by Shelli of Hairscapades

So, I’m on my way to work today, and I get a text from my girl Beck. She’s like, “Can I have a bobby pin for my hair when u get in?” See, she knows I keep my little Altoids Hair Emergency Kit in my purse;)!

These pic are from May; it has a set of Goody Spin Pins and big dooby pins in it now too!

So, I get to work and shoot her an e-mail to let her know that I’m in my office. She comes up and … what the what?!?!

I was like …. “Oooooh Beck!!! That’s my style!! Were you on the site?!?!” And she grinned and was like, ‘Yeah.” Beck has a lot of long, thick wavy hair that she often puts up with a clip. So, this was different for her and she said, “It took me, like, 2 minutes!” I was like, exactly! That’s what I do, Simple and Quick Protective Styles! Of course I was tickled pink and she let me take pics to share on the site:)! First buns, next it’ll be henna … don’t get it twisted, I got Beck and my other non-Black friend asking about henna last summer!! I’m thinking I’m gonna have to get her to read my post on Color Options with BAQ Henna … get her to try cassia … maybe mix it with a little henna and indigo for a reddish brown effect!


(That’s my evil laugh as I contemplate how I’m going to take over the world!! Where’s Pinky when you need him?)

Who have you inspired?!