How long have you been a stylist? Why did you decide to specialize in natural hair?

I have been a stylist for a year now professionally. I believe in wholesome hair care. I have a no heat/no chemical approach to achieving healthy hair and it works. Natural hair is a challenge and I have learned so much from my own mistakes that I wanted to help the next woman that wants to become natural do it the right way.

What are some of your favorite products/tools?

For my own hair, whom I call Sophie, loves Carol’s Daughter’s Curl Milk Conditioner, Black Vanilla Deep Conditioner and Healthy Hair Butter for twistouts and braidouts. I typically use products that are for my clients’ hair type ranging from Kinky Curly’s line to the Professional Curls Line. I also make my own Shea Butter Crème which I use on customers transitioning. My favorite tool is the hair steamer. Hydration is key in healthy hair and steam hydration provides 5x more moisture than stand alone conditioners. I always have to have a big tooth comb to detangle.

What are some tips you could give ladies who are long-term transitioning?

Transitioning long term is by far the hardest thing to do in my opinion. Depending on your patience and time contributing to the care of your two textures it can be done though. First find a professional who understands your hair type and can show you products that work best for you. Then commit to a weekly regimen and stick with it. Choose protective styles that will allow you a break from manipulating your hair. If you are choosing a protective style that involves extensions or weave, please allow a professional or someone else to CAREFULLY take down your hair. If not taken down properly, the two textures can fuse and knot up so bad that you will end up cutting it before you are ready. Always keep it moisturized and wear your satin bonnet religiously!

Tell me about a salon experience with you. What makes your salon stand out?

YOU are what make my salon stand out! I am a mobile stylist, which means I come to you for your appointment. I have a portable sink, a portable steamer and dryer and all the products I need to turn your kitchen into your own private salon. Therefore your appointment always starts on time, no getting out in the weather to get to your appointment and no waiting in a lobby for your turn in the chair. It’s the celebrity experience. You never hear of celebrities going to a salon, they typically have their stylist come to them. So this experience is what I provide with Tangles and Beyone, a VIP Treatment!

What are some of your go to styles?

The majority of my clients are transitioning and they almost all wear a twist or braid out or Twist-n-Curl as their transitioning style. Some prefer a rod set while others opt for a sew in or braids to assist with transitioning. I always recommend a steam hydration when deep conditioning also. It helps retain the moisture critically needed for transitioning.

Anything else you want to tell the CurlyNikki audience?

Whether you are transitioning long term or doing the big chop, own your hair like it’s your flyest accessory! Of course stalk the blogs and vlogs that would only give you more encouragement and if you aren’t cut out for caring for your hair yourself, then find a natural hair stylist that would take care of your hair for you.

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