by Noni of Three Naturals

Today’s topic: Grease stains- why we thought we left this behind with the Jheri curl…

So the other day I was at a friend’s house and she was leaning on the wall by her doorway as I was prepping to leave. She stood up straight and looked at the wall to find a grease spot where her head had been…
She was like –

-‘was that me?’
– ‘Yes girl it was. And if it wasn’t you it was me or that other curly you had over.’

Translucent paper, greased up pillow cases, grease fogged windows. I mean, it’s not just me. Right?!

Back in the day, very long ago and very far away I had a *clears throat* jheri curl. Yes, you read that right. I was considering posting a photo of me with mine but who am I kidding? I’m still tryna locate and burn all photo evidence. -___- Now, while the manufacturers tried to tout it as a ‘carefree curl’, all of us who had one knew – Jheri was nowhere close to being carefree.

Jheri was like a dictator imposing a curfew. As a friend of mine joked, you couldn’t crash on anybody’s couch last minute cause you didn’t travel with your plastic shower cap and you didn’t wanna leave a mess on their couch…

For real, Jheri was like a strict church-going Big Momma who expected impeccable manners from her granbabies. I mean forget about relaxing your posture or resting your head back on a long car ride for fear of leaving behind your greasy ‘headprint’ on either the window or the seat..

Oh Jheri, lest we forget about the limitations to touching (or even coming in the vicinity of) a well doused coif and then trying to touch something else without the infamous hand wipe down… Straight up that wasn’t ‘carefree curl’ that was ‘cautious curl’. I know. I’m a survivor and I lived it. And hey, I’m not knocking the J-curl, but as Maya Angelou says: when you know better you do better. But I digress.

I’m noticing these days though, that with all these natural oils and moisturizing pomades and leave in conditioners I sometimes leave traces of greasy goodness behind… Looked at your headtie recently??? I wanna be memorable, make a lasting impression but not on the papers in my bag that have become see-through because they had an encounter with my silk scarf.

So, what to do? Ease up on the product application or just throw caution to the wind and who cares if I leave back a greasy imprint?