by Sunshyne of Hairlicious

In the world of all things hair, there seems to be a huge discrepancy where eggs are concerned. Those who experience damaged hair tend to look for a way out and the natural remedy of using eggs normally comes to mind.

Eggs are commonly known to strengthen the hair, stop breakage and leave it soft, shiny and thick! Many of us have experienced these benefits, though some have not. Some state that eggs do absolutely nothing for their hair- – it just coats the strands and never stops the breakage (in comparison to store bought conditioners). But as usual, we must remember that no two heads are alike. What works for some will not work for all!

Throughout my journey, I’ve come across information which allows me to believe that there are 2 distinct sides to this whole matter. Here are the most common arguments for and against egg as a treatment for hair:

Arguments For Eggs:

– Contains a lot of protein and conditions the hair
– Strengthens the hair
– Increases thickness
– It’s natural
– Rich in Vitamin A, D and E (vitamin A helps in the production of sebum which works to cure dandruff, vitamin E helps increase the absorption of oxygen and vitamin D helps promote hair growth)
– The yolk makes the hair glossy/shiny

Arguments Against Eggs:

– It’s meant to go in us, not on us.
– Doesn’t contain hydrolyzed or quanternized proteins (small enough to penetrate hair, less than 2500MW).
– Egg protein molecules are too large to repair/change/penetrate the hair.
– Doesn’t change the condition of the hair – just coats the hair strand.
– Natural/unprocessed proteins have a negative charge, hair has a negative charge as well, therefore there’s no natural attraction to adhere to the hair.
– No lasting effect.

Is the source of the protein not as important as the size of the protein particle and its ability to enter and remain inside the hair shaft?

What side are you on?

Are you “For” or “Against” egg as an effective protein treatment? Share your personal experiences with eggs!


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