Tammy Goodson of CurlyChics

One of the things I love about the Aveda store is the aroma that greets me when I walk by and ultimately pulls me in the front glass doors. Almost all of their products have an appealing scent to me. I am instantly drawn to a pleasant scent and will make a purchase based on just that. Yeah, I know it’s crazy. Clearly a great smell does not automatically equal up to par performance; however, the mind can make you think otherwise. The power of the scent!

Power of a scent:

• Nostalgia – a certain smell can instantly take you back to a time and place in your life. For example, when I am in the vicinity of a Mexican restaurant, I can instantly see myself drinking a tall frozen margarita with salt on my vacation to Mexico. I’m instantly there! To keep those positive thoughts going and recapture that moment in time, I will most likely stop in that Mexican restaurant.

• Product Identification – some companies have distinct smells that are unique only to their product and are known for that, which is important from a marketing standpoint. Product recall/recollection has a major impact on customer retention. Case and point – Bath and Body Works has a signature scent called Jasmine Vanilla. I love love love this stuff and everyone knows it. I purchase the body lotion, shower gel, body spray, hand soap, candles, etc. I am a fan of the entire line and I know if I want this scent I must return to Bath and Body Works. I have been a happy customer for many years.

Studies show that product scent at the point of sell triggers more sales than signage. Makes sense right? Your sense of smell will activate quicker than your sight sense. You’ve heard people refer to the arrival of heavy cologne wearers by saying “I can smell him/her from around the corner”.

Scent can also be a bad thing:
• Some people have fragrance allergies
• Some simply do not want scents in their hair products and go the unscented route.
• Some have medical reactions to scents (headaches, nausea, etc.)
• Personal preference – the scent I love may be the scent that you hate

What about you? What role does scent play in your quest for products?

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