by Bennii Blast of The Culture Pine

So my days as a 21 year old came to an end this week as I turned 22. With every birthday that rolls by, I get this sudden urge to assess everything that I have done thus far but more often than not, I tend to focus on all those things that are STILL on my to-do list. The latter, is usually filled with a slight hint of disappointment as I torture my mind with thoughts on all that I haven’t accomplished yet. Yep…I’m just a real party animal when my birthday comes around.

As I consumed myself in self-pity at the wonder of how fast the years seem to fly by the older you get, I stopped and took a deep breath. Why do we focus on the negative? It was this question that encouraged me to ditch the melodramatics and realise just how much I have to be thankful for.
This prompted me to compile a list of things that I HAVE accomplished – big or small – instead of reminding myself of what I haven’t done yet, in a bid to create a more positive energy:
  • Go to university
  • Live abroad
  • Strengthen my relationship with God
  • Go natural (11 months in – woohooo!!)
  • A good relationship with a man who is also my best friend (boy that took a while!)
  • Join the gym – and actually use it =)

These are just a few things on my ‘things I’ve done’ list and damn it I’m proud! It put me in a much better mood and allowed me to focus on being thankful to God for another year, than feeding negative energy. This however, is not just something that is experienced around Birthday time, but can creep into our everyday lives. Acknowledging our accomplishments at any time can sometimes be just the thing we need at those low times, because we all deserve a pat on the back every now then.

Have you acknowledged your accomplishments lately? What is on your ‘things I’ve done’ list?