

    Too bad she doesn't feature everyone she says she will …

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