Have you ever stepped out looking insanely gorgeous after hours of primping, curling, pushing up, tucking in and unleashing your inner goddess, just to be met by that neighbor, or friend who feels the need to attempt to “burst” you bubble? You know, the one who asks, “Is that really what you meant to do with you hair?” or “The outfit looks good, but the hair could use more work”. I had a friend once offer up a hat because she was concerned that the patrons behind us at the movies would have their view obstructed by my diva sized mane!*side eye* Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if it’s really our hair that makes folks uncomfortable, even perplexed at times. Perhaps, there’s something confusing about the way we rock our hair with complete and utter disregard to what those around us may or may not think or have to say about it. I’ve found that people are most uncomfortable with things they don’t understand. In an attempt to make sense of things, they sometimes try to fix what’s not broken.

For most naturals, I think there’s a stage where we may feel a little awkward. You see the potential in what you have, but it’s just not there yet…kind of like puberty…lol! Somewhere in between that and the “I just don’t give a damn, I’m fine. Say something.” segment of the program, we “earn our stripes”. We get to a point where we make peace with what we’re working with and start to take more and more pride in not only our hair, but our faces, our figures, our personalities, our intellects and our gifts. We not only embrace our strengths, but accept our flaws. By the time we get to that point, it’s kind of difficult for us to be tough on ourselves because our hair doesn’t curl or lay the same way as the next gal’s. It’s at this point that we become so fierce, so unapologetically fabulous, that some of those around us may start to wonder if they’re missing something. Let ’em guess, wonder, and ascertain why you’re so confident while you have fun being that! Now, what are you waiting for? Fluff that hair, flash that smile, and exercise your right to remain fabulous!