From oil rinsing to pre-pooing, naturals all over the world swear by routines that their hair loves…but we all know what works for one head of curls may not work for all– so I wanted to put it out there…

What tried and true routines have you had to throw by the wayside?
Jamila says: I have tried and tried to section/ detangle/twist my hair in the shower, but it takes too long and doesn’t yield results that are worth the extra time. I find that if I’m gentle, do a bit of finger detangling before I use my wide-tooth comb, and run my hair under the shower stream as I’m combing, it takes me half the time and leaves me with detangled, easy-to-manage hair.

CN Says:
It’s ‘mat city’ if I dare shampoo in twists, overnight baggying is of the devil, and silicones… my hair loves them!