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The Great Egg Debate!

By January 27th, 202123 Comments

The Great Egg Debate!

by Sunshyne of Hairlicious

In the world of all things hair, there seems to be a huge discrepancy where eggs are concerned. Those who experience damaged hair tend to look for a way out and the natural remedy of using eggs normally comes to mind.

Eggs are commonly known to strengthen the hair, stop breakage and leave it soft, shiny and thick! Many of us have experienced these benefits, though some have not. Some state that eggs do absolutely nothing for their hair- – it just coats the strands and never stops the breakage (in comparison to store bought conditioners). But as usual, we must remember that no two heads are alike. What works for some will not work for all!

Throughout my journey, I’ve come across information which allows me to believe that there are 2 distinct sides to this whole matter. Here are the most common arguments for and against egg as a treatment for hair:

Arguments For Eggs:

– Contains a lot of protein and conditions the hair
– Strengthens the hair
– Increases thickness
– It’s natural
– Rich in Vitamin A, D and E (vitamin A helps in the production of sebum which works to cure dandruff, vitamin E helps increase the absorption of oxygen and vitamin D helps promote hair growth)
– The yolk makes the hair glossy/shiny

Arguments Against Eggs:

– It’s meant to go in us, not on us.
– Doesn’t contain hydrolyzed or quanternized proteins (small enough to penetrate hair, less than 2500MW).
– Egg protein molecules are too large to repair/change/penetrate the hair.
– Doesn’t change the condition of the hair – just coats the hair strand.
– Natural/unprocessed proteins have a negative charge, hair has a negative charge as well, therefore there’s no natural attraction to adhere to the hair.
– No lasting effect.

Is the source of the protein not as important as the size of the protein particle and its ability to enter and remain inside the hair shaft?

What side are you on?

Are you “For” or “Against” egg as an effective protein treatment? Share your personal experiences with eggs!


Sunshyne, the creator and founder of the award winning blog Hairlicious Inc. and top ranked Hairlista Inc. social network, has been on a hair care journey since 2007 and has successfully reached her hair goals while helping others. She has written over 100 articles and has been featured in Essence magazine, Sophisticate’s Black Hair and Spring Style. Sunshyne is passionate about growing and maintaining healthy hair. She’s dedicated and determined to help educate and provide knowledge on healthy hair care practices allowing women to achieve their hair goals, one head at a time. Follow her on Twitter @Hairlicious and @Hairlista and
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  • Habiba Kaba says:

    I can go either way. HOWEVER, I have stumbled across one method that uses egg that may be of interest to you ladies!
    It can be used as a smoothing/ relaxing treatment for hair (Ok, dont bash me if you dont want that effect and go to church about our people and the struggle… just dont do the treatment…)
    Anyway, you mix olive oil with a few whole eggs and mix it together well. After this, you section your hair and smooth/comb the mixture into the hair in small sections and fold each section over with aluminum foil (like when ppl get highlights in movies) Do this to the whole head. Just let it chill for a while till its all dried and done. Then, rinse out the whole mess in the shower, tub, or sink. (i recommend rinsing out the foil in the water too, cuz dried egg can be sticky). Then, let it dry. thats it. I did it a long time ago, and was surprised by how well it worked (its subtle, but def. effective). id recommend a deep condish afterwards though, because my hair was a little dry feeling. But, it was the bomb after i rinse out my conditioner! PS. DONT ADD HEAT! idk what it would do besides fry the egg, but it just sounds gnarly.

  • Ms. Norma Jean says:

    Egg, conditioner and olive oil.

  • Naturalgirl says:

    I have used egg to condition my hair, and I love it. the only thing is that while it's on it runs down a lot.

  • Anonymous says:

    Against. While I don't knock it for those who use it… I wasn't a fan and honestly I don't want to deal with the 'slime' in my hair

  • samone says:

    I love the egg, Mayo, EVO it makes my hair soft and managable. My hair is fine but very kinky coily and I found that it works wonders on my hair. Love it. Now avocado I like that too but those avocados are expensive!

  • Esther says:

    Unfortunately, when I use egg on my head, it feels gummy.

  • Anonymous says:

    For….. Does great for me

  • meg says:

    It is not for my hair. Makes it terribly dry and brittle, and I've tried mixing it with a lot of stuff (honey, avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin e oil, mayonnaise, sweet almond oil, yogurt…) but nothing worked.

  • Sydney says:

    Eggs has been my go to quick protein treatment. I have high porosity and fine hair so that may be why my hair responds to it positively.

  • Anonymous says:

    I use eggs mixed with mayonnaise, I love it…it makes my hair strong, shiny and bouncy!

  • Dee Emerald says:

    I have used raw eggs once on my hair, while i was still relaxed, and i had horrendous results. i must point out that my ignorance at the time about proper application and care had a lot to do with my results. in any case, that one incident scarred me forever where using raw eggs onmy hair is concerned

  • Anonymous says:

    Egg smells funky.

    I am still shellshocked from the banans smoothie adventure. My hair is WAAAAY too kinky for bio-prodiucts, I get stuck with bio-remnants in my hair.

    So, no. I haven't tried egg. Ain't gonna either.

    I fear any benefit would be lost by the process of getting it from my hair.

  • Annabel says:

    I cosign what anonymous 9:08 said.

  • Anonymous says:

    I feel the same way about eggs as I do about another popular natural treatment, avocado: Both belong IN my body rather than ON it. Now if I lived someplace where both eggs and avocados were plentiful and cheap, maybe I'd think differently…

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes I know that the protein in the egg is to big to penetrate the hair strand but for me it does have some kind of strengthening effect. I just recently (no more than 2 days ago) did a protein treatment consisting of an egg, mayo, and lil evco because I had over moisturized my hair. I saw the effects immediately when my hair dried. Where my hair used to be limp,mushy, and would just stretch without back now after the protein treatment its more full, bounces back, and just all around feels better.

  • Anonymous says:

    I had eggs and spinach for dinner last night. Delish.

  • Anonymous says:

    I say yes.. egg honey and some oil..- hair loves it.. i understand that the size of the protein isn't large enough to penetrate but it fortifies the hair shaft (outside) which is important too.. I think its great for that little burst of protein us fine haired ladies without the full blown protein treatment of say Aphogee. boils down to what you want

    1.)you want strength – use eggs, yogurt

    2.) want penetration – aphogee, hydrolyzed protein

  • Anonymous says:

    Omlette, fritata, baking – yes
    DC – no

  • Anonymous says:

    I say NOOOOOO to the egg! Does nothing for my tresses!

  • Anonymous says:

    I tried it, HATED IT!! It absolutely did NOTHING for my hair…6 weeks later I did an aphogee treatment and loved it. I think there is some truth when it comes to absorption and since I'm low porosity, eggs are a waste of my time and food!

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm against putting eggs in my hair

  • Pecancurls says:

    Interesting. I have never heard of using eggs in the hair. I am curious to see what others have to say about their experiences. I must admit…the first thing that came to mind when I saw the title of the post was salmonella.

  • Lillian says:

    I am so for eggs. I have used a mayo, egg, olive oil and yogurt deep condition that has left my hair feeling awesome. Only thing you have to remember is to rinse out with water as cold as you can take it as to not cook the egg in your hair.

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