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Fitz asks…Is mira hair oil really worth a try?

The Right Brain responds:

Before we answer your question, we have a question of our own: What the heck is mira oil??

What is mira oil?

It turns out that this oil has been used in India for centuries. Apparently it’s a blend of several natural plant oils. While we couldn’t find an exact description of its composition, this site says that mira oil contains a plant extract known as eclipta alba. One of its purported abilities of mira oil is to help hair grow faster. But does it really do anything?

The magic of mira oil

Surprise! There MAY actually be something to this stuff. We found two studies published on PubMed which indicate that eclipta alba extract may stimulate hair growth. Of course, that doesn’t mean that mira oil works because the extracts could be in a different form, or used at much lower concentrations, than in the published studies. For example, both studies evaluated an alcohol or ether soluble portion of the extract, not the oil soluble portion that you’d expect to find in mira oil. Still, it’s an intriguing possibility.

The Beauty Brains bottom line

We wouldn’t rush out and spend a lot of money on mira oil until we see further research but at least there’s a kernel of scientific fact behind this product’s claims.