Bennii Blast of The Culture Pine

A couple of weeks ago, Thandi shared that she was ready to leave the relaxers on the shelf and embrace her natural hair,in trying to encourage her daughters to be happy with their own curls. Well, she looks gorgeous with her natural hair and her curls are bangin’!

As I was over at the Daily Mail, the website I love to hate for some of the ridiculous articles they publish, I was surprised to stumble across this particular article with the British actress. With references to Viola Davis, and even Chris Rock’s Good Hair Documentary, I had to check I wasn’t on one of my favourite hair blogs! Now, the Daily Mail was recently listed as the number one online website – so I guess Natural is going mainstream hmm?!

Anyhow, upon reading some of the comments, there was one that particularly stood out to me:

Yeah easy enough if u have lovely mixed race curls. I have proper Afro hair and I hate it – it’s vile. Straightening or weaving is the only way other than looking ridiculous!

Why did this stand out to me? Because I used to think like that!

I know, I know, very poor but until I started transitioning, like many others out there I thought this was a fact. Reading this comment just made me aware of how important education really is. I look at this comment now and cringe because education has allowed my attitude to change for the better. It had me thinking that maybe, SOME of the time when people ask naturals these kind of questions that may be received as being obnoxious, the truth is that they are simply uneducated.

This is not just relevant to our hair, but other parts of our culture. I know in my school, black culture was really not apart of the curriculum so it wasn’t until later on that I sought to find things out for myself. We are always hearing phrases such as; ‘seek and you shall find’, ‘knowledge is power, and my mum always said ‘ if you nah ask, you nah receive!’, meaning that we should ask questions to get answers, or ask for help in order to receive it.

So, the next time I have to deal with an awkward question about my hair, instead of instantly shutting the person down I will try to inform them instead of continuing the cycle of false information.

Has education changed your attitude towards anything recently?

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