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Jesse Boykins on His Natural Hair and Music

By January 27th, 202114 Comments
Jesse Boykins on His Natural Hair and Musicprepared by Weusi for

Thanks to a hook from CurlyNikki, I had the chance to speak with one of the most talked about up and coming artists in the WORLD! Yes … I said the WORLD! This brother is making an impact from continent to continent. I looked at his show listing the other day and I saw him booked for shows in 3 different CONTINENTS. AND … As popular as his music is, his hair has also garnished a certain level of fame itself!

His collaborations with artist like The Foreign Exchange, Theophilus London, MeLo-X, Machine Drum and Phantom Lover have the streets and studios buzzing. In 2010, he was recognized by BET as “One to Watch” and became a major component in their MUSIC MATTERS campaign. in 2011 he was also tapped as a guest participant and lecturer for the esteemed RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY, which took him all over the world! You don’t believe me do you!?!

Here he is just the other day on 106 & Park speaking about it …

SO … if you didn’t know about him or his hair before… I introduce you to…

JESSE BOYKINS III and this is his hairstory!

Jesse Boykins on His Natural Hair and Music
Q: Let’s talk a little about the hair. What inspired it?

I wore braids for a long time. They were the style back then. A lot of people were wearing them. I guess there were kind of a lot of singers out there with them too. Because of that, I was put in an artistic box. I wanted to be free. Me wearing my hear out is symbolic of being alive. Getting out of that box. Being free.

Q: So how do you care for it?

I usually keep it in French braids and, while it’s out, I treat my scalp and brush it. I sometimes wear it in a bun also. I try to tend to it every week and a half. As far as the wash goes, I wash it with peppermint shampoo. My hair stylist, DeeDee, makes a garlic conditioner for me and I use olive oil on it. I’m pretty simple

Q: But your style is special. I know that you were influenced by your early upbringing in Jamaica, Miami and New York. How did that impact your ideas of and around aesthetics and style?

It just made me aware of the different cultures I’ve been blessed to experience. To witness the importance of culture and tradition and the symbolism in certain style permeated into my lifestyle. Everywhere I went I was influenced. In terms of fashion and style, it is really all about energy.

Jesse Boykins on His Natural Hair and Music

Q: Many people speak about “energy” as something that is only for the “creative/hippie/artsy.” You seem to use it as a very practical reference in your everyday life. How do you define it? How does it influence your everyday life?

We are all made up of energy. We are all connected. It is how we find common ground with friends. It’s how we find the love of our lives and how we co-exist. It all depends on the kind of energy you receive from someone or something. Sensitivity and awareness teaches and helps you grow.

Q: Who were some of the people/celebrities that you saw as beautiful growing up?

Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Andre 3000, Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder

Q: These are all heavy hitters … musically and in style. This a great segue to talk about music.

Cool. I love music. I’ve been around music all my life. You can say that I’ve been doing music all my life. I have a musically inclined family that has always supported me creatively. I got serious about music when I went to college at the New School University. I was 17 and I thought there was nothing cooler than being creative and being around music and inspiration. I decided that was how I wanted to live my life.

Q: What are you listening to now to be influenced?

I’m working on my new album right now. It’s called called, “Love Apparatus.” So I’m listening to a lot of the artist that I’m working with now. The Romantic Movement – MoRuf, Mara Hruby, Chris Turner & MeLo-X. These are (a few) artist that I am collaborating with on various projects. They keep progressive energy around me.

Q: Your crew keeps banging out great product! I’m digging the new single “B4 the Night is Thru” and the video!

Thank you. It was done by my man Dr Woo hooked it up.

Q: In closing … can you share a guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is movie hopping. I love cinema and the feeling I get when I am in the theaters and watching something for the 1st time.

Q: I don’t want to take too much of your time … plus your music really speaks for itself, so I’m gonna direct people to your site where they can get all the past albums (Dopamine: My Life On My Back & The Beauty Created) and keep up with all news that is JESSE BOYKINS III.

SO as you can see … Jesse Boykins III is a real cool cat … please be sure to check out his albums.
In this clip … you can hear him croon a little and get a quick glimpse into his world as he stops by the Translation office in NYC run by Steve Stoute. He speaks on his musical journey, The Romantic Movement and performs a couple tunes accompanied by David Linaberg on acoustic guitar.

I hope that you enjoyed this, I did. JESSE BOYKINS III is really a good dude that not only has incredible hair, he understands the process, beauty, work, role of art in our lives and community. PLUS, he is an independent artist, so PLEASE support him!


  • Bee says:

    I love his music and his style! Been on his bandwagon for a while now, so I'm glad he's getting a lot more recognition! Great interview!

  • Anonymous says:

    This is proof that I need to crawl out from under my rock more often. znever heard of him till now.

    Is it wrong that I want his fro? Serious fro envy right now.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ugh boy

  • Unknown says:

    1st Music Video reminded me of my friends and I. Crazy cute.

  • Anonymous says:

    Andre 3000!

  • ChristinaB says:

    I've been listening to Jesse Boykins before he released his dopamine LP, and I'm so glad he's getting the exposure he deserves. His hair is awesome and so is his music. It's not neo-soul or R&B it's much more than that. Hair-wise, maybe simple is better.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I'm a fan of his music (loved Dopamine and The Beauty Created…his voice is sooooo soothing) and I've also admired his hair. ~KF519

  • Anonymous says:

    I've been listening to Jesse since his dopamine album his music takes you some where and his style is amazing . . . love him!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love his music!!!

  • Unknown says:

    I saw Jesse at a club last year in London,didn't have a clue who he was until, I went to a JDavey performance and he was the opening act. I'm not a fan of his music, but I am of his hair…he has alot of it!!

  • Chone says:

    Wow, ive never heard of him before but i love this. his vibe is so chill and his music is so real. He is such inspiration 🙂 I want to hear more of him

  • Anonymous says:

    ugHHH i never really was a big fan of long hair on my gorgeous black men…however this young man is making me a believer!!! um umm ummm

  • HazelEyedErica says:

    I love Jesse's style, hair, music … his whole aura really! Great job getting an interview with him Nikki!

  • Anonymous says:

    Jesse is absolutely gorgeous!

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