by Antoinette of A Curl’s Best Friend

I can’t. I just can’t. I almost don’t want to even share this damn video because I don’t want to increase their hits. But please feel free to go to their youtube channel and express your thoughts and feelings. I know I did. Leave comments and write messages. Is this supposed to mirror and/or point out flaws within the “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls” phenomenon? Is this supposed to be some sort of indication that reverse racism exists and that those videos are as offensive as this one? Or did some fool with a camera really believe this was somehow clever and witty? I’m going to have to believe that whoever did this wasn’t that stupid and unaware of themselves. Whatever it is, it’s repulsive, repugnant, reckless and straight up wack. Makes me want to get on my Marcus Garvey/Pan Africanism tip and bounce. Wait till Shanti wakes up and sees this.SMH. In the words of Charlie Murphy, these kids are “habitual line steppers”.

Seriously, how do we combat things like this? What are some concrete, actual steps we can take?

Shanti Mayers and Antoinette Henry are best friends whose friendship took root in Philadelphia 10 years ago. Now as adults, Antoinette lives in Brooklyn New York pursuing her dreams in theater while Shanti still resides in Philadelphia raising her one- year old daughter. The creation of their blog “A Curl’s Best Friend” is representative of the creators and their love for natural hair, their appreciation of beauty and talent, their need for self -expression and their admiration for the many faces and voices of womanhood. Keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr!