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Curly Nikki

Holy Grail Shower Cap: Terry-Lined

By January 27th, 202117 Comments

Holy Grail Shower Cap: Terry-Linedby Shelli of Hairscapades

Now, I know that the steam from the shower is the friend of many a WnG type of gal. However, when you are rocking a TnC, a sleek bun, a smooth updo, a press and curl or what have you, humidity can feel more like the enemy and the shower cap your first line of defense! That’s not just me, right??

Well, unfortunately my first line of defense has failed me for most of my life. For years I searched for a shower cap that REALLY sealed out steam and water. My hair has always *POOFED* at the slightest hint of humidity (think Izzy’s Got the Frizzies, but not as cute!). And maybe I just don’t shower right, but my edges ALWAYS seem to get wet, even when I tie a scarf around them, wear a satin bonnet, don one or two plastic baggies and THEN add a shower cap with a thick headband around the edges to “seal” it. Are you frickin’ kidding me?!?

So, a few months ago, I shared a post by another blogger about shower caps (read it here). She had discovered a company, Celestial Soul, that sells shower “crowns” in sizes ranging from mini (for the TWA) to Extra Large (for the BAA). On that post, I talked about my personal struggles with shower caps always falling short. Up until that point, I’d had the most success with this $6.95 Betty Dain Fashionista shower cap that I found at Harmon for $6.95 (it’s also available at Sally’s and Amazon).

Holy Grail Shower Cap: Terry-Lined

It was roomy enough for my banana clip bun or pineappled TnC and the two elastic bands seemed to provide a double barrier against shower steam. However, wet edges were still inevitable. Then, someone commented:

I have always had the exact same issue with shower caps. Fed up, I did some intense googling a couple months ago and finally came to the conclusion that I needed a terry lined cap … I found one at CVS for $4 and, believe it or not, that is the answer! It’s plenty big (I have a LOT of hair); I can even keep my hair clipped on top of my head. Somehow the terry cloth absorbs any moisture before it gets to your hairline. Try it! I promise, that’s the trick.

So, about a month or so ago, I finally got around to taking the advice and picked up the Betty Dain Socialite terry-lined shower cap shown far above (don’t you just love an animal print? Grrrrrr! ). The cap is lined in a soft, cream terry cloth material.

Holy Grail Shower Cap: Terry-Lined

O … M … G!!! Where have you been all of my life Socialite?!?! I finally found my holy grail of shower caps!! I’ve been using this cap for over a month now and it has proven itself over and over again. I just pop this baby over my satin scarf and/or bonnet and it keeps my edges smooth and dry, even when I linger in the shower a little too long or accidentally allow the water to cascade down the nape of my neck!! The proof is in the pudding. I got my hair pressed this past Friday, haven’t used any heat since and my “do” is even sleeker than it was when it was first flat-ironed!

Holy Grail Shower Cap: Terry-Lined

Final Tip:
Oh, and when my natural hair is a little too big to allow this cap to cover my edges, I figured out another way to utilize terry cloth to preserve my style. I just grab the Turbie Twist Hair Towel, secure it over my bonnet and then pop on the larger Fashionista shower cap! This combo works as well as the terry-lined cap to absorb the steam and water so that my edges stay dry and my style stays frizz free (well, you know, relatively speaking)!

Holy Grail Shower Cap: Terry-LinedHoly Grail Shower Cap: Terry-Lined

What kind of shower cap do you use?

CN Says:

Cheapies from Sallys… with my satin/silk scarf underneath. But sometimes, when I run out or they’ve all lost their elasticity, I’ll tie on a plastic grocery bag with a goody band without blinking an eye.


  • Kim says:

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! I get my hair pressed and curled and/or flat ironed and i have tried five caps on my head with no luck for keeping these edges free from water. i'm headed to Sallys now!! Thanks again.

  • Anonymous says:

    Girl, your hair is utterly ridiculous! I thought it was a wig! One of my hair idols for sure.

  • hairscapades says:

    LOL @ Miss TeeTee! Why indeed;)? If those actually worked for me, I'd be using grocery bags too;).

    Dawn, God bless you lady! You must have that low porosity hair that doesn't swell at the first hint of moisture in the hair!! That has NEVER been my hair. I was always a frizz puff, which is one of the main reasons I went natural, because even when my hair was "straight," it wasn't!!

    LOL @ Anon @ 7:28. Don't get it twisted though, that flash on the camera has a lot to do withe the "shine!!" It definitely doesn't look like that in person!!

    Thank you Anon @ 10:16!!

    Mango girl, hope it works for you!! Just put your satin bonnet under it! I hope it is the lifesaver that it was for me!!

    Anon @ 6:35, I'm in NJ and did a review of the salon that straightened my hair on my site. The stylist did a great job, but I do feel that she used too high a temperature to press it. So, if you decide to visit (she's in South Orange, NJ), I'd definitely ask her about the temp before she puts the iron in your hair! Here is a link to my review (warning, it's detailed;).

    Anon at 10:30, IKR?!?!? Omgosh, it really is my holy grail shower cap!! I'll never go back to any other … and because I am who I am, I have a back-up in a box under the sink. I may pick up a couple more I got a Sally's GC for my birthday and you never know when they are going to discontinue these things!!


  • Anonymous says:

    I have the exact terry lined cloth. I got it as a gift at a bridal shower. It is the best gift I've ever received. Now I know where to find more. I have a lot of hair and this shower cap has really kept my hair dry no matter how long I stay in the shower

  • Anonymous says:

    Shelly – what city do you live in? I am in NYC and desperately looking for a trusted stylist to straighten and trim my hair.

  • mangomadness says:

    I purchased a Conair Terry Lined Shower Cap from CVS for $5 earlier today. I hope I like it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Shelli, your hair is gawgeous! Never thought that my fails were attributable to steam seeping under the showercap.


  • Anonymous says:

    Her hair is so effing shiny. Everybody aint able.

  • Anonymous says:

    I never use shower caps in the shower [I only use them to deep condition]. I just wear whatever I tied my hair up with, a satin scarf and/or bonnet. Even when my hair is straight, I never have a problem with the shower frizzing or poofing up my hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL! Only time I don a shower cap is when I deep condition, and it comes off before I get in the shower. Thought about buying one to use when I get ready to Henna, but eh, why bother when I have all these grocery bags. :O>

    Miss TeeTee

  • mangomadness says:

    I use a satin lined shower cap. I'd love a terry-lined one–especially in zebra print!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this tip, I will be buying one today since I've tried everything else you mentioned as well

  • Anonymous says:

    I love the zebra print! I just bought it at Sallys and then came home to check out the blog and POW what do i see!I was in desperate need of of a new cap!

  • JayCee says:

    Nik! I thought I was alone in the baggie world, lol. I generally shop with recyclable bags so I have to be strategic when the "baggie drawer" gets low. I take it a step further and I use baggies for DTs as well, girl-boo I see no point in buying plastic when the grocer gives it away, ha!

    Great post Shelli!

  • hairscapades says:

    Hey, in a pinch, I'll use a grocery store bag too Nik! But, I break the "handles" and then tie them around the base. If I have a headband, I'll stick that around the edges too. But, my hair still gets wet using that method, so I'll stick with the terry-coth unless it's a dire emergency;).

    Thanks Annie:)!!


  • Annie L. says:

    Shelli, your final style is NO JOKE! Just gorgeous! Tks for the tip, my sister does a silk scarf under a shower cap as well and I'll pass the Betty Dain info on to her.

  • Davina916 says:

    Nik, I had to smile when I read your last sentence. I do the same thing!

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