Watch as Nadieninguem cuts her own bangs! The results… um, DOPE.

Would you do it?!

If you already have bangs, what has your experience been?

CN Says:

I asked Marie, my STL stylist to cut me a long bang and she killed it! ROCK STAR STATUS. Like… paint a pink streak over my eye, jam out on the guitar, drop the mic, walk off the stage, Jem and the Holograms’ hair.

I will say that cutting a bang (or layers for that matter) into fine hair can reduce bulk, which, if you desire a voluminous look, may be counterproductive.
So while there are days that I miss the length, 99% of the time I’m tossing my bangs and popping my gum #swag.

I’d most certainly do it all over again and plan to keep up the shape for the foreseeable future!