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Curly Nikki

A Family That Prays Together…

By January 27th, 2021116 Comments
And the winner is…


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Hola Chicas,

I came home to Pensacola to witness my uncle’s ordination and tonight, I did just that. I’m proud to say that he is now Pastor Delarian Pogue III! More than 300 friends, family and fellow ministers came out to show their support and wish him well as he prepares to lead his new congregation, Kingdom Harvest Christian Ministries. I must admit that the three hour service was a bit of a challenge for this one, with my Catholic rearing– mass would start at 8am and we’d be home eating bacon by 9. But it was an enriching experience and a wonderful celebration for such a humble and deserving man. Most of all, I’m thankful that my family was able to come together for a joyous occasion instead of waiting for the funeral. Y’all know…

The man!
A Family That Prays Together...The boo, Tara! They’ve been married for 12 years!

A Family That Prays Together...

The three kiddos…

A Family That Prays Together...A Family That Prays Together...

Boog clowned, then promptly passed out in Grandma’s arms… thank God.
A Family That Prays Together...
room was PACKED.

A Family That Prays Together...

A Family That Prays Together...
Momma and Grandpa cutting up…
grandma’s on her right, beaming. I think my mother is a spitting image of her father and yet she’s my grandmother’s twin.
A Family That Prays Together...A Family That Prays Together...

and earlier that day–

A Family That Prays Together...peep that shoulder work!
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A Family That Prays Together...
Tomorrow, I’m headed back to PA to reunite with hubby and resume regularly scheduled programming. Thanks for coming along with me to Florida!

For 400g of Punjabi Prime Henna, tell me what you’re most thankful for.
On Tuesday at 5pm EST, I’ll randomly select a winner!


  • Anonymous says:

    I am thankful for my education and my family! Not everyone is blessed to have either, and I am grateful throughout all of the difficult projects (although i may whine lol) and through tough times because my family reminds me why it is all worth while. I don't just attend school to better myself, I attend school to better all of those around me =_

  • organic shower gel says:

    I’m impressed, I must say. Actually not often do I encounter a blog that’s each educative and entertaining, and let me let you know, you might have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is outstanding; the difficulty is something that not enough persons are talking intelligently about.

  • Virtuous Lyric says:

    I'm thankful for forgiveness and laughter.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am thankful for life. Sometimes you get caught up in the day to day, hustle and bustle, normal routine and often forget that life is truly a gift! Thankful for my creator and the time He has allotted me on this earth! Thankful and blessed! Love this site Nikki!!

    Ayanna B.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am thankful for my loving husband, family, career, and having God as the center of my life.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am thankful and greatful to you Nikki for sharing your family with me. I have a strong family unit, but it is good to know God has blessed others as well.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Migdalia, that is beautiful.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    These have been a treat to read ladies! Keep them coming and thanks for your kind words about my family. I had an amazing time and wish I was still down there 🙁

  • Jkoi says:

    I am thankful that I have deployed 4 times (3 to Iraq and 1 to Afghanistan) and I have made it back safe and sound. When you experience something like that, it makes you beyond grateful for what you have at home, no matter how rough things are going. I even made the decision to go natural and went through the first 5 months of transition while deployed! Serving in the Marine Corps has made me a better person and I am so thankful that I will be absolutely ready for the next chapter in my life becaause of these experiences.

  • Migdalia says:

    I am thankful that I had the opportunity to spend unyielded time with my grandfather and most of all I am thankful that he knew that I loved him as he loved me….unconditionally.

  • Mrs. TMJ Hill says:

    I'm thankful that I have am finally comfortable with myself…my job, my family's stability…no more of that trying to keep up with the "Jones's…I accept my life…my "bad hair days" are what make me….and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world…I LOVE ME!

  • Veronica Graham says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, family is so important, you're right, we should show our appreciation to each other while we yet live. I was just in the Pensacola area this past weekend, it didn't like my hair either.

  • Lillian says:

    I'm thankful for 2nd chances. God is soo loving and shows us soo much favor even when we don't deserve it. I'm thankful for family, friends and good and bad times, because the bad times lets you look forward to the good times that are on the way.

    Love everything about your blog, Nikki. Keep it coming to us girl!

  • Unknown says:

    I'm thankful that I listen, carefully, to my inner voice. It never fails. And I'm thank for every new day. . .it's another chance to right the wrongs of yesterday. 🙂 And Nikki, your family is just lovely.

  • TyaD says:

    I'm also thankful for the 'common sense' my Mama gave me. It is truly a gift and a blessing!

  • TyaD says:

    I am thankful for so many things that I can't name them all. I am most thankful for my relationship with Jehovah God. If it weren't for his loving kindness, forgiveness and power, I don't know WHERE or WHO I would be. I have never been so secure, comforted and hopeful in my life. I can't express my gratitude enough for him choosing me!

  • TiffanyChanee says:

    I'm most thankful for this new day. I had a terrible Monday and with the sun shining and some meditation this morning, I'm ready for the day. I'm thankful to God for the bad times and bad days to help me appreciate the good ones!

  • Don of Fanfix says:

    I'm thankful for being able to survive the past 5 years of an economic crises and still be able to stay in school with my head held high. I'm thankful for the amazing friends that I have who have helped me and my family throughout our time of distress and who have kept me from becoming depressed at a time where I was most vulnerable. God put these people in my life and I couldn't ask him him for any other blessing.

  • Tia says:

    I'm most thankful for being saved. And allowing GOD TO WORK ON ME!! It is a wonderful and humble feeling to walk along is path in life.

  • MizzNiecy says:

    I'm thankful that God has blessed me by waking me up everyday, that I have love in my heart It has been a long time coming I didn't have that love now I just feel very blessed.

  • naturally beautiful says:

    I am most thankful for my kids. They make me want to be a better person and provide a stable life for them.

  • Moonchyldcrab82 says:

    I'm most thankful for good health!

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm simply thankful for God's grace and mercy in my life!

  • All things P-Riv says:

    I am most thankful that GOD chose me before I was even born!!!!! I'm thankful that he allowed me to live after having a heart attack 5 yrs ago at age 34! I am just mostly thankful for life and life in the USA!

  • Onome says:

    I am thankful for moving to Hawai'i because this is where I met my beloved!

  • gblogger says:

    I'm thankful that I'm aware of the many blessings around me to be thankful for.

  • Trinity says:

    Among many other things,I am thankful for blogging. Blogging has allowed me to interact with many different people. Often, we tend to think that no one understands or feels what we are going through. However, blogging has helped me to realize that there are people everywhere who have so much in common with me. Thanks, Nikki, for so openly sharing with all of us!

  • ChicaRizada says:

    As college nears closer on the horizon, I'm becoming increasingly thankful for my family. My parents have put countless hours into raising me to be a young lady who places her trust in Christ, and even though my siblings get on my nerves sometimes, they love me too. I'm going to miss them all when August comes around 🙁

  • TamikaG says:

    Spending everyday with my kids.

  • Erica says:

    I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for God's grace – waking me up every day and giving me a chance to do better the next day. Sidebar: loving the super baby cheeks on the new baby addition! Your Mom's hair is encouraging me to let my gray grow out. Her hair is beautiful.

  • Denise G says:

    I'm thankful for this job that I just found out I got today. The bank account was looking sad but now I'm back in business.

  • cayenne booth says:

    I am thankful for my unbreakable circle of family and friends.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am most thankful for being gainfully employed at this time. I see many people around me struggling beyond belief with not being employed. So, I must give thanks for employment which allows me to be a "Semi Product Junkie". Pityful aint it? hahahaha
    Allnatural1 (A.K.A. Michelle in TX)

  • Tiffani S says:

    There are two things in life that I have wanted more than anything one is to be a mother and two is to have a sister. Yesterday my little brother got engaged and I will finally have a sister. I am most thankful for Kelly becoming apart of my family. I have waited 30 long years for this moment.

  • oneswtl8y says:

    I am very thankful for my friends, family and health.

  • Maya Pitts says:

    I am thankful for God, Family, Friends, a wonderful boyfriend, food, shelter, and clothing.

  • Natural Sunshine says:

    I am thankful for SO many things. But most of all family and my circle of friends. I am also thankful that I am right in position where I need to be in every area of my life. I love this site it is so inspiring. Thank you for all that you do Nikki.

  • Shalida J says:

    I am most thankful for my my beautiful family, and the doctors/surgeons that saved my family. My son has hemophilia, a bleeding disorder. He has had an emergency craniotomy that saved his life, had to re-learn to swallow and sit and stand on his own; he has endured numerous hospitalizations, all before the age of three. Any adult would crack and give up under such ordeals. But he takes it all in stride and is the happiest most resilient child I know. I am truly blessed!

  • Carmesha says:

    I am most thankful for my family!

  • Alice says:

    I am forever thankful for my family who have supported me through thick and thin. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I am so thankful for my large and wonderful family! But I am most thankful for my fantastical boyfriend who is absolutely amazing;) He has lived with me and our 21 month old son at my parents house for over a year and a half. He watches him while I go to work 3 days a week for 12 hours+, saving us boo-coo cash. And puts up with my stressed out, crazy self. All while he studys to become a firefighter/EMT!! Best man ever!!!

  • NYLSE says:

    Besides life and family, you know what I'm thankful for – Kitchen appliances and tools that facilitate the good life (my dishwasher, juicer, microwave, basting tool, egg beater, etc)

  • RazzyYazzy says:

    I am thankful for the unexpected, "I love you." So many times, we have to say it first or do something wonderful. Those "I love you"s work, but when you're just sitting there reading a magazine, and you get, "I love you" with a big smile, it warms the heart and curls the toes! After asking why, what's up, you get, "I just wanted you to know." I'm grateful

  • Nikki says:

    i am most thankful for life…where there is life there is hope 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    i am thankful that the Lord grants me the organization abilities and the self discipline to be a full time mother, student and employee! And my immediate thankfulness is that my son has recovered from having HFMD! 😀

    -Memi T.

  • kemi says:

    Today I am thankful for matching into a residency program!

  • Just Call Me Dr. KJH says:

    Daily I'm grateful for peace of mind and peace with God. Both are necessities in this life we live, the struggle is real.

  • Sharon M Haskins says:

    Im thankful for a supportive husband who truly understands and cares about my health and well being. I was diagnosed with lupus almost five years ago and have always struggled to explain to people (both friends and family alike) what it is and how it affects me. But my husband, when we met i let him know of my condition and he took it upon himself to research and "study" up on it to gain a better understanding. recently i had a bad, horrible, no good flare that left me bedridden for about 3 weeks and my husband took it all in stride. he was there physically getting whatever i needed, spiritually praying with me when i felt weak, and emotionally when i would be stubborn and push him away and try to do things on my own when iwasnt ready. i am thankful because i am used to being on my own and having to do everything for myself and at a time in my life when things were practically falling apart God sent me someone who was equally yoked to settle me, take care of me, and be there for me in everyway i needed most. I wake up everyday and i may not always feel the best physically but i can guarantee a smile will come bc my husband always makes sure of it. with a sickness like mine, laughter and smiles are all you have left sometimes so for that i am incredibly thank ful.

  • ashley_misa says:

    I am thankful for this head of hair I have and the Lord helping me fully accept my natural hair in all its kinky curlyness ! And most important I'm thankful for the Lord being his most righteous self because with out him we'd be nothing..

  • Amy says:

    I am most definitely thankful for my family and friends and knowing that they always have my back no matter what (thinks back 2 years ago in high school*sigh)always thinking of some type of skeem smh…And when I tell them that I'm going to learn Portuguese and move to Brazil, they never once gave me the side eye. I love them all =0

  • Brittany says:

    as cliche' as it sounds I am thankful for my family. As broken and dysfunctional as they are they are all I really have. When so called friends come and go they are always there.

  • JeNn_WaNtS_aFrO says:

    I am most thankful for the skin I'm in because even though it has been hit with some of the worst,it still survives to tell the story and face the day!


    I am thankful for sooo many things that it's hard to pin one down. I think that the older I become that I become more and more thankful for my parents and the fact that they took the time to raise my brother and I. There are so many in the world (and in my own family) whose parents don't give them the time of day. I know that my successes and my outlook on life are a product of growing up in a loving and nurturing environment.

  • zarwaylay says:

    I am most thankful for life and the love of my family and friends.

  • Ayisha B says:

    I am most thankful for the mercy of our Lord and for my Mom who continues to right me when I'm wrong…even if I'm her child.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am thankful for my sanity, faith, family, health, beauty, my creative spirit, and each new day God grants me to "figure things out!"

  • Venita says:

    I am thankful that I can choose what I want to do, how I want to live, where I want to go and who I want to be. The freedom of choice is a blessing and not something everyone has.

  • Whisper29 says:

    I am most thankful for my family and friends they are there through thick and thin unfortunately not many have that so I am extremely thankful.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am thankful for loving, supportive family because in the end, they are all you have left. I am blessed daily by their love, advice, and good intentions.

  • .simplyChey. says:

    I am most thankful for my family. Whenever I get the chance to come home from college and see them I take the chance. They are very supportive in everything I do and plan on doing. I am also thankful for my close friends that are like family. They've been there through thick and thin.

  • KeshaSharee says:

    I am most thankful for my ability to laugh. Fortunately I have the ability to laugh in any kind of situation, good, bad and ugly. It helps me cope and keeps me sane.

  • Yinka E. says:

    I am most thankful for today and the many yesterdays this ncludes all of the family and friends that came along with them. You never know how you will be spending your tomorrow. If its gifted to you. I've had two family member have a stroke in the past five days. They were young and old. Oh yeah and I'm thankful for this natural hair of mine…its glorious!

  • Malisia says:

    I am most thankful for the health of my children. I watched "My Sister's Keeper" last night and it really made me grateful that God has blessed my babies with good health. If you want a good cry this is the movie to watch.

  • Alysa says:

    I couldn't be more grateful for the supportive family and friends that God has put in my life. I think about this all the time and every time it brings tears to my eyes. There are people who have no one and I have an army of people who are always there for me. I love them and would do anything for them just as they would for me. I am not deserving but God continues to bless me with their existence.

  • Desired says:

    I'm thankful to see the sun rise and set today and every day before this day. And although I'm not in a place where I'm most happiest in my life, where everything is a struggle and I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring, I'm thankful that I was able to see today, that I'm aware of my struggle, and that I have the strength to change it, one day at a time. I'm so thankful for this and for my family.

  • Anonymous says:

    i am most thankful for the bad times in my life because something good always, without fail, comes out of them.


  • lvngsgle says:

    I am most thankful for my mother who has been the most important person that I look to when there is no one else for me to call on. I give thanks everyday that her day may be pleasant and I pray for her to continued covering of Gods grace each day.

  • Kenya V says:

    I'm most thankful for a husband that is willing to mature spiritually for the well being of our marriage. I am also thankful that he is protective of the ones he loves.

  • Tenesha B. says:

    Nikki, lovin your style!
    I'm THANKFUL, in general. I get to come home to three beautiful children, they can be a handful and then some, but when you think of so many women (and I know a few) who unfortunately are unable to have children..mercy! I'm THANKFUL. I married my best friend. I can just *think of him, and he'll call/text me in that instant (my phone better go off REAL soon, lol) he's the frick to my frack, and I wouldn't have it any other way..THANKFUL. I'm THANKFUL that God sees fit to wake me up every morning, like what?! I'm not worthy..but I sure am THANFUL. Let the ppl say..!! Lol 🙂 xoxo, Tenesha

  • cutie617 says:

    I'm grateful for my health,having a job and most importantly my Family and God showing me who I can trust in my life!

  • Anonymous says:

    I am thankful for another day, which gives me another opportunity to get it right! Also very thankful for my husband and children.
    Monica S.

  • Michelle B says:

    Love the hair and the shirt! You have a beautiful family and what a blessing for you all to be able to come together like that. Family time is the best always full of laughs, games and good times.

  • Tamisha H says:

    Well I have to say that I'm thankful to God that I passed my exit exam for nursing school!! I'm proud to say that I'm a nurse now and It's all because of Him! God is amazing!

  • YoursTrulyRE says:

    I'm thankful for my friends and family. No matter what crazy shananigans I get into they always have my back. 🙂

  • Michelle B says:

    I am thankful for God working in my life, I have a wonderful, godly, sexy husband and a beautiful daughter who God blessed us with when I thought I wouldnt be able to have children. I now have a beautiful healthy, happy 6 month old smiling up at me right now with her big pretty brown eyes. So I am thankful for family and motherhood but I am most thankful for a hope and a faith in a God who blesses and is never slack on His promises! He does what He says He will do! If I didn't have anything else I would be good just knowing I have the love of God and His favor but I am thankful that He loves us so much that He not only gives us what we need, but our hearts desire too.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am most thankful for a loving a supportive family. I am also thankful for my God-given curls. I recently straightened my hair and I must say that I love my curly hair much more.

    Brandy Stephens

  • Breezy117 says:

    I am most thankful that I am able to serve such a wonderfully loving God! I am also thankful for my awesome family, friends, and the Curly Nikki Community!

  • Kerissa says:

    I am thankful for my family, friends, and my newly found church family. Thankful I have a decent job doing what I love, a roof over my head, and clothes on my back. Also thankful that I recently celebrated my 1 yr BC-aversary and went from TWA to NL!. I have so many blessings in my life.

  • Nikki J. says:

    I am most thankful for my family! Everyone is so loving and caring and we really look out for one another.

  • Unknown says:

    I am most thankful for having a loving, caring family that is always so supportive and encouraging.

  • Anonymous says:


    From size 22 to size 2!! That's amazing!!


  • Niky says:

    I was out of work for almost two years, and through it all God has showed me that He truly is my provider! He's provided for me when I had no clue where money was coming from! And now I'm working where I didn't have to apply or even have a interview! God is moving in my life! So I'm thankful for that!

  • Mariah says:

    I'm most thankful for a group of strong and confident women in my life that I can turn to for guidance and good advice, no matter what the subject. I'm also thankful for a group of men who are willing to protect me, be a shoulder to cry on and put a smile on my face when I need it. I'm thankful for these people I call my friends and family! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Congrats to your uncle! Your family has some beautiful skin!!

  • CurlieG says:


    Great pictures!! I love your mother's hair color…Beautiful CHROME (that's what my bf calls it) LOL!!

    I am thankful for the knowledge of healthy living and the intelligence to know the difference between exercising and living a healthy life. You see, five years ago, I was a size 22. I have changed my lifestyle (started my natural hair journey, went vegan (recently), and practicing yoga daily). As a result I am a cool 130 pounds (a comfortable size 2, yay me), more compassionate, and I have a zest for life I never had before. That's what I am thankful for….

  • Poetyss says:

    Awww!!! Looks like you had an amazing time. But there's nothing like coming home! 🙂

    I am most thankful that God answered my prayers and blessed my family with a home. We were in a 2 bedroom apt for 5 years (5 of us..ugh!) NOw we have a 3 bedroom house, where my mom and brother can come stay (my mom didnt raise us, so its beautiful that the 3 of us are building a relationship now). My fiance's 2 older children are able to come stay with us as well. Every weekend I have a house full, which can be trying at times, but beautiful just the same. 🙂

    And I'm thankful that I have a house full of natural haired beauties! Me and my daughter made the switch last summer. My boys and fiance all have dreadlocks. I'm actually thinking of locking, but for now, I'm in love with my 'transitioning' curls!

    thanks for sharing your life and all your advice Nikki!! 🙂

  • EarthWalker Fresh says:

    I'm thankful for my brothers, who live in Australia while I study over here in Wisconsin. Although we rarely get to talk due to our student lives, I know how much they care for me and try to look out for me.

  • Bee says:

    Awesome post, and congrats to your uncle! My brother-in-law was recently ordained, so I've been there for the 3+ hr long event…lol!

    I'm most thankful for life, and for the fact that I've learned how to truly love and trust myself. I feel unstoppable now!

  • Stacy says:

    Aww! Your fam is so sweet! you guys look like you had an amazing time together!!! And yes, what you said about only getting together for funerals is true.. Last year was rough to say the least. Starting from January and continuing throughout the year, my fam had lost someone just about every month. 2 aunts, my grandmother and a number of cousins.. They say that these things come in threes, but last year was a little extreme.

    SO, since this year has started off MUCH better.. i will say that i am thankful for life, health and family!!! Everything else hardly matters!

  • Angela says:

    I am most thankful for a loving family.

  • kinkyjen says:

    I'm thankful for a God who continuously blesses me even when I make mistakes and wrong turns and no matter how late in life allows me to finish what once was paused. And for great parents who have given me the backbone of being a great person and always being in my corner.

  • Marcia says:

    I am thankful for my wonderful supportive family. I have a huge immediate and extended family. I am one of seven and they shower me with their love all the time.

  • TiAnna Mae says:

    Nikki, you come from a family blessed with good genetics. Everyone looks so vibrant and youthful. Thanks for sharing. Right now…I am so thankful for the strength of my husband to keep holding and encouraging me when times are not the best.

  • ShanDani says:

    I am most thankful for peace of mind and God's grace. I really believe that those two things are essential in life I would not be able to appreciate everything God has blessed me with in my life's journey and overcome my obstacles.

  • Danica Kulemeka says:

    I am thankful for my job, even though I complain about it a lot 🙂 I'm also thankful for my little 2 year old, even though she's decided she's not going to sleep in her bed anymore. I'm thankful for the little one growing in me, even though I've been sick, sick, sick for the last 4 months. And finally, I'm very thankful for my husband who has put up with my intense mood swings, and has picked up the slack because I've been sick.

  • Cam says:

    I am thankful that my family and I have all that we need.

  • Nashira says:

    I am thankful for a mother who raised me right, teaching me to respect myself and others at all times.

  • NaturalMommyinGA says:

    Nikki…I am most thankful for my family. It is a beautiful thing to have a family that loves and supports you. In addition they love me enough to check me when I am wrong 🙂

  • srednov says:

    I am thankful to just be among the living, I am also thankful for the people in my circle that hold me down and love me effortlessly and endlessly no matter what.

  • ShoeHOTLINE says:

    Great Post Nikki. I am most thankful to live another day.

  • Juanita R. says:

    I'm thankful for true friends and a crazy but wonderful family!

  • Artist Madrid says:

    I am thankful that I have loving Family and Friends that have supported me while I adjusted with being sick at a young age, my natural journey and everything inbetween :).

  • Rhonda C says:

    It warms my heart to see all those beautiful babies surrounding by such love! In a similar sense, I am thankful for family, friends and good health!

  • karaj says:

    I am thankful for life God has blessed me with: loving parents, dependable sisters, and loving husband.

  • Natural Beauty says:

    Wonderful family! I'm thankful for my beautiful 20 month old daughter who looks and acts just like me. I'm thankful that I've been given the opportunity to be a good mom and give her everything that she needs 🙂

  • ebonyblu says:

    I am thankful that God brought the man who I was in love with at 14 years old back into my life and we are in love again at the age of well I won't tell you how old we are but needless to say it has been a few years. Lol!

  • Anonymous says:

    I am thankful for a forgiving and multiple chance God.


  • MyTMy says:

    Congrats on your family's accomplishment Nikki!! I am thankful for love. Love for others and myself. It's a blessing and a true gift to have love.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am thanking for a forgiving and multiple chance God.


  • Anonymous says:

    I am most thankful for family and being able to spend time with friends both new and old. Everyday I am also thankful for my current job that has allowed me to have a better quality of life and less stress everyday!

  • Tina says:

    I am most thankful for my family. They support me financially and emotionally. They raised me to be the person I am today. And they encourage me to succeed in my education.

  • neci nightclai says:

    I am extremely thankful I got to know ALL my great-granparents and grandparents. I never realized how important it was to really have the time we did – until much later. The stories, the "corrections", the opportunity to hear about rich, historical facts from people that lived it – they were it! The opportunity to have worship and prayer with them; laugh and enjoy their wonderful cooking. Truly a blessing to have experienced this great part of my history!

  • Amy Rashawn says:

    I am thankful for having family and friends who have supported me, and continue to support me.I'm also thankful for life experiences that are always enriching and lessons to be learned, never regretted.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki, you are too fly! Love the shirt!

  • CurlyChellez says:

    I am thankful for my friends and family, they are always there for me and I love being around them!

  • Kenya says:

    Oh, i LOVE that shirt!!! It is too cute Nikki!!! Great pics of your family too. The only time we have peace and quiet is when Khloa passes out too. lol! Okay, it's late. I'm off to sleep…for real this time.


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