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What We Can Learn From Dora the Explorer

By January 27th, 20216 Comments

What We Can Learn From Dora the Explorer

by Tammy Goodson of CurlyChics

Although we come into this world alone and ultimately leave alone, we still need help during our lifetime stay. Day after day we are faced with dilemmas and situations that we are not always sure how to address. We carry with us our morals and tenents along with the tools we’ve been strapped with to navigate through. Dora, the Explorer, a Spanish speaking eight year old girl seems to have it all under control. As she embarks on a trip in each episode of this cartoon favorite, she presents a problem, a solution and how she arrived at that solution. Now granted, life cannot be summed up in a 30 minute animated series, but the principles needed to gain momentum and stay afloat this journey are all present.

Boots the Monkey
Boots is Dora’s best friend and if we’re lucky, we all have one of these. A true best friend to accompany you in life, whether it be how to approach a new career or handling your love life, there is nothing like having a support system. You know, that girlfriend who will ride out with you no matter what and reel you back in when needed. Sometimes that simply means coming to your aid with a bottle of your favorite wine.

The Fox
Swiper, the fox, is the antagonist of every episode. He’s that one thorn in your side that simply won’t go away. On those days where it seems that everything goes wrong? Your alarm didn’t go off, you spill coffee on your white blouse, etc. The moments that threaten your sanity and make you want to drink heavily – those are Swiper moments and we all have them. Adversity is part of life and often we can’t avoid it.

The Map and The Backpack
The Map is just like it sounds; it gives us a visual of all the potential routes we can take to get to our destination. It provides guidance and allows us to make an informed choice while en route. The backpack holds all the tools necessary to get to your destination once you have the map. In life, you use what you know and you gather tips along the way to help in your quest. You carry the lessons and experiences you’ve had in your backpack and pull them out when you deem necessary. It includes life lessons from our parents, your religious and spiritual beliefs and convictions.

Who’d think you could learn so much from a cartoon?!

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